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The Secret Groom iSo much than I expected and I totally loved Okt Does Have A Romantic have a at ts core not gonna lie but t also deals with various serious and Children of the Future important themes such as privilege racism and anxiety I really appreciated how Oscar and Ruby actually talked about stuff and helped each other out Seeing a character like Ruby who doesn t have her life figured out was pretty realistic and I enjoyed this aspect of the storyn the end she s just a seventeen year old girl and she doesn t need to have a plan set n stone just because she S Part Of The Famous part of the famous musically gifted Chertok familySpeaking of music I must admit I did not get everything they were talking about I know next to nothing about classical music But still t was so A TYRANNY OF GOD interesting to read and the author madet sound so beautiful and fascinating Oscar and Ruby had their own love language and their scenes together were the purest moments of happiness amidst the chaos of everything going on n their respective livesI so recommend this novel I really really enjoyed this It was ncredibly well written and WAY complex than I expected t to be I thought this was just going to be a swooney summer romance and tbh t was but t also ended up talking a lot 425 stars A delightful and thoughtful summer romance meets the classical music world n Jenn Marie Thorne s criminally underrated Night Music Ruby the seventeen year old daughter of the renowned composer Martin Chertok has always felt the pressure of her name However unlike her older siblings who have all embarked on successful musical careers Ruby messes up her audition for Amberley School of Music Having dedicated the last ten years of her life to her piano Ruby struggles to envision a future outside of the music world Her mother a famous piano player A Deadly Trade is far concerned with her tours than Ruby Her father whos on Amberley s faculty Framed for Murder is also far too devoted to his work Ruby decides to figure out who shes and what she wants to do over the course of the summerand then she walks n on her father s new prot g playing her piano After a viral YouTube video Oscar gained the attention of Martin and AmberleyWhile Ruby certainly feels somewhat envious of Oscar s musical genius she soon developed feelings for him and their bond s solidified by their love for musicOscar who s black knows all too well that his relationship with Ruby might jeopardise this one n a lifetime opportunity Regardless the two find themselves falling for each otherTheir relationship struck me as refreshingly grown up There s no will they won t they Ruby s Squeak! immediately drawn to Oscar and their close living uarters allows them to spend a lot of time togetherIn many ways Night Musics a coming of age Both Ruby and Oscar struggles against social and familial pressures Ruby s name may be prestigious but Claiming His Bought Bride / Seducing the Enemy's Daughter its very much a burden while Oscar has to reconcile his love for classical music with Pêşbaziya Çîrokên Neqediyayî itsnstitutional racial biasI simply love the realistic way Pick Three in which Thornenterrogates themes of privilege and failure Being branded a genius or a prodigy s not all ts cracked up to be One of my favourite shows s Mozart n the Jungle and Night Music provides us with a similar take on the classical music world Thorne s setting New York too Across the Table is also wonderfully rendered The romance between Ruby and Oscars Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron incredibly sweet Ruby s relationship with her parents was complicated and believable More than anything I appreciated Ruby s self growth her self awareness and her willingness to recognise and call her self out for her own privileged background or for the presumptions she makes about othersI ve read this twice and I look forward to readingt a third timeRead reviews on my blog View all my reviews on Goodreads I like t Full review to come Actual rating 35 starsI picked up this book because I was promised To all the boys I ve loved before levels of cuteness and t did deliver but Accidental Commando in my opinion this lacked the charm of Lara Jean co I loved Ruby s struggle to find her own path outside her family and outside her relationship with Oscar but everything regarding her dysfunctional and astonishingly talented family was way too much and the racialssues promised n the blurb that were the other reason why I was nterested The Adventurer's Bride in this book were barely touched they were mentioned but never discussed or analysed which for me rested depth to the story There snsta love and there s a bit of relationship drama but Oscar and Ruby s banter and dynamics were adorable and beyond cute so n that way I did get wh. Tin Chertok not for a crush He's all too aware of how the ultra privileged ultra white world of classical music might nterpret a black guy like him falling for his benefactor's white daughter Right RightBut as the New York City summer heats up so does the spark between Ruby and Oscar Soon their connection crackles with the same alive uncontainable energy as the city tself But can two people still figuring themselves out figure out how to be together Or will the world make the choice for th. ,
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Hello adorable classical music rom com of my dreams THIS A MUST READ FOR ANYONE WHO S is a must read for anyone who s musician or just fiercely loves music As I m neither of those things I had some trouble connecting to this story The discussions of privilege and Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, ineualityn exclusive nstitutions like classical music were necessary and well done and I m ntrigued to read from this author Beautiful heartfelt aware and raw NIGHT MUSIC Son of the Sheriff is a melody I never want to leave my head This review originally appeared on Novel InkI received this book for freen exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my ReviewACTUAL RATING 45 StarsWhen I First Heard About Night Music RATING 45 starsWhen I first heard about Night Music thought I must have been dreaming A YA contemporary by one of my favorite authors n that genre centering around teenagers pursuing classical music careers over the course of one New York City summer This book seemed made for me And while Night Music was not at all what I anticipated t would be t ended up grabbing my heart n fresh unexpected ways It s love Oscar peered at the ceiling again Most classical music s Not all but most You know He rolled over to face me I can appreciate all kinds of music I really can I think there s something there But hip hop pop t speaks to front you know It s the face you show to the world what you want to project Classical speaks right to what you re feeling What you long for Our protagonist The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Toward Spatial Emancipation in Night Music Ruby Chertoks the daughter of one of the classical music world s most beloved conductors and composers Though she has trained as a pianist her entire life and has grown up mmersed n this world she s uickly realizing her future might lie outside of music We follow Ruby both mourning the loss of music as the part of her life she always expected Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor it to be and her finding her footingn the real world outside of her family s shadowA teenage composer named Oscar Bell who s the rising star of the classical music scene after a video of him conducting an original arrangement went viral on YouTube shows up on Ruby s doorstep at the beginning of the summer to study with her father Ruby and Oscar bond over their shared love of and their shared complicated feelings toward music and their feelings for each other grow nto romantic ones pretty uickly Okay Oscar said hopping up on the counter How about Mozart nails what I want falling Let It Snow in love to feel like He let his legs swing out backn If I could choose I d much rather have that purity that peace that grace to come home to than any drama however gorgeous and sweeping and complex and you get t A huge thread n Night Music revolves around the racism both overt and covert n the classical music world This s something that as someone who has studied music all my life has deeply bothered me Even though I went to an ncredibly diverse university I did not see that racial diversity reflected n my School of Music where my colleagues were disproportionately white This could lead nto further conversations about the nherent privilege HOW TO PLOT ROMANCE FICTION: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! HOW TO OUTLINE A ROMANCE NOVEL WHEN YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE WRITER it reuires to study music but we ll save that for another day In Night Music we see the way the peoplen power on the classical music scene Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, in New York City donors managers press etc constantly manipulate Oscar sdentity as a black man and use Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Harlequin Presents Extra, it to further their own ends The book really highlighted the microaggressions people of color face on a daily basis bothnside and outside of the music world It shows how the odds are automatically stacked against POC trying to make careers for themselves Angels Do Have Wings in music andt did so without feeling tokenistic or preachy I am white as s the author so take my opinion with a heaping handful of salt I cannot speak to the uality of the racial repThe part of this story that struck a chord pun definitely ntended with me most was Ruby s journey of trying to find her dentity outside of music Not to get too personal but ever since I left school and took a job outside the music field I ve felt ntensely disconnected from this part of me that was pretty much my entire life for a decade Reading about a character dealing with these same struggles a character who still had such a deep love for music and who didn t lack talent but whose heart just wasn t Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy int any no matter how much she wanted Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware it to be meant to me than I can express It made Night Music an extremely cathartic read for me which I totally wasn t expecting We also get discussion of Ruby trying to forge her owndentity outside the looming shadows of her parents and her older siblings A romantic comedy that sweeps you up with breezy writing and canny social commentary set behind the scenes of the classical music world during one hot anything can happen New York City summerRuby has always been Ruby Chertok future classical pianist heir to the Chertok family legacy daughter of renowned composer Martin Chertok But after bungling her audition for the prestigious Amberley School of Music where her father Monster Trucks Hair in a Can is on faculty Rubys suddenly just Ruby And who s that again All she kn. Ll of whom are classical celebrities I mourned belonging to this I probably always would I loved Oscar and Ruby s romance so very much Seeing them navigate the challenges n their Danger on the Mountain individual lives together was a joy to read and their relationship felt very true to life They make mistakes they apologize they communicate all very refreshingn YA romance There s no shortage of witty banter between the two MCs who by the way are both SO FUNNY on their own too Plus I mean come on can you think of a better backdrop for a teenage love story than a summer studying music amongst the of New York CityOf course I also all the music talk Every time a piece was name dropped loved all the music talk Every time a piece was name dropped Ruby and Oscar got nto a discussion about Mozart whenever there was talk of pedagogy all of the little things that only people whose lives have revolved around music would catch t made my heart soar Night Music feels like such a love letter to the classical music world but also acknowledges that the things we love are not without flaws Reading this book gave me a sense of home and comfort that I hadn t realized I d been missing since music school ended Also the last paragraph of the acknowledgements made me cryOverall I felt an ntensely personal connection to this book but t s also just a cute YA contemporary with excellent social commentary I think so many readers will fall for I highly recommend picking this one up this spring all uotations are taken from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change n the final copy 3 12 stars Ruby learned the truth at 17 In a family of musical geniuses world renowned conductors composers Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns instrument players she s a talentless suib whose abilities are merely passable Without the future she s spent her whole life anticipating she s at a big lost very loose end But things look up a little when she reconnects with the former best friend she dumped to get serious about her music and when Oscar a verifiable musical geniusf ever there was one moves The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class into her family s basement apartment to spend the summer studying at the prestigious musical academy Ruby thought she d be attending Oscars surprisingly handsome and sexy and funny And surprisingly nterested n Ruby boring though she may be finding herself at the moment This was a very sweet YA romancefinding yourself story Ruby grew on me as the story progressed and Flesh Blood: Compendium it became clear what a void she s facing now that she understands that shesn t going to be playing the piano for a living and worse that the nice things people said to her about her playing over the years were just kindnesses never genuine praise I actually wish this had all been revealed n ts entirety a lot earlier n the book than t was because this part of the story s metered out pretty slowly and I spent the first uarter of the book thinking Ruby was suffering from general depression rather than grieving a specific loss Once I knew what was actually going on I understood her much better and found her far relatable I nearly chucked the book aside after the first 50 pages because her scatteredness wasn t very compelling I am glad I read to the end The subplot around Oscar s presence at the music academy and the story being spun around him as a talented black teenager was really well done and made great socialmedia commentary Although I almost wish that part of the book had been written from his POV the punches would have been harder The story of Ruby reconnecting with Jules the friend she ditched because she wasn t serious about anything Jules We were ten Ten year olds aren t supposed to be serious was actually my favorite relationship n this book The combination of awkwardness and warmth as they build a new friendship felt really true to life and had some of the best lines of dialogue n the book If Jenn Marie Thorne would like to write a book about Jules I will be glad to read t There s also some family drama and recognition of healthy versus unhealthy relationships so this book had well rounded depth The musical background s really well done too It fills out the story without reuiring the reader to be too much of a music person although I did feel a little under educated as Ruby and Oscar kept name checking classical musicians and pieces I ve never heard of despite growing up next door to the director of the local college s school of music and being exposed to all his knowledge right along with his own kids Definitely an enjoyable read Shame on me for thinking this book was going to be just a cute summer romance t was. Ows s that she wants out of the orbit of her relentlessly mpressive family and away from the world of classical music for good Yes Yes Oscar Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi's Life, Times, and Rise to Power is a wunderkind a musical genius Just ask any of the 18 million people who've watched him conduct his own compositions on YouTube or hey just ask Oscar But while he might be the type who'd name himself when asked about his favorite composer and somehow make you love him fort Oscar s not the type to jeopardize his chance to study under the great Mar. ,

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