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As cute I love how Hero Includes The Children hero includes the children this sort of when when he their mom to marry him I also liked the waltz lesson and bachelor auction off scenes All in all it was a pretty good read one I enjoyed True confession I m enamoured with this small Kentucky townand all the critters at the animal rescueand the whole McKinley clanand Josh McKinley in particular Oh My Word Josh My heart s all aflutter over that country boy as Heather likes to call him He s a sweetheart Warm and funny and kind He notices what needs doing and gets right to it It takes Heather some time to warm up to him because he just seems too good to be true andwellshe s not in the seems too good to be true andwellshe s not in the for romance and Josh is a little too tempting Okay a whole lot too tempting so she really needs to keep her guard up Which proves impossible when Josh turns one of his farm boy grins her way Be Still My Heart A scrumptiously sweet romance guaranteed to curl toes and raise heart rates You ve been forewarne. Fall in love again and most assuredly not with another city woman But he can't resist the two adorable Fitzgerald females Now if Josh can only convince Heather to put down roots and make a home with hi. .

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Miniseries Oaks Crossing Falling For The Single Mom a Oaks Crossing Series By Mia Ross Veterinarian Mia Ross Veterinarian Fitzgerald moves to Oaks Crossing with her niece whose parents died in an accident She meets the Kinley family They welcome them into their family Josh Kinley and Heather have feeling for each over If you like stories about Vets and animals you will love this story Very good Sometime her timelines seem to not flow correctly I loved Falling for the Single mom i love the oaks crossing series and I love the Oaks Crossing series and sad that this is the last book in the series Although it is a series each book can stand alone The conflict between Heather and Josh was predictable but the author Mia Ross did a great ob having the characters resolve the conflict in ways that fit their personalities I fell in love with the Kinley family during this series Great stories involving couples animals and sometimes kids When I first seen this book I didn t know that it belong to a series Oaks Crossing which. Her Country BoyBig city veterinarian Heather Fitzgerald didn't plan on having kidsuntil her niece is orphaned one tragic night Soon she's trading in her ambitious life for a small town animal rescue He. I read the heroes brother Drew s story fancy that I will say I didn t remember much about Josh in the other book could be due to I don t remember his page time being very big or ust due to I don t remember his page time being very big or ust brain fart on my part Anywho I really enjoyed him in this book He was so charming ust a good ol southern boy raised right with a golden tongue He believes in being polite and treating
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lady right which does clear from the beginning with Heather Down south everyone helps a person out and Josh seems to be there whenever Heather needs help which she always wants to repay him back and being a southern gentleman he tells her he ll take one of her smiles instead Oh he was such a flirt but in a good harmless way it was ust how he is a natural charmer I loved his interactions with Heather and her niece Bailey At the end when Josh proposes by giving Bailey a ring that looks Personlighetspsykiatri just like Heather s only a smaller version to fit her first year old finger and asks both to marry Iust thought that Ather didn't expect to fall for tiny Oaks Crossingor its Most Charming Bachelor Farmer charming bachelor farmer when Josh Kinley saves her niece from a near tragic accident he becomes than her hero Josh never thought he'd. Falling for the Single Mom