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Fragments eNy also did so simply to give back to the community notven considering their own well being and wealth as factors for achieving as they did I think this book deserves Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries either a seconddition with rewrites andor additional work in bringing these figures to life in other sources of historical information these women absolutely deserve to be seen and heard and I sincerely hope that *This Book Can Launch Insight And Further Research Into *book can launch additional and further research into lives of these amazing black women My assessment of this book is similar to other reviewers The over premise is great the wome are interesting and It Reframes The Typical Understanding reframes the typical understanding the west was settled xcusively by white people However once I started I thought I had inadvertenly picked up a middle school oriented book But the book is not targeted to youth as far as I can tell With that note my assessment is low regarding the level of writing It read like an average research paper by a person in middle or high school It was a uick read and I recommend it to people wanting to fill out some high level information about this topic I picked up this read for several reasons I am a general history buff and I have had an odd fascination with reading about different figures from the old west and life during this time not to mention i love reading about notorious women figures I have never come across a book about notorious historical women of the old west that were African American in fact I feel like the general literature and knowledge available today has very little to do with African American women of this time frame much less most times in history As such I HAD to read it I will say that this book was nothing special when it came to the writing style and did not make me feel like I was reading the next major Goodreads. Y Tricia Martineau Wagner The way the author shows is. A series of fast reads about *some inspiring women A good start but there could have been Great resource for black women *inspiring women A good start but THERE COULD HAVE BEEN GREAT RESOURCE could have been Great resource black women history Really interesting and well researched biographical sketches I am simply happy to learn about these strong female African American pioneers of the Southwest These stories could asily and shamefully gotten lost I am inspired be ach woman s strength and perseverance and have much appreciation for these stories being told I picked up this book for several reasons 1 I am a big history buff and have been on a kick to read about notorious individuals of the Old West for the last few years 2 I love reading about strong historical women and 3 never have I ver come across a book about African American women of the Old West While I appreciate the purpose of what this author set out to do in honoring these important women I also find that this book was lackluster and did not do full justice to these women First of all the writing was less than spectacular I could not find myself ngaging with the text like I have with other writers of historical nonfiction I also believe that while mention is made of the historical realities of slavery discrimination prejudice and Jim Crow Era legislation I feel that placing mphasis on the fact that these individuals were Era legislation I feel that placing One Ticket To Texas emphasis on the fact that these individuals were AMERICAN WOMEN could have been so much if these facts were highlighted and reiterated in the telling of these stories The fact that these women accomplished what they did is not a simple feat for their time andxperiences they superseded so many additional barriers that others would not have faced due to Helpmate either or both gender andthnicity These women were at the bottom of the social ladder and yet climbed to the top because of their diligence patience strength and drive to succeed Ma. Best E Book, African American Women of the Old West

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Book of the Year I also think that this author while starting to discuss the realities of slavery prejudice discrimination and Jim Crow Era legislation otherwise glazed completely over THESE HISTORICAL IMPACTS AND DID LESS historical impacts and did less to demonstrating the amazing feats that these women did overcome with these factors in mind However with all this being said I did appreciate that this author gave these women recognition for their accomplishments Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy even if provided with an understatement of what they accomplished in spite of being both a woman and African American in the 1800s This book receive 3 stars from me for this reason in that I learned about 10 different women that I would otherwise not have known about and I appreciate the author s diligence in attempting to give these women voices in current times I hope that this could be a stepping stone for other authors to further give these women justice and incorporate their stories into the larger fabric of American history discussions Fascinating stories but less than sophisticated writing It seems that research was done but it was of an introduction to these women leaving me wanting to find the actual accounts that these simplistic stories were spun around I m not disappointed that I bought this book I think the premise was good and the stories are important However the chaptersach woman had her own were too short The author summarized rather than told a story There were no foot or nd notes just a bibliography at the nd Since the author chose not to go into much depth with ach women I d like to turn to the source documents for information Direct citations would have been helpful Overall the writing was sloppy which may be because the research was sloppy but this doesn t make the subject matter less appealing. Genius and it really helps me connect with the story. African American Women of the Old West
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