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Et to her when they were dating But once they marry he changes becomes the True Person He Always Was person he always was abusive never letting Autumn do anything wout his permission first On her approved coffee date with her best friend Brandi she bumps into Gabe can not get him off her mind She even uses his image that night to assist her with her husband They keep running into each other Autumn craves her meetings with Gabe the connection she has with him Once Gabe sees the proof of Rich s abuse he offers to help Autumn their story begins Will Gabe be able to save his angel Will Rich continue his abuse on Autumn will autumn ever be free of richgabe was Autumn ever be free of RichGabe was very alpha but sweet he could be tender when needed Autumn I loved she went through hell with Rich but once she met Gabe she feels a connection needs him in her life You definitely see Autumn turn into a survivor she is truly kick ass I loved the best friends Paul Brandi Autumn s parents There were twists turns in the story a huge surprise toward the end with some mystery I recommend this book do not miss ARC received for an honest reviewI have been reading Kimberly Knight since she released her first book a few ears ago now and I love that her books are not just fluffy romance novelsAngels and Whiskey is no exception Yes it is a romance at the core but there is so much going on with her characters Gabe and AutumnI adored Gabe right from the prologue Yes he is sexy alpha but there is heart and hurt beneath all the alphaAutumn is so srong What she has gone through is going through would be too much for many a weaker womanThe spark between our pair is instant and off the charts I loved though that this was not an insta love relationship Yes the instant attraction but there was no bed hopping as soon as they met even if they thought about itI just wanted Gabe and Autumn to be able to overcome their past and present problems could just feel that theirs was going to be a great romance if they could work things outSo do they Can they overcome their issues and get their happy ever afterNope not tellingThere are some fantastic secondary characters too especially their best friends Brandi and PaulPJJackson Especially PaulI hope he gets his own story sometime in the futureMs Knight writes an intriguing story every time I could feel imagine myself in the sands of Afghanistan or on the strip in Vegas Her characters and their problems feel real and believableI can t wait to see what she has for us nex. Ing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to beWhen Autumn bumps into Gabe he consumes her every thought but she can’t act on her feelings She’s married to a dark man she can never leave When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her Or is it too late for him to save his ang. ,

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Is book downSo the story goes like this Gabe is drowning his sorrows in whiskey because He D Loved And Lost d loved and lost he sees an angel Autumn Autumn is trapped in her life She s basically a prisoner in her own home with a controlling and abusive husband Gabe an Autumn have a pull towards each other that neither really can explain so gradually they form a friendship And Thus Begins The Journey Of Autumn And Gabe To thus begins the journey of Autumn and Gabe to This isn t a fluffy romance novel There are real issues here that are not skimmed over They re introduced and dealt with in a manner consistent with the real world Again excellent job Ms Knight This story is laced with loss growth trust friendship love power and will It s an incredibly touching story of two people destined to be each other s path to light ARC kindly provided by The Hype PR via NetGalley for an honest review uick reviewCover Two thumbs up Rating NC 17 Steaminess Smokin HOT Thumbs Up 45Overall EnjoyedCharacters Well DonePlot Guy finds right girl but she s takenPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend GabeSUMMARY 50 words or lessOne thing I love about this author is she takes the time to develop her characters and give them depth The backstory just really sets the stage for everything to come I also really enjoyed I didn t see all the twist comingFor a full review and Impossible Things yummy pic see my blog post at Angels Whiskey starts off with a flash the past The moment Gabe s first love is taken from him the moment when Autumn meets her future husband the story that all leads to a broken man finding a way to move on and a woman who found a reason to save herselfWhen Gabe moved to Vegas as a male escort he had no idea the woman he bumped into at the coffee shop was going to change his life Unable to get her out of his head he soon be Not a fan of hero loving another woman before heroine ARC gifted to leave an honest reviewKimberly Knight did an outstanding job on this book first of all Angels Whiskey was not the book I thought it was going to be It was so much I love the title asou read ou ll learn the significance of Angel whiskeyWe first meet Gabe a captain in the army during one event in Afghanistan his life is destroyed He drowns himself in women whiskey in LA where he lives with his best friend Paul He relocated to Las Vegas with Paul for his job he bumps into his Angel his life is not the same Autumn or Auttie as Paul calls her She is married to her first love Rich who was amazing romantic super swe. L never fall in love againUntil he bumps into an unexpected angelBy all appearances Autumn Jones has the perfect life Her husband Richard is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children But Autumn knows the truth Richard has a controlling dark side that leaves nothing to chance especially Autumn He’ll stop at noth. I can t wait for ou all to meet Gabe After being declined a NG ARC of this book I purchased it a couple of months later for only 99 Naturally it ended up in my bottomless pit of to read someday Kindle book pile so of course I completely forgot about it When book 2 went on sale this week I snatched it up too and finally decided to read book 1 Yeah like coins collecting in couch cushions I seem to collect Kindle books I m either going to consider myself literary wealthy one day with so many books stockpiled or feel extremely wasteful for buying books I never get around to reading I know many of ou know what I m talking aboutSorry back to my reviewLet me keep this briefOnly read this book if1 You don t mind a hero who is paid to be a one night datecompanion by a legit service No Brilliant book I really enjoyed it 4 Angel starsI finished Angels Whisky with a happy sigh An insta love story While Gabes journey to finding love again is about moving forward and overcoming his nightmares which is heartfelt Autumn s journey is about facing her present living nightmare The charactersI was instantly pulled into Gabes story a man in love serving In Afghanistan with only 6 months remaining of his service In one night his reason for looking forward to his future vanished Autumn was married to a controlling abusive husband and a powerful man everyone saw what he wanted them to see while Autumn saw the real Rich The plotGabe first meets Autum in one of two places she is al Things are not always what they seem United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings is living the life he always wanted to live He s serving his country and loving every minute of it There s nothing else he needs out of life This is his destiny his purposeAutumn Jones has else he needs out of life This is his destiny his purposeAutumn Jones has perfect life Perfect that is if ou re looking from the outside in She has the beautiful home and the loving husband who wants nothing than to give her a familyThe story begins in the past for both Autumn and Gabe It lays out the situation that drove Gabe to throw away his career and drown himself in whiskey I gives us a picture of Autumn s life from the inside out They RE BOTH TRAPPED IN A VERY DARK PLACE AND both trapped in a very dark place and with each other and for each other will they be able to see the lightKimberly Knight did an exceptional job in flowing the story from past to present He style of writing is seamless and alluring It captures Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) your attention and doesn t let go Onceou read the first page ou just will not want to put th. This is an alternate cover edition for B00UF5WZW Whiskey women and sleepless nightsUnited States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps Serving his country was his destiny Until he fell in loveWhen Gabe’s love affair is cut short he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he wil.

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Angels Whiskey

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