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The Case Against Sugar

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This book delves into Western civilization s history with sugar and its increasing ate of consumption since introduction of The Service of the State: The IAS Reconsidered refined sugar into the Western diet With this increased consumption also came the economic power of the sugar industry that throughout most of the twentieth century was the funder of nutritionalesearch that tended to focus of causes for Western diseases in directions other that sugar itselfThe ate of occurrence of diabetes heart disease gout and a host of other chronic conditions pretty much parallels the ate of increase of sugar consumption Throughout the twentieth century esearchers seemed to want to blame saturated fats and cholesterol but had difficultly establishing links through subseuent health studies Reluctance to distinguish between complex carbohydrates and simple sugar carbohydrate and efusing to accept the possibility of different metabolism Finding Caruso routes for sucrose fructose and other sugars made nutritionalesearchers blind to the possible Fat Lives role of sugarIn the manner of a good prosecuting attorney Taubes in this book lays on layer after layer of additional evidence in making his case against sugar This data is gleaned from medical history and multiple population studies of theelationship between the consumption of sugar with diabetes and then with all the other medical problems associated with diabetes Today the American Số phận chú bé đánh trống rate of diabetes is nearly one in ten adults and approximately one in ten children are estimated to have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which is a precursor of diabetesI found particularly alarming the concept of perinatal metabolic programming aka metabolic imprinting as a hypothetical means by which succeeding generations may be likely to develop diabetes insulinesistance and metabolic syndrome than is true for today s populationThe conditions in the womb in the intrauterine environment influence the development of the fetus so that subtly different conditions will lead in effect to the birth of newborns who A Southern Moderate in Radical Times: Henry Washington Hilliard, 1808-1892 respond differently to the environment they face outside the womb In particular the nutrients that the developing childeceives in the womb including the supply of glucose pass across the placenta in proportion to the nutrient concentration in the mother s circulation The higher the mother s blood sugar the greater the supply of glucose to the fetus The developing pancreas Iran responds by overproducing insulin secreting cells The baby is not diabetic says Roy Metzger who studies diabetes and pregnancy at Northwestern University but the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are stimulated to function and grow in size and number by the environment theye in So they start over functioning That in turn leads to a baby laying down fat which is why the baby of diabetic mother is typified by being a fat babyI interpreted the above as probably leading to increased sensitivity to the detrimental effects of sugar However Taubes elsewhere says it may increase or decrease sensitivity he s not sure whichI thought once Taubes had established the link between sugar and diabetes that he would be finished But he proceeds to link heart disease to diabetes through the indirect link of insulin Tagebuch resistance and metabolic syndrome that leads to hypertension He didn t stop there He then proceeded to name sugar as the culprit in ALL Western diseases if sugar causes insulinesistance and elevates triglycerides and makes us fat then it very likely causes hypertension too if not directly then at least indirectly through its effect on insulin esistance and weight Sugar is the culpritSo here s the ifthen hypothesis If these Western diseases are associated with obesity diabetes insulin esistance and metabolic syndrome which many of them are then whatever causes insulin esistance and metabolic syndrome is likely to be the necessary dietary trigger for the diseases or at least a key player in the causal pathway Because there is significant eason to believe that sugars sucrose and high fructose corn syrup in particular the nearly fifty fifty combinations of glucose and fructose are the dietary trigger of insulin Access to English. Test pack 4 resistance and metabolic syndrome it s uite likely they are a primary cause of all these Western diseases including cancer and Alzheimer s disease Without these sugars in the diet these chronic diseases would beelatively Deconstruction in Context: Literature and Philosophy rare if not in some cases virtually nonexistentAt this point Taubes proceeds to address the major Western diseases one by one to discuss the likelihood that sugar isesponsible or at least largely Hoffnung Mensch responsible He proceeds to go into a detailed discussion of the hypothetical biochemical mechanisms by which ingestion of sugar can be linked to gout hypertension cancer and Alzheimer s disease Taubes doesn t claim definitive proof according to theules of science and indeed it may never be possible to establish absolute proof But Taubes has certainly laid out a string of circumstantial evidence and mechanisms by which simple sugars can lead to the Western diseases That I Find CompellingTaube Concludes With A I find compellingTaube concludes with a of what is the safe amount of sugar to eat He says the answer is similar to the answer for tobacco There is no safe amount for everyone There are some population studies that have shown that when primitive cultures begin to eat that have shown that when primitive cultures begin to eat Western diet that problems begin to appear at about seventy pounds per capita per year of sugar consumption with a twenty year delay in the appearance of symptoms The FDA in 1986 said forty two pounds per capita per year was safe Current average per capita sugar consumption in USA is over 100 lbyear less losses from discarded food But that is a generalized amount for the total population and doesn t account for some individuals who may be maladapted to sugar Further future populations may be or less sensitive to sugar than in the past because of perinatal metabolic programmingHere s a link to an article about sugar addiction and withdrawal s a link to an NPR article titled What The Industry Knew About Sugar s Health Effects But Didn t Tell Us s a link to a NYT article about esearch on the negative health effects of sugar One study from Emory University found that egular consumption not only of drinks containing added sugars but also of naturally sweet fruit juice aised the isk of an early death by as much as 44 percent isk for developing heart disease and kidney stones ose in direct proportion to the amount of high fructose corn syrup they consumed main take aways a calorie is not a calorie fats in food are not bad sugar causes diabetes gout cancer bad breath insomnia The Witch who was a princess restless leg syndrome MRSA depression economic ineualityepublicans nazis trump and alzheimer s the sugar industry uses tactics similar to climate change deniers it is almost impossible to not eat sugar there is as much sense in eating a moderate amount of sugar as there is in smoking a moderate amount of cigarettesit s not like any of these conclusions are hard to come bythe problem is that it takes so much effort not to consume sugar I happened to be eading this at the same time as I was listening to a three part Freakonomics podcast series called same time as I was listening to a three part Freakonomics podcast series called Medicine and they both hit on the same problem the emphasis upon eminence based medicine ather than evidence based medicine ie if a enowned practitioner is behind a hypothesis that can be enough to direct or at least influence decades of esearch and practice This is especially critical in the science of sugar because Taubes point is that the damage done by sugar is not something that can be easily Jeden výdych koňa researched The damage if it is indeed caused by sugar takes not days or weeks but decades to manifest and it wouldeuire literally billions of dollars of Eleanor, Quiet No More research to establish a firm scientific link But the case that Taubes presents is pretty alarming especially showing that as aboriginal peoples are introduced to the Western diet a host of Western diseases start showing upTaubes book does a good job of laying out the case but perhaps falls short in a prescriptive sense Eat less or no sugar is about the long and short of it And of course take the medical advice of those being funded by the sugar industry very very skeptically FYI as someone who works in finance I thought the uote from CW Barron about investing in vices was uite interesting so I actually set up an index focusing on gambling alcohol tobacco and carbonated beverage producers setting up and testing indices is what I do for a living In the period from 1999 2016 the annualizedeturn was approximately 3X greater than the SP500 over the same period with lower standard deviation and drawdown and higher Sharpe atio and dividend yield So Barron was on to somethingthough I d personally be pretty ueasy about investing in such an index Gary Taubes has done an exc. From the best selling author of Why We Get Fat a groundbreaking eye opening expose that makes the convincing case that sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium backed by powerful lobbies entrenched in our lives and making us very sickAmong Americans diabetes is prevalent today than ever; obesity is at epidemic proportions; nearly 10%. .
Ellent job in explaining why sugar is so terrible for the body I am seeing a nutritionist to help me with my weight and on my last visit she stated to me that you can eat any food in moderation My esponse to her was What does moderation mean I guess a person could smoke crack in moderation but no one What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game recommends that Taubes stated it clearly in his book that the people who say eat in moderation typically don t have a weight problem and my nutritionist does not therefore what moderation looks like to one person would look totally different to another For me I am staying away from as much sugar as possible It is in so much foods I don t know if I can totally abstain from it but I can stop eating the main culprit of sugar delivery systems candies cookies cakes pop fruit juices Y all the stuff is deadly and toxic My father lost a foot to diabetes and another family member kidneysecently failed due to diabetes and high blood pressure Just like his book Good Calories Bad Calories convinced me not to eat so much Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) refine carbohydrates The Case Against Sugar has convinced me to go cold turkey with sugar Highlyecommend all three of his books on nutrition if you want to be in the best health possible Having been on a zero sugar diet for the past three weeks and planning to make it a lifestyle change see my Revenant review of Zero Sugar Diet The 14 Day Plan to Flatten Your Belly Crush Cravings and Help Keep You Lean for Life I wanted toead a bit about the science behind the claim that the added sugars in processed foods could possibly be the cause of the current obesity and diabetes epidemic Intuition common sense and observation tells one it is true but so many diet fads have come and gone that a little healthy skepticism is warranted This book does not provide proof but does give food for thought pun intended There are very few studies to back up any of this as the big clinical trial money has been focused on shoring up the theory that dietary fat is the main culprit so a leap of faith is still Pumpkinflowers reuired I m afraid but I have to feel wee on the Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life right track with wholesome natural food Sometimes the simple answer IS the correct one Diet advice thatecommends we eat whole foods and avoid processed foods foodlike substances Green Eyed Envy remove virtually allefined sugar by definition diet advice to avoid sugar means by definition that we avoid virtually all processed foods I could not The A-List Diet Fitness Plan read this book without gettinged faced with frustration every other sentence One of the most hyperbolic poorly The Amethyst Road researched in terms of actual scientific studies pieces of hysteria I haveead in a long time The accolades given to Gary Taubes are beyond confusing His fervent advocacy supported by limited peer eviewed work and even junk science eminds me of another popular cause du jour the anti vaxxer movement The fact that he has taken to consorting with a dangerous self promoting snake oil salesman like anti vaccineanti mammogram advocate Joe Mercola tells me all that I need to know about his agenda It isn t for the betterment of society it is to stake a claim in a contr I still The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families remember when the book Sugar Blues by William Dufty hit the scene in the mid 80 sand Dr Atkins diet was aevolutionThere were books out in the 70 s that were already screaming sugar is addictive and learn the When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers real truth about sugar I studied Kinesiology and nutrition at UC Berkeley I knew about trans fat and the value of Omega 3 s years before most people knew the word When I put my flax seeds into a grinder to sprinkle them on my salads or other foods just before eating in the 1970 s people called me a hippie I was far from one Todayits not odd but collectively if we live in the Westsurrounded by temptations of The American ways of eatingsocially emotionally and spiritually we each can benefit to check in within ourselves from time to timeand ask ourselves how are we doing with our eating Our need for education and improvements are endless Ever notice how each one of us are on own eating path today Eating in our society is a complicated issue BUT sugarthe empty calorie no matter how much we like it which I admit has been my 1 drug of choice my entire life the drug I ve had emotional and PHYSICAL battles withis AS ADDICTING so for some people than cocaine alcohol or any other drug on the market People who know they are sugar addicted seriously addicted know who they are Many can t eat a drop of the white sugar crystals withouteal fear of setting themselves up for cravings sooo strong for it s all they can think about MEAT and VEGETABLES never cause THAT type of neurotic thinking SUGAR can do that There are type of neurotic thinking SUGAR can do that There are MANY GREAT BOOKS on the market which support educate and
guide people to 
people to healthy choices So if it s support for healthy eating cook books or guide books I can share a few that I believe are excellentBUT THIS BOOK The Case Against Sugar probably the best book of its kind is The MOST Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase researched its not aecipe book Instead it isTHE MOST historical book today that we have on the subject of sugar scientifically proven Die Zarin real evidence that SUGAR is THE MAJOR NUMBER ONE DANGEROUS FOOD contributing to a wideange of diseases Here are just a few of those OTHER BOOKS that I own and highly endorse emember I studied nutrition and was certified as a nutritional consultant many years ago so my library is largeA few of my favorite books Clean Eating by Alejandro JungerMD The Total Health Cookbook by Joseph Mercola MD The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman MD Joseph Mercola The No Grain diet The 21 Day Sugar Detox is NOT my favorite because I don t think people know how to use it ight ANYTHING that says 21 days can be a set up for a failure But the Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll recipes are fine I personally in general don t like that old American way of thinking uick fix The title alone feeds into account diet way of thinking But with awareness the book might work for some people Often it s a set up for the brain to want to beewarded in 21 Days but then that same brain will punish oneself six months later Personally I m just careful with anything that looks or sounds like a diet Other books I own and like are by Gary Null s MD Pam PeekeMD Gabriel Cousens MD GARY TAUBESMOVING ONTO THIS BOOK There are some already excellent Nosferatu reviews Cliff youreview is outstanding Thank you Gary Taubs is highly Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories respected his work is wellesearched He has done a great service in explaining how SUGAR TABLE SUGAR and high fructose corn syrup in particular have been a major contributor to a host of illnesses in Western society This book covers the history OF THE SUGAR INDUSTRY including its ties to big businesses our government and the tobacco industry Anyone with type 2 diabetes or concerns about getting it might seriously Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen read this book The hardest thing to digest for me ineading this bookeven though I believe there is a need for a complete change in thinking is completely changing the way we celebrate with our SWEET TREATSPerhaps one day we will no longer celebrate a child s birthday with cake or ice cream Perhaps we The Jive Talker really don t need to express our love to each other with a sweetie for our sweetie on Valentines Maybe the Easter Bunny will delivereal eggsand perhaps Santa Claus is fat enough and doesn t need any cookies How do we collectively support healthy changes Little steps at a time THE CASE AGAINST SUGAR could be a terrific non fiction book club pick so that communication can take place about an issue that affects all us SUGAR is THAT powerful in our Every Day Livesbut It day livesbut it not an innocent bystander Guess what Sugar is not a healthy food Who knew In fact according to Gary Taubes it causes just about every disease of Western civilization and we probably shouldn t eat it at all which kind of Gargantuan reminded me of all the other nutrition doomsday books I veead over the years The China Studydon t eat meat or dairy you will get sick and die Wheat Bellydon t eat wheat you will get sick and die Eat More Weigh Lessdon t eat fat you will get sick and die The Paleo Solution or any other paleo bookdon t eat grains or beans you will get sick and die Sugar Bluesoh wait that was sugar again Two strikes against sugarSo I guess I need to hole up in my nutrition bunker with nothing but vegetables and salad greens and wait out the food apocalypse because there s nothing left to eat But in all seriousness I think any Wolfgang reasonable person can concede that sugar at least in the ginormous amounts it is consumed in our society is pretty much bad for us As to just how bad Gary Taubes is here to explain and I found a lot that was interesting or valuable in this book I veead about sugar and metabolic syndrome potentially leading to type II diabetes heart disease and other things before but Taubes described the process convincingly and I Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy ran across a couple of new things. Of children are thought to have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease And sugar is at theoot of these and other critical society wide health elated problems With his signature command of both science and straight talk Gary Taubes delves into Americans' history with sugar its uses as a preservative as an additive in cigarettes the contem.
Like the potential link between high sugar consumption and gout I also enjoyed the first few chapters about the history of the sugar industryThe second half of the book was not as satisfying for me though For one thing Taubes eturned to a couple of his key issues that I ve always been a bit skeptical of such as a complete dismissal of the calories incalories out euation for weight loss I get that it is not uite that simple a lot of things can go wonky with the metabolism and the types of foods eaten do make a difference but at a certain level yes if you eat less andor exercise you WILL lose weight and we all know people who have done that And then there s the Ancel Keys bashing I get it Taubes thinks Keys was completely wrong with his Seven Countries Study and theory of saturated fat causing heart disease but honestly his Кракатит rancor towards the man comes across like a personal grudge match at times Especially since I actually doespect Keys contributions and as far as I m concerned the saturated fat versus sugar issue hasn t been esolved yet Regardless the Mediterranean diet that Keys ended up espousing is NOT high in sugar and as far as population studies goes appears to be uite healthfulNow maybe you are thinking that population studies are of limited use and that Keys cherry picked the Seven Countries Study to prove his point and you would be ight Which leads me to my main issue with this book and why I couldn t give it higher than a three star Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt rating in the last couple of chapters Taubes shamelessly cherry picks population studies to prove his extreme anti sugar point focusing on tribal peoples such as the Pima Indians and certain Pacific Islanders Much closer to home and much closer to the DNA mix of most of his audience I m guessing I could point out other conflicting populations such as the Amish who eat a lot of sugar andefined flour and don t have anywhere near the levels of heart disease and diabetes as the est of usAnother missed opportunity is that while Taubes discusses the economics and politics of sugar in the past even the ecent past he doesn t address the political landscape that has created our current sugar glut I ve lived three places where sugar crops are a major part of the local economy Hawaii sugar cane central Michigan sugar beets and currently central Illinois corn aka high fructose corn syrup I am surrounded by field upon field upon field of mono crops of genetically modified pesticide laden corn much of it bound for factories to be turned into HFCS and then splattered on just about every processed food in the market at cut ate prices so that junk foods are cheaper than fresh vegetables Because of government farm subsidies And then the taxpayers are socked again at the end of the cycle paying for all the health care But if we all stopped eating this crap I don t even want to imagine the economic epercussions It s a messed up system and it s entirely Mein Plan zur Rettung der unsichtbaren Freundin von nebenan relevant to the issue of why so many North Americans are sick and obese and it s barely addressed in this book Finally towards the end of the book the speculation and scare mongering about sugareached an almost idiculous level Implying that allowing a child to have a single scoop of ice cream per week would be unhealthy Wondering if we have messed up our health for generations to come by eating sugar At this point I just stopped taking the author seriouslyBut I will admit at one point he states that the people who say sugar is OK in moderation are the people who don t have a problem with it and I guess I just proved his point Despite my many dietary vices I don t have much of a sweet tooth and can enjoy a bit of dark chocolate or a creme brulee once in a while Sugar isn t addictive for me and I actually find the sweetness of many processed foods kind of off putting So I guess I would say if you feel hooked on sugar then definitely ead this book Otherwise it has a few interesting points but ultimately seems a bit overwrought to me Medicine is mostly taught untethered from its history asserts Gary Taubes at the beginning of this book Students are taught what to believe but not always the evidence on which their beliefs are based This book is a much needed history of sugar I can think of nowhere else where failure to look at the evidence on which medical beliefs are based has had and continues to have such tragic conseuencesThe leading authority who dominated the teaching about diabetes during the twentieth and into the twenty first century was a dedicated doctor called Elliott Joslin His textbook The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus was first published in 1916 Revered as a bible its most Chicken Licken recent edition appeared in 2005 forty three years after his death Joslin argued that fats and not sugar were the cause of diabetes This belief was supported by Harold Himsworth a very influential diabetesesearcher based in London who in 1931 proposed that a diet ich in carbohydrate should be ecommended to diabetics Both Joslin and Himsworth pointed to Japan as a country where the diet was Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression rich in carbohydrate and low in fat and where there was very little diabetes What both men ignored was that sugar consumption in Japan at that time was comparable to that in England and America in the nineteenth century when diabetes was veryare They both assumed that sugar and other carbohydrates were euivalent in their effects on the human bodySugar sucrose is formed in plants by the condensation of two simpler sugars glucose and fructose Glucose the molecule into which starches are digested is used to provide energy Any surplus is converted in the liver and muscles to glycogen animal starch for storage until needed Conversion of glucose to glycogen is under the control of the hormone insulin Fructose by contrast is converted by the liver into fat Its fat forming effects seem to be enhanced when glucose is presentJoslin s and Himsworth s misconception might have been challenged by the Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia research on metabolism endocrinology genetics and nutrition which was taking place in Germany and Austria before the Second World War Post 1939 this very valuable work was lost to the scientific community Nutritionists in the English speaking world focussed on energy balance A calorie was a calorie no matter where it came from Putting on weight was simply a matter of consuming calories than could be expended Excess weight caused both diabetes and obesity Diet and exercise were the solutionsWhen the techniue ofadioimmunoassay was developed in the 1960s it brought with it the possibility of measuring hormone levels and the problem of insulin The Deadly Art of Love and Murder resistance came to light Unexpectedly high insulin levels could accompany high levels of sugar in the blood Insulin was no longer effective in moving glucose out of the blood and into cells This pattern was found in people suffering from obesity and in those who developed diabetes later in life What caused insulinesistance was then a mystery It has since been linked to sugar consumptionBy the 1950s it was ecognised that heart disease was associated with both diabetes and obesity Whether too much fat or too much sugar caused heart disease was still an open uestion and esearchers were highly motivated to find an answer The hypothesis that fat was the murder weapon was supported by the very wealthy and powerful Sugar Association with its Food And Nutrition Advisory Committee The Nutrition Advisory Committee The Heart Association "Also Came Down On " came down on side of fat It advocated low fat diets for every American while its The London Marathon researchers were admitting that the dietary fatheart disease hypothesis needed much investigation Those who favoured the sugar hypothesis like John Yudkin in England facedidicule and the charge of being uacks In the 1960s Yudkin fed human subjects sugar RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch rich diets andeported that this increased their cholesterol and triglyceride levels It seemed to atchet up their insulin levels and even make their blood platelets stickyClinical trials were set up in the US and in Europe to test the fat but not the sugar hypothesis To date they have failed to show that high levels of dietary fat cause heart disease obesity or diabetes Nevertheless in 1986 the that high levels of dietary fat cause heart disease obesity or diabetes Nevertheless in 1986 the government and health organisations committed themselves to getting Americans to eat a low fat diet Everyone else followed suit The epidemic of diseases included in metabolic syndrome has only worsenedGary Taubes cannot prove that sugar is the cause of Western chronic diseases but the evidence he gives is overwhelming I have concentrated on some of the scientific aspects but this book contains much It is also as iveting as a good novel Taubes clarity of vision is very are and a book like this is worth its weight in gold You will euire sugar to stay awake during this book I ve ead far interesting articles on the subject. Porary overuse of high fructose corn syrup He explains what esearch has shown about our addiction to sweets He clarifies the arguments against sugar corrects misconceptions about the elationship between sugar and weight loss; and provides the perspective necessary to make informed decisions about sugar as individuals and as a society.