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Black Heart, Red Ruby kGlimpse into a young Jewish girl s life in Lodz Ghetto This diary was found by Zinaida Berezovskaya a Soviet doctor She dug it up in the soil near Crematorium III at Auschwitz Birkenau According to the book this would suggest that this diary ended up in the hands of an unknown Sonderkommando prisoner who moved bodies from the crematoriums most who ended up there themselves who thought it was worth preserving and buried it People are so dazzling As a bookworm I can only hope that this love of language and the preservation of it will always plague us and may we never recover This diary it was a very humbling read Rywka Rifa is extremely real in her writing She clings to her faith while sorting out a lot of emotions of losing her family members one by one In one of the essays in the book it states Is it possible to be authentic in an impossible reality 186 Rywka seems to be extremely authentic She gets angry about the German view of the Jewish people reducing them to animalistic machines rather than people Lodz Ghetto went from a community of nearly a uarter million to 877 survivors in 1945 This is such a sad time in our history and I love to be able to explore it and learn from it I hope one day they find out what happened to Rwyka I do love the idea that this diary ensures that even though she faded into obscurity she will not be forgotten Erika s Link I am absolutely flabbergasted dismayed and perturbed how reading folks rate this book This is not the work of fiction This is a diary written at the time of the indescribable misery and privation at the time of suppression humiliation and agony This is the diary written by a young girl who had never been properly trained how to write coherently and what is she wrote it in Polish which was still one of the two or even three languages she was exposed to The diary was written after long working hours with hunger being ever present and in the epicenter of infections diseases and anti sanitary conditions Despite all this Rywka found an outlet for her fears frustrations hopes desires musings and re asserted writing and reading as the living force for so many of usAnd after this people still rate this book as if it were a work of fiction Oh the bitter biter irony of it My review for the San Francisco Book ReviewIn 1945 a Russian doctor discovered a diary in the ruins of the cremation ovens in the Auschwitz death camp She passed it down through her family and it did not come to light for than 65 years It was the diary of a young Jewish girl who survived the ghetto at Lodz Poland and death camps even while her parents brother and two sisters I continue to read books about the time of Nazi Germany Someone told me about this diary that was found years ago 1945 in Auschwitz Birkenau by the crematorium and it stayed in a family until someone realized Auschwitz Birkenau by the crematorium and it stayed in a family until someone realized value Rywka Lipszyc was 14 yrs ago when she began the diary written from Lodz Poland ghetto for the jews policed by Nazi SS guards There was also a jewish man who managed all the activities and the business inside This diary was eventually translated and read by some experts esp Prof Shapiro of Brooklyn College on the period of horror It was published in 2015 in Its as if the book is IN TWO PARTS FIRST IS VARIOUS two parts First is various writing about the diary and the times and the girl Rywka then there is the diary In the first part there are sentences written by her that are from the diary It is uite extraordinary The diary itself is only a brief period of time and only when she was in only a brief period of time and only when she was in ghetto It ends abruptly and it is said that she was sent to Auschwitz and survived to die after she was liberated She could have been a beautiful successful woman and that was not possible with the hatred and violence of the nazi germans and others who joined them When the diary begins she has already nown the death of both parents and a brother and sister and it is now her and a sister It is said that two people survived in the family two women Judy. A vida dos judeus em Lodz o medo constante da deportação o trabalho forçado nas oficinas a fome e a miséria Mas acima de tudo os escritos de Rywka eram sua forma de resistir e de protestar numa tentativa de dar sentido ao mundo ao seu redo.

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Rywka Lipszyc was a 14 year old girl who had lost both of her parents and her two younger siblings and whose diary recorded a period of history in the Lodz
ghetto from february 
From February to August 1944 a period of 4 12 years the Jewish population there fell from about 175000 to 1500 under the Nazi regime About 12 of the book is essays about the time or interpretation of Rywka s words Of the essays I liked the ones by her aunts best It was hard to connect with her as she oscillated between remarkable maturity and guilt over her survival when so many others suffered and died As an orthodox Jew she had amazing faith and perseverance but also chaffed at the diminished role forced on women While I am glad to have read it I would not recommend it Original review can be found at am fascinated with anything related to the Holocaust and World War II I have read hundreds of books both fiction and non fiction and I ve watched numerous documentaries It is a part of history that I think is important to be remembered especially now that there are very few survivors left to speak about itAs I was reading Rywka s Diary the same thought ept popping into my head This was written in the Lodz Ghetto and Rywka was living it It was hard to wrap my head around This was the real dealAs I was reading along I had two thoughts on Rywka The first being that she was very well spoken written for someone her age Of course that may be a product of the translation into English The second was that even though she appeared well spoken her maturity reflected her age in uite a few of her passagesA lot of the passages were written in her head describing how she felt and less describing her surroundings and the things going on in the Ghetto Although she mentions several things it is vague at best Readers looking for a historic account of the Lodz Ghetto itself may be someone disappointed This diary is of a personal account of a young girl and what was going on inside her headMy rating for this book is going to be high How can it not be This was someone who lived during one of the most horrific times in history These were her The Diary of Rywka LipszycThe author s diary was found in Auschwitz And Then Lost For 70 then lost for 70 Recently studied translated and published it tells the story of a young teen aged girl s failed attempt to survive having courageously struggled in the Lodz Ghetto only to later be murdered in the notorious extermination campEarly on we learn her parents perish at the hands of the oppressor Rywka is orphaned and helpless in one of the most terrifying places ever conceived in the minds of men She winds up cramped and starving with distant cousins whose efforts to get through clash with her own battle to endureStriking about this diary is the never ending focus and love Lipszyc expresses for God and faith Her refusal to disavow may be viewed by some as a convincing symbol of many centuries of Jewish stubbornness in the face of ugly murderous persecution Eually striking are the journal entries of a child confused angry helpless and yet still capable of boundless love and hopeTortuous and painful the reader is dumbfounded again by the utter madness of a regime that would target children Here is an entry a poem that made particular impact on this reviewerFebruary 14 1944 My God Isn t it enoughHow much longer are we going to sufferWe are full of longing #Something Is Choking Us #is choking us a bone What s going to happen tomorrow we don t nowOh God help us at lastThis ghetto is a monstrous machineGod how long will this Poison Life lastWe are doing worse and worseThere is no hope It s getting darkerDo we have to be aloneTo waste our lives in the closed the ghettoOur life is miserableBut it could have been so fabulousI m burning I can t put out the fireI m entangled by this eternal suffering O God Everything is in your handsCalm our bleeding hearts Put an end to our torment O how to satisfy these hungry souls Review by Edward M Janes Perhaps a better ti. Diário comovente de uma jovem judia em edição enriuecida com textos ue ajudam a compreender um dos períodos mais sombrios da história da humanidade No final da Segunda Guerra Mundial foi encontrado um diário perto das ruínas dos crematóri. ,

Tle would have been Where is Rywka It certainly the uestion I Was Left With After left with after this bookThe diary of Rywka Lipszyc been verified as one of the many manuscripts hidden or buried by some of the unfortunate individuals on the Sonderkommando in Auschwitz Those brave men hid detailed manuscripts diaries and other written accounts of concentration camp victims in an attempt to retain some ind of evidence Evidence of the atrocities committed by the Nazis and their many collaborators As we now now they were right to think there would be a highly organised attempt to cover up everything that took place during the HolocaustIt s interesting to note that a lot of the pictures of the Lodz Ghetto used in the book are actually propaganda photos taken by the Nazis themselves in an attempt to manipulate what the world thought was going on in the ghettos Instead of the truth they presented healthy and glorified images of the situations which is why many of the photos seemingly portray happy workers and healthy peopleThe truth was and still is an indicator of the abysmal deeds the human race is capable ofHolocaust survivors are plagues by survivor guilt pain despair anger and feelings of helplessness Is it any word the majority of them choose to bury the memories of this period in their lives in a deep dark locked box hidden away in the back of their minds Some of them never speak of their experiences at all others changed their identities and even religion which means the people around them may never now what their loved ones went through in the HolocaustRywka s diary is much like that of any other young girl full of emotional turmoil and personal drama It often seems as if she chooses not to reveal the entire despair and pain she feels Keeping an element of denial and in doing so a steady level of normality in her dismal worldShe tries not to acknowledge the truth about her baby brother and sister although her subconscious and the truth slips through now and againMina had to make a choice between Rywka and Esther Her decision was the most logical and one all of us would have made Regardless of that fact I think she still feels a certain amount of guilt because of her choice She based it on information given to her by the doctor treating RywkaPerhaps we will never God's Pocket know what really happened to Rywka If she is alive then perhaps the trauma has caused some sort of amnesia maybe she feels resentment towards her cousins or being with them could bring back memories she doesn t want to relive The reality and the probable scenario is that Rywka didn t survive very long after the cousins were separated and she is buried somewhere under a wrong name or in a completely different placeI recommend this book to anyone interested in the Holocaust history and eyewitness accounts of that particular eraI received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher via Edelweiss I felt very connected to Rywka throughout this story in a strange way for me The writing made me feel I was traveling her journey with her I felt her sadness her excitement for better weather and the encouragement that can bring My sadness for her is the overwhelming feeling of hunger which is so hard to overcome I understand that everyone that possibly could lookFor her after liberation did I wish we could have found that she lived a happy long life Well written thank you Did not really connect with thisThe book is ramblingthe diary does not say very muchI do hope they find about her Younow when I m very upset I admire life Then I wonder Why at the same time are some people crying while others are laughing or suffering At the same time some are being born others die or get sick Those who are born grow up They mature in order to live and suffer And yet all of them want to live desperately want to live A living person always has hope sometimes unconsciously Although life is difficult it is also beautiful Life has its strange charm 79 This was a beautiful. Os de Auschwitz Birkenau Este diário pertencia a Rywka Lipszyc uma adolescente judia ue viveu com sua família no gueto de Lodz na Polônia Seu relato só veio a público setenta anos depois e logo se tornou um documento importante por registrar. O Diário de Rywka

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