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Hat does it mean Is there a problem in OZ WITH SOMEONE ELSE NOW AREN T THE AREN T THE with someone lse now Aren t the Scarecrow the Wizard now alive I want to know what happens Open ndings leave room for interpretation and I m pretty sure my mind is going haywire I need a Mombi reunion 375 stars32516 Why is there a fourth book I wanted three ughhhh Disappointed is an understatement to what I feel right nowI guess I was feeling optimistic when reading this book desperately trying to scrounge for something I njoyedHaving the finale of a series being the shortest book it s 270 pages what in the series automatically had red flags swishing in front of my face and although I kept those alerts in mind I wanted to see how it all The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents ends closure is the only thing I wanted from this series at this pointAnd how convenient thatverything wrapped up in a perfect little bow that I wanted to rip apart and set on fireIf I thought the seuels were rushed THIS had replaced any areas where development was key pretty much verywhere and replaced it with a cheesestorm which grew into a cheesy apocalyptic mess as the story went onThe romance became the main focus of this story and I didn t like the insta love from the first bookAnother romance it s kinda disgusting to be honest occurred VERY briefly between two other characters and I just kept thinking What was Paige going through when she thought this would be a good idea Long story short I despise the romanceFrom the climax to the last page of the book was to be the worst chunk of it I thought that with there being a new world and characters introduced I could njoy this as I won t be rereading vents that I already knew what would happenoh how wrong I wasThe new characters about as appealing as cardboard and the world watching paint dry is xciting was awful Apart from a few descriptions of the colours and the shape of buildings the world building Date Me ended there The characters both old and new were boring and bland and I feel relieved that I no longer have to read about these charactersver againThe Comfort And Joy ending had me rolling myyes so far back I thought I would go blind Nothing made sense the plot had holes asteroids could fit through and I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to bash my head against the wall verytime I saw the word somehow but somehow I knew what was happening is one of ENDLESS xamples you ll find in all the books Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health especially this one The End Of Oz had me rooting forveryone to be killed off and I can now finally rest my suffering is over and I doubt I ll ver pick this series up for a reread againGoodbye I can t believe this is itthe final book in Danielle Paige s dark deadly delectable and diabolically amazing Dorothy Must Die seriesNow that we know who the real Big Bad is the Nome King it s up to Amy Nox and Madison to travel to the land of Ev and figure out a way to defeat him before he manages to subjugate the land of Oz as well Of course he s got a secret ally on his side one who may not be such a good ally after allbut to reveal who that ally is would be a spoiler Let s just say though that if Emma Roberts were to play this character in the ventual movie or TV adaptation preferably not on Netflix too I wouldn t be surprised one bit And you know what Amy and friends have a pretty good if not perfect ally in Ev themselves You ll know who they are if you read the third volume ally in Ev themselves You ll know who they are if you read the third volume the Stories first so if you haven t yet go ahead and get that taken care ofIt s not a particularly big book but Paige jam packs it with tons of twists and feels to make it a than suitable finale Cause Of Fear even if she does kinda leave us hanging just a bit right at thend Oh how I wish this wasn t the ndI don t wanna say goodbye to my faves from this series nowBut I mustTo the Dorothy Must Die series ave atue vale and of course vas iranoshe. Of allies I have one final chance to fulfill my mission and save not only what’s left of Oz but Kansas too As the line between Good and Wicked blurs ven further I have to find a way to get rid of Dorothy once and for all without turning into a monster myself Dorothy once said there’s no place like home Can I stop her from destroying min. This was an The Game of Love excellent conclusion to this fun series This time we also get a point of view from Dorothy and she s somethinglse Loved the relationship between Knox and Amy in this one The author has xcellent world building skills and that part was well done This whole series was the perfect blend of light and dark Full review on my blog I loved all 4 books in this series and right now I am bursting with joy because of the nding of this one The Dorothy Must Die series is definitely one of the most ntertaining series I ve read This is one of those series where the story and plotline take precedence over the motional aspect of the books All 4 books followed the original storyline very well and didn t break off which I really liked The world building was absolutely fascinating I loved seeing how Danielle Paige twisted the original world into this darker version which was not all caused by DorothyIn this book the characters are transported to the kingdom of Ev which is under the rule of the Nome King who made a small appearance in the last book This book The End of Oz also has a few chapters in Dorothy s perspective which allowed us to dig deeper into the lives of the Munchkins trapped in Ev Nox and Amy are taken to the Kingdom of Ev via the Yellow Brick Road and they meet Princess Langwidere who also happens to be known for her penchant of beheading people and keeping the headsI actually went into this series with moderate xpectations because the average rating on Goodreads was at 35 and there a lot of mixed reviews But after reading them ach of the books get a 45 from me and I really njoyed them I loved the world I loved the magic and I am really glad I chose to read these books Are you KIDDING ME FIRST I THOUGHT THIS me First I thought this going to be a duology then I got my hands on the third book and was super xcited to finally get to the Eyes end of the series and now there s a fourth book This just feels like it s dragging on far too much Danielle Paige is really milking it with this one Mini Review Jeez What happened to this seriesIs it just me My reading tastes definitely shift over the course of a year but I thought this was utterly awfulThis book felt ludicrous in plot and it was a predictable mess of a finale We get a Dorothy perspective which was laughably bad It feels overwritten and like it s trying too hardPerhaps I m being harsh but I think this series really fell apart which sucks because it had one of the most promising first books that I ve read Full Review on my blogLet me first start with saying that the series is a roller coaster ofmotions perfectly twisted together to form a lovely book series The End of Oz was a beautiful nd to this series This time we also get a point of view from Dorothy and she s something lseI loved the dual perspectives in this book showing us a whole new side to Dorothy I Sinner's Heart especially appreciated the way we sawvents from both Amy and Dorothy s point of view and seeing them both figure things out and watch verything click into place was just so satisfying It amazed me how well Danielle managed to create such a distinction between Amy and Dorothy s voices while showing us just how similar they were at the same timeAmy Gumm Is Going To Be is going to be to my list of bad ass favorite female protagonists And she is also one of the few protagonists that didn t annoy me ONCE the ntire series Danielle Paige wrote such a beautiful and relatable character Her personality was consistent b i guess trilogies just don t xist any Full Review on The Candid Cover35 trilogies just don t xist any Full Review on The Candid Cover35 had been awaiting this final book in the Dorothy Must Die series for such a long time but this book A Vineyard Christmas ended up being a bit disappointing It keeps the same action as always but it seemed unnecessary Injoyed seeing some old characters redeem. Ding dong Dorothy is deadI watched as the Emerald Palace crumbled to the ground burying Dorothy the Girl Who Rode the Cyclone under the rubble And now that the rightful ruler Ozma has been restored to the throne Oz is finally freeMy name is Amy Gumm You might remember me as the other girl from Kansas When a tornado whisked me away to the magi. Themselves but the new setting isn t as impressive as the other books I found myself unsatisfied with the Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose ending and would have liked one magical journey to OzThis book is so action packed This final instalment of the Dorothy Must Die series is full of plot twists and character revelations Basically Dorothy is actually alive but in a different world called Ev where she is about to be married to anven worse nemy called the Nome King Amy and her friends travel to Ev to prevent the Nome King from stealing Dorothy s power and destroying Oz I njoyed being reunited with all the characters in the book but I feel like the plot fell a bit flat The first book in the series was absolutely incredible but this fourth one doesn t seem to compare I found the Nome King s character to be a little unnecessary and I feel like this series should have nded as a trilogyWhat I found Really Interesting About The End Of Oz Is The Fact interesting about The End of Oz is the fact a few of the characters that the reader is meant to dislike become likeable For xample Madison Amy s bully from Kansas joins her and they actually become friends I also sympathized a bit with Dorothy since she is being forced into a dangerous marriage All of the characters in this book are as sassy as Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) ever and theyach have such dynamic personalitiesOne thing that bothered me about this book in particular is the different setting The End of Oz does not take place in Oz but Ev which is drab and gloomy I didn t Math Basics 6 enjoy reading about this setting as much since I wasn t as familiar with it and I would have preferred to be transported to Oz one last time This land contains somelements such as scary machines called Diggers which I found to be intriguing but Ev just didn t seem as magical as the other booksThe End of Oz is the final action packed instalment in the Dorothy Must Die series Some old characters redeem themselves and the series gets a new setting The Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ending of this book wasn t as satisfying as I hadxpected and I personally think that this series would have been better as a trilogy 375 starsEh I The First Ghost expected The first two books in this series are terrific They re true gems The third book fell a little flat but it still kept up the pace and it had a decent plot But The End Of Oz was drawn out and unnecessary Because this series was destined to be a trilogy When I read Yellow Brick War I thinkverybody was under the impression that would be the final book And when it nded it could have been All Danielle Paige would have needed was to write whether Amy stayed in Oz or left But she added another book And added an unnecessary and uite frankly strange character The Nome King This series is after all Dorothy Must Die But it strayed Especially in this book It didn t take part in Oz instead in Ev the drab land The Nome King rules over The original characters I grew to love Gert GlindaGlamora Lulu Ozma Mombi I adore her they all didn t make an appearance in this book Unless you count Ozma who was in five pages TOTAL Dorothy also wasn t as vil in this book She seemed pretty likable Which is a surprise because she s been made out as a real bitch in the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential entirety of the series I thought she could have been crueler Amy and Nox have an ideal love that s super cute and I ship them with my life The last twenty pages had me sobbing but I m happynough with the resolution Langwadiere felt like a forced character in the story to add drama I didn t dislike her but I wasn t her biggest fan Danielle didn t give her nough personality So I never felt like I understood her And The

nome king was 
King was weird He s a tyrannical leader who I did not understand I d have to read a story from his perspective to ven begin to see him the proper way But I surely did not like him SPOILERS BEWARE Finally can we talk about that Humanism ending Cal land of Oz I was given a mission Dorothy must die But it turns out girls from Kansas are harder to kill than we lookNow the Road of Yellow Brick is leading me away from Oz to the dark world of Ev where I have a new powerfulnemy to deal with the Nome King And surprise he has a gingham clad brideWith my magical shoes and a shrinking group. The End of Oz