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Arpenter movie versions are better and both certainly loom larger in the cinema canon than the otherwise forgotten short story does in the literary loom larger in the cinema canon than the otherwise forgotten short story does in the literary is really vident with the condensed Phantom of the Opera which hadn t been in pr This review is for The Fly only I was familiar with the old movie version and was xcited to read the story to see how it differs It is a great little story This was assigned reading for my college English class otherwise I m not sure if I would have known this xisted Some great stories hereread for Halloween I love the cover dition I defaulted to BUT I also love this cover with the creature from Curse of the Demon aka Night of the Demon directed by Jacues Tourneur. Cinating bits of information about the making of the motion pictureStories includedThe Devil in a ConventThe LunaticsPuritan PassionsPhantom of the OperaThe MagicianFreaksMost Dangerous GameDracula's DaughterAll that Money Can BuyThe Body SnatcherThe Beast with Five FingersBeast from 20000 FathomsThe FlyBlack SundayIncident at Owl CreekDie Monster DieThe SkullThe Oblong Box. ,

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Ein Teil der hier versammelten Kurzgeschichten sind tats chlich krude Zusammenfassungen von Romanen Dann doch lieber das Original I picked this off my shelf it having been there four decades in a may as well mood xpecting shelf it having been there four decades in a may as well mood xpecting clich d tales about vampires and werewolves look at the cover Boy was I pleasantly Surprised These Are Actually The Short Stories That Became The These are actually the short stories that became the for some of the horror genre s better movies Among the tales are The Fog by Ray Bradbury which became The Beast from 20000 Fathoms The Fly which became well you know The Phantom of the Opera Spurs which became Freaks and The Hounds of Zaroff aka The Most Dangerous Game There s My favorite was The Devil in a Convent Although one From the dust jacketThe Ghouls dited by Peter Haining with an introduction by Vincent Price and an afterword by Christopher LeeWill any of us ver forget the first time we saw Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney Or The Beast with Five Fingers with Peter Lorre Or Die Monster Die with Boris Karloff Whether we saw them as first run films at the local theater or are only now. Ould mistake it for the 1899 movie of the same name it is actually the 1914 The Devil in a Nunnery a short story The nature of the Devil s vil is what makes the story fascinating This book is uite the treat This is a pretty solid collection of horrorsuspense stories which inspired movies Editor Haining takes the approach of using the movie titles instead of the original story titles so Bradbury s The Foghorn becomes The Beast from 20000 Fathoms which was a little confusingThe slightly larger problem is that while as a rule of the the book was better there are notable cases where that s not true For instance without ver having read John W Campbell s Who Goes There I can guarantee that both the Nyby and Becoming addicted to 'Chiller Theater' on television the ghoul watchers among us are in for a rare treatThe Ghouls is a horror film buff's dream Peter HAINING HAS COLLECTED THE STORIES ON WHICH EIGHTEEN OF has collected the stories on which The Deepest Sin eighteen of very best horror films were basedIn his introductions toach story Mr Haining provides a brief look at the story itself and the films made from it including some fas. The Ghouls