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The Hollywood DaughterReally 35 Stars Ingrid Bergman who could resist the mysterious woman she layed in the film Casablanca Jessica Jesse Molloy the young daughter of Miss Bergman s PR man at Selznick Studios in Hollywood is captured by her star Diari power While Ingrid is filming Bells of St Mary s at Jesse s all girls Catholic schoollus laying the ious role of a nun Jesse falls deeper under Bergman s spell She s like an angel Everything is magical in Jesse and her family s life until Ingrid leaves the US and falls madly in love with Italian director Roberto Rossellini while they are both married to other A Long the Krommerun: Selected Papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium people This causes disgrace and a huge scandal in 1950 s Hollywood and turns American fans against Ingrid Bergman Censorshiparticularly by the Catholic Church had great influence during that time frame Jesse s father eventually looses his job as Ingrid s star remains tarnished Jesse finishes her senior year of high school uestioning what s really important in her life and the tenets of the Church she was taught since early childhoodThis is great historical fiction and I do recommend it A strong 35 versus a 30 My only reason for a lower score the length and speed in the middle Overall great Hollywood historyThank you Netgalley and Doubleday Books Jessica Malloy idolized Ingrid Bergman Because her Dad is Ingrid s PR rep Jesse occassionally gets to spend a few moments with her idol Her Dad even arranged for some scenes from Bergman s The Bells of St Mary to be filmed at Jesse s catholic school Not long after Bergman s star is tarnished when she has a baby out of wedlock with Roberto Rosellini Jessica must come to grips with the image she has of Ingrid and the reality of the harsh cruel times they are living inI was not born when the Bergman scandal occurred so I knew nothing about the details It was interesting to not only read about this but also about how McCarthyism and the Lancelot power of the Catholic churchlayed a role in Bergman s being censored This Lofty and at times even needy in its wistfulness The Hollywood Daughter was uite frankly just okay it wants to be something than it isThis is a classic example where the author does a LOT of telling and very little showing The insights the main character has were not really insightful As she watched the world around her big and small Jessica Malloy simply raises uestions and muses on various Scorch political moral and ethical topics that went with or against her Catholic upbringing But Alcott never went deeper than surface and superficial contemplations and yet somehow Jesse arrives at a resolution or so I was told I fell in love with old Hollywood a Interesting story about Ingrid Bergman who I have always liked the HUAC investigations the Catholic Legion of Decency and theublicity machine of 1940s Hollywood However I uibble with some of the assumptions about how one navigates faith amongst these issues I figured this book would be a bit of fluff something to knock off and enjoy in between some very compelling long awaited novels But it was actually than that I greatly enjoyed it I found myself enraptured by the story interested in THE CHARACTERS THE DYNAMICS AND THE characters the dynamics and the backdrop Who knew I was entering not just Hollywood but the historical fiction version during the time of ingrid fiction version during the time of Ingrid s rise and fall from stardom And yes Ingrid is a character in the book and her story is enmeshed with Jessica s Jessica is a young girl growing up in a Catholic school caught between her Catholic mother and Hollywood Labour Markets, Identities, Controversies publicist fatherublicist to Ingrid Berman Hollywood is set against Communism and the Legion of Decency as one girl tries to figure out who she is why she believes and where her allegiances lie I thought it was well done and I enjoyed it And that my friends is some very good fluff 45 starsThe Hollywood Daughter is a highly entertaining tale about Hollywood in the 1940 s and 1950 s and the impact of both McCarthyism and the Catholic Church on Hollywood movies and stars from that era Jessica Malloy s childhood is framed by her father s job as a PR executive and his representation of Ingrid Bergman As Hollywood is feeling the ressure of McCarthyism and censorship sanctioned by religious organizations Ingrid Ingrid Bergman As Hollywood is feeling the ressure of McCarthyism and censorship sanctioned by religious organizations Ingrid grows weary of her This Deleuzian Century position as a moral role model and embarks on an affair with film director Roberto Rossellini Bergman is banished from Hollywood in 1950 and Jessica s father s career is unfairly ruined leading to his demise After she finishes high school Jessica soured on Los Angeles and Hollywood moves to New York and starts a job with Newsweek As the book opens in 1959 Jessica receives an anonymous invitation to the Academy Awards Surprised and curious Jessica returns to Los Angeles to attend the awards and finds herself wanting to understand exactly what happened years beforeBooks focusing on the earlier eras in Hollywood always appeal to me I love reading about the famous actors and actresses from the 1920 s through the 1950 s The Hollywood Daughter also resonates with me because the topic of censorship and condemning those different from ourselves is certainly becoming an issue again Remembering McCarthyism and the impact McCarthy s rampage had on so many innocent lives should serve as a very good reminder that it is incredibly important to think for ourselves and make our own decisions instead of blindly relying on someone to tell us what we should think Kate Alcott uses Jessica Malloy to effectively convey thisointI learned so much about Ingrid Bergman and the filming and release of Casablanca and Joan of Arc which was fantastic My one small From the New York Times bestselling author of The Dressmaker and A Touch of Stardust comes a Hollywood coming of age novel in which Ingrid Bergman's affair with Roberto Rossellini forces her biggest fan to reconsider everything she was raised to believeIn 1950 Ingrid Bergman already a major star after movies like Casablanca and Joan of Arc has a baby out of wedlock with her Italian lover film director Roberto Rossellini Previously held up as an. .
Hange would have been to speed up the original story a bit and spend time in the late 1950 s and early 1960 s timeframeI highly recommend this book Thanks to Doubleday Books for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review The Hollywood Daughter by Kate Alcott is a 2017 Doubleday ublication Alcott captures the glamour and awe of Hollywood amid the tensions and fears of McCarthyism and the scandal that sent shockwaves throughout the industry but is also an intimate look at family the cracks in the veneer the loyalty the secrets and the importance of learning Water in Social Imagination: From Technological Optimism to Contemporary Environmentalism priorities relinuishing false illusions and learning to forgive not only others but yourself This story may have gotten off to a slow start but by the half way mark I was completely immersed in the drama surrounding thearanoia of McCarthyism and Ingrid Bergman s shocking affair that made her a cast out for nine long years but eually compelled by Jessica s family dynamic and Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887 personal experiences at her Catholic school and her relationship with herarents especially with her mother Jessica s father is Ingrid s ublicist and Jessica is absolutely devoted to Ingrid Her reverence for Ingrid is so deeply rooted she remains devoutly loyal to her through the scandal and her exile which came at a very high ersonal cost to Jessica and her family The author did an incredible job of bringing Ingrid Bergman to life of creating the anxiety and toll the Hollywood witch hunt took on the industry how it hurt Le rendez-vous people and the fall out of Bergman s adulterous affair as seen through the eyes of young Jessica during her teenage years The story delves into Jessica sersonal life as she struggles through the angst of growing up dealing with her mother s Molotov Mouths: Explosive New Writing periods of depression and herarent s marital woes Her ersonal journey is tied in with Bergman s life in so many ways as it is with her father s career which causes her to make then regret ersonal and very controversial decisions that will follow her into adulthood haunting her to the All Our Trials: Prisons, Policing, and the Feminist Fight to End Violence point where she finally reaches an emotionalrecipice of adulthood I have always loved novels centered around the golden age of Hollywood because let s be honest that level of glamour writing and acting has never uite reached that Discovering Our Past California Edition: Medieval And Early Modern Times pinnacle in any era since then I was not familiar with the big Bergman scandal until while watching Casablanca with myarents they related the story of how she became a In This Land: The Purple Book, Volume Four pariah in the United States with her scandalous affair reaching all the way to the Senate floor where she was lambasted asowerful influence of evil But the story is much than a coming of age tale and touches on than a young girl s fantasy surrounding her favorite actress It was also about judgmental hypocrisy the drive to censor the arts the conflicts Jessica faces about her church and religion especially after the harsh and swift retribution assed in Hollywood on Bergman and her own family But I think it also speaks to the incredible and unrealistic ressure we The Houdini Solution: Put Creativity and Innovation to work by thinking inside the box place on celebrities bylacing them on a edestal to be worshiped insisting they live up to our idealized image of them when the truth is they are eople just like you and me When they fall make a blunder like an ill advised tweet for example we will crucify them today just as Bergman was judged and shamed back in 194950But in the end Jessica s struggle to understand her mother fighting her own ersonal inability to forgive herselfunable to move forward without relinuishing her idealist hero worship of Ingrid Bergman is at the heart of the story In the end Jessica will mature enough to see which realtionships are the most important will find understanding and move on into adulthood stronger and at ease with herself I enjoyed Jessica s journey her voice was real honest and heartfelt and realistic and really struck a chord with me I would like to say we ve moved forward upwards and onwards from those days but we still fall into those same traps and are ever in danger of seeing history repeat itself but one thing we will robably never experience again in the same way is the Golden Years of Hollywood This story was slow and it wasn t the kind of story that what I wanted to read I was hoping a t the kind of story that what I wanted to read I was hoping for a humorous story about old Hollywood but this wasn t it Also I didn t like the characters There was no depth or growth The Hollywood Daughter generously The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability provided by theublisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review3 But there was always Hollywood StarsKate Alcott takes us back in time to the 1940 s 1950 s in the heart of McCarthyism in America showing us the effects of that movement through the eyes of a young girl with a devout Catholic mother and a father who s a Hollywood PR agent to Ingrid Bergman Family secrets and illusions converging as a result what s happening in Hollywood with the illustrious and notorious Bergman shape the young girls beliefs through her formative years This is a historical coming of age type story set against the alluring backdrop of Hollywood woven generously with Catholic themes and understanding Throughout the story I found myself enad with the glamour of it all The way this author chose to tell a story based on these historical events through the eyes of a daughter trying to mature responsibly was fascinating Picking up little tidbits of fact in Alcott s words led me to some interesting google searches and learning Her way of showcasing irony made the story relevant to happenings in our current lives Her One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries promotion of free thinking and holding yourself high in your opinions was refreshing Alcott was magnanimous with. Icon ofurity Bergman's fall shocked her legions of American fansGrowing up in Hollywood Jessica Malloy watches as her PR executive father helps make Ingrid a star at Selznick Studio Over years of fleeting interactions with the actress Jesse comes to idolize Ingrid who she considered not only the epitome of elegance and integrity but also the icture erfect mother an area where her own difficult mom falls shortIn a heated era of McCarthyism an.

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Her thoughts and resenting both sides of the coin as this story unfolded However a downside to this was that I never felt wholly connected to the story as it became a bit tedious through the middle The author told me so much but never really showed me beyond the telling A lacking tether to the main character was a result I sympathize with Jessica Malloy as I think I m intended to but I wanted to feel connected to her The other characters Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark Tales from the Ballpark: More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told More of the Greatest True Baseball Stories Ever Told proved to have the same result While I found them interesting it was in a detached sort of way They all lent importance and substance to the story though The writing of Kate Alcott in the The Hollywood Daughter impressed Her structuring of sentences and dialogue and her use of carefully chose words to make understand was thoughtful and intelligent I enjoyed what I learned from this book and found it interesting on a educational level rather than an emotional one This story is for readers of Women s Historical or General Fiction 35 starsIt s the 1940s World War II is raging and young Jessica Molloy Jesse is growing up in Hollywood where her father Gabriel is aublicist for Selznick International Studios One of Gabriel s clients is the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman who becomes a household name after she stars in the Oscar winning film Casablanca Bergman becomes a superstar and Gabriel s career climbs Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in CasablancaAt the same time Jesse herself becomes enchanted with Bergman The actress s daughter Pia goes to Jesse s Isocrates I (The Oratory of Classical Greece, vol. 4) private elementary school and uses the same transportation and Jesse is captivated by Ingrid s grace and beauty as she sends Pia off to school every morningIngrid Bergman and her daughter PiaJesse s mother Vanessa a devout Catholic fears glitzy Hollywood will adversely influence her daughter Thus Vanessa insists that Jesse be transferred to St Ann s Catholic School for girls which goes fromrimary school through high school Before Jesse switches schools however Gabriel arranges for a few supportive words from Ingrid Bergman which Jesse deeply treasures Afterwards young Jesse has several brief encounters with Bergman all of which are encouraging and upliftingAt St Ann s Jesse meets fellow student Kathleen a mildly rebellious free spirit and the two girls become best friends forever When they re not in class Jesse and Kathleen swim Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics play tennis and secretly devour movie magazines forbidden by the school The girls obsessively follow Hollywood news and gossip and keep up with Bergman sersonal life career and movies which they re generally not allowed to see Movie magazine from the 1940sIn fact movies are controversial throughout the country This is the era of the Catholic Legion of Decency an organization determined to wipe out objectionable material in films If a movie contains sexual content including long kisses or excessive violence the League bans the film and Catholics are forbidden to see it This uts a damper on the movie industry since a denunciation strongly affects box office revenues The studio makes sure Bergman s films ass muster with the League and the box office revenues The studio makes sure Bergman s films Versailles pass muster with the League and the s star continues to rise She makes a string of successful films including For Whom the Bell Tolls Gaslight The Bells of St Mary s and Joan of Arc As it happens The Bells of St Mary s about a nun who runs a convent school is filmed at St Ann s and Jesse is thrilled to see Bergman on theremises Between scenes Jesse hears Ingrid recite a monologue from Shakespeare and this becomes important years later on graduation dayBergman s roles as a nun in The Bells of St Mary s and then a saint in Joan of Arc endear her to the Catholic Church and its devoteesWhen the war ends repression by the Catholic League is joined by the oppression of McCarthyism Senator Joseph McCarthy thinks American institutions have been infiltrated by Communists and makes it his mission to root them out Hollywood which is supposedly filled with reds is hit hardand myriad eople lose their livelihoods over the next few yearsIngrid Bergman now does something unthinkable She leaves her husband Dr Petter Lindstrom runs off to Italy with director Roberto Rossellini and gets regnant with his child AMERICA GOES CRAZY Ingrid Bergman and Roberto RosseliniBergman is denounced by the Catholic Church condemned by the Senate decried by newspapers and severely criticized by The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon people across the country In fact the actress is forbidden to return to the United States where her daughter Pia still lives with LindstromJesse who s a teenager by now is stunned and mystified by the furor and confused by the suppression and hypocrisy she sees around her Subseuent events strongly affect Jesse her family and her future The book is narrated as a long flashback by twentysomething Jesse Adult Jesse lives in New York is a copy editor for Newsweek and sends stories to national magazines hoping to beublished Jesse receives a surprise invitation to attend the 1959 Academy Awards and while she s debating whether to go recalls her life in Los AngelesIn modern times it s hard to fathom the tyranny of the McCarthyCatholic League years This book Rack Ruin paints a vividicture of those days and their effect on a coming of age Catholic girl who s fearful of sinning but doesn t always agree with her ChurchActually as I was reading the book I couldn t help thinking about the horrific child abuse scandals laguing the very
Church That Made Itself The 
that made itself the of morality in ast yearsThis is a well written engaging story recommended to fans of literary fiction and coming of age novelsYou can follow my reviews at. D extreme censorship Ingrid's affair sets off an international scandal that robs seventeen year old Jesse of her childhood hero When the stress laced on Jesse's father begins to reveal hidden truths about the Malloy family Jesse's eyes are opened to the complex realities of life and loveBeautifully written and deeply moving The Hollywood Daughter is an intimate novel of self discovery that evokes a Hollywood sparkling with glamour and vivid dra. ,