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Us but bravely prepared to give this alien world a go Now I know I said I was xcited about the dragon aspect but it s played down here Why Well Taulan was injured irrevocably in battle protecting others and I can t help but think of other veterans who suffer

#The Loss Of Limbs #
loss of limbs is readying himself for his final flight and yet finds the strength to somehow go on He #tentatively holds on to hope and as the story progresses Taulan truly finds purpose and a reason for living So #holds on to hope and as the story progresses Taulan truly finds purpose and a reason for living So it s a romance and there are sexy times but of course with this author it s the battle of the sexes that makes the reader smile Lana may not be kick ass but she is certainly no shrinking violet and she is much stronger than she gives herself credit for Taulan was so fiercely protective but with a mate ignoring the knowing just what is he supposed to do It was fun reading about them working it all out and I love the supporting characters Perhaps not as much shifting as I d hoped for but the ssential message behind this story meant that it didn t matter Life goes on and with this author in charge it s a glorious and loving journeyI was gifted a copy in xchange for an honest reviewFour and a half from me Good dition to the series I liked Taulan These are fun books This one was cute though there were uite a few parts that made me think WTF out loud Nubbins I now very much dislike that word USE THE WORD NIPPLES There s nothing wrong with this one per se I just didn t care for it ither way don t hate it don t particularly like it Maybe it was Taulan and Lana I didn t like them Black Heart, Red Ruby enough to get invested But mostly I think it s because this book takes it self a bit to seriously it s not until the verynd that Taulan starts to get a tiny bit of a sense of humor Whatever it was I ll give the series another go but I can only hope it gets better. R alluring smile sparkling yes luscious body and whose mere presence initiates the Knowing Can he live long nough to claim her Can she see past her father’s prejudice to love him Both uestions are pointless because there are still Preor who despise the joining of humans and dragons They will stop at nothing to drive a wedge between the races Including murder Part of the DRAGONS OF PREOR series Jarek Taulan. .
This was an Science Fiction Romance with a dragon shifter hero and a down on her luck heroine The hero has lost his wings and needs to regain his sense of self I like how in this book something that matters so much to hero matters so little to the heroine showing the relativeness of how we sometimes defined ourselves outside of our ssence The romance is lovely and the world building decent A light fast read I was uite amused Sex scenes still suick Also instead of InstaLove tm there was InsaGettingOverPTSD I know it s a weird uibble but Lana was #too well adjusted XD Also there was a big plot red herring #well adjusted XD Also there was a big plot red herring I would prefer to be sustainably harvested Muuuuch better than the last one The heroine had an actual brain in her head I loved it I love when a story makes women look good smart brave and kind vs ridiculous childish stupid and meanStrong independent woman doesn t mean stone cold bitch or unreasonable moron in real life so why do authors always fuck that up in books I m always happy when a story does betterWas this book perfect No It was a little cheesy at times but I njoyed it so that s what I think mattersThis series would be better if she spent time on not only main character but supporting characters development AND gave us details on how things work Like do the human mates live as long as the Preor Those guys can live what 1000 years More I dunno she never says Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey either way Maybe this is something she goes into further or realizes we d like to know and gets into in her future books I hope so if I didn t like the book I wouldn t give a damn though so yeah Onto book 3 25 I need a Hero StarsI didn t care for the hero And it wasn t because he was a wingless dragon cause I m a sucker for a scarred hero The heroine kept getting attacked and injured under his careEpic fail Dude I need a bad ass hero Ye. He wants to return to Preor and she wants a job but you don’t always get what you want Lana Cooper is down to her last hundred dollars has no job and her clunker of a car has finally clunked out How has her life become such a cluster of horribleness Oh right A guy Only she doesn’t get a chance to beg for a job Nope one walk along the beach changesverything Oh she has a job now as the mate to a hot hunky. .

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Ah this was a hot mess for me My whiplash has whiplash as God's Pocket everything went by at the speed of light Time is spent showcasing both the hero and heroines past and their reluctance tover have a spousemate I get that there is a mate bond between them but I could not get over the sudden understanding or Knowing at least on the heroines part Scenes felt forced and random moments of action danger just did not work A lot is also done behind the scenes and it really created a disconnect for me and the book The book was a real uick read but it was just too much Too much unnecessary drama sueezed in and too much character and story building left out and skipped over Sexy dragon without wingsIt is #a little sad to know that Taulan is a dragon without wings and #little sad to know that Taulan is a dragon without wings and never be able to fly That is the one thing that I was sad about by this book Other than that I thought this book was pretty good and interesting as it further ЯED explains the people of Preor I reallynjoy sci fi romance and the idea of dragons has me jumping for joy So this story about Taulan hideously wounded finding out he has a mate should hit all my boxes Now add in the fact that it all starts with a terrible misunderstanding as Lana is accused of trying to kidnap a Ujal child and it just adds to the fun Lana may have secrets but she really isn t in a sharing mood as it s much better that some believe her dead Yet what she can t ignore is Taulan He offers her a home with him away from Earth but unfortunately Taulan isn t as honest as he could be and his new promotion comes with conseuences This
#Story May Be A #
may be a romp but it has dark undertones and the author pulls no punches Our heroine has scaped an abusive relationship and what she has suffered sent shivers down my spine Yet Lana doesn t shy away from the possibility of a new life with Taulan yes she is cautio. Preor dragon male Taulan sen Pavon is anxious to return to his home on Preor Yes he’d journeyed to Earth in hopes of finding a human mate but now Now he would like to heal in the privacy of his aerie Wings destroyed and body damaged by an xplosion he has no desire to watch others find joy with their mates while he remains unworthy and alone on a ship filled with thousands But then he finds Lana Lana with he. ,
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Taulan Dragons of Preor #2