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A Caribbean Mystery

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Ry as not that shocking Skip those retro bits and you have a delightful mystery in a beautiful setting although one can t help wish just a little bit says Miss Marple for some actual English weather not me though I can totally not wish for English weatherDear Raymond has sent Miss Marble on an island vacation to rest her rheumatism and test her skills Not long after Major is telling her a story about a murderer he himself it found dead Mon dieu Wait wrong character But Miss Marple is genteel to *genteel to exclamatory phrases It s a gentle kind narrative at first where Miss Marple looks back on life human nature the challenges of aging and picks apart the relationships of the other guests at the resort Surprising to me were the short bits that included a third person perspective of another couple of characters It was obvious Christie was sing it to build suspense and as a red herring but I was a bit surprised to note such a cheap trick Ah wellIt really was a fun little story with some interesting twists and a multiple body count to keep the reader in a state of fear The resort proved to be a typical Christie setting of the isolated manor houseguests leading to a limited pool of suspects This one I remembered reading before so I can t say whether it surprised But I enjoyed it and polished it off نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول uickly A Caribbean Mystery Miss Marple 10 original publication year 1964Characters Miss Jane Marple Mr RafielAbstract Miss Jane Marple at the insistence of her nephew relaxes at a resort in the Caribbean The sea is sublime and the weather is fine in thisiet paradise so far away from Die Plotter uiet St Mary Meadntil the apparently natural death of fellow guest Major Palgrave Miss Marple is disturbed because the previous evening he was in good health and almost showed her a snapshot of a murderer Convinced that the major s death was not at all natural she begins to ask difficult The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl uestions and another victim dies 1997 This mystery sees Miss Marple relocated from hersual setting of villages and vicarages and deposited on a Caribbean holiday by nephew Raymond The preceding winter had seen Miss Marple suffering from pneumonia and with sunshine advised to aid her recovery she is treated to a stay at the Golden Palm Hotel in St Honore Trinidad The hotel has been taking over by a young couple Molly and Tim Kendal who are keen to keep returning guests happy and make a go of it Among the guests are the wealthy Mr Rafiel attended by assistant Esther Waters and valetmasseur Arthur Jackson Canon Prescott and his sister Dr Graham Major Palgrave and two married couples Colonel Edward Hillingdon and wife Evelyn and Greg and Lucky Dyson Major Palgrave is the type of elderly man who loves to tell stories about his past and Miss Marple is listening to him one day when he tells her about a murderer and shortly afterwards he is found deadTruth be told Miss Marple has been finding her Caribbean holiday slightly monotonous even without Major Palgrave s interminable tales When there are odd happenings on the island Miss Marple teams When there are odd happenings on the island Miss Marple teams with Mr Rafiel to investigate This is an enjoyable mystery although it is not one of Christie s best plots and Miss Marple suffers from a lack of her sual sounding boards and cast of village characters If you enjoy this Mr Rafiel is mentioned in a further mystery Nemesis A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie is the nineth installment of A Miss Marple Mystery set in StHonore West Indies Miss Marple s Vacation Diary Featuring Miss Jane Marple A resident of St Mary Mead Raymond West Miss Marple s Nephew is a well known author An Innocent Heart Attack What do you do when you are on a fully paid vacation at the Caribbeans especially if you are. Ne Marple Agatha Christie's most appealing sleuth retu. She had one weapon and one weapon only and that was conversation It fell rather flat in comparison to other Christie s works but 1 you can t really blame Miss Marple for not being Hercule Poirot and 2 you can t really blame anyone for not being Hercule Poirot They try they do but it s not their fault if they fail The same goes for the characterssuspects I don t know it s as "If Miss Marple Makes Everything "Miss Marple makes everything and Poirot everything shinier I can t help feeling this difference and it s not my fault either But Mr Rafiel was everything A couple of decades younger and I d have wanted him to propose to Miss Marple Scratch that I wanted him to propose and that s it Their banter was cute and fun and definitely nexpected If you knew what you looked like that night with that fluffy pink wool all round your head standing there and saying you were Nemesis I ll never forget it Agatha Christie s sleuthMiss Marple suffers from rheumatism and her nephew arranges a trip to the Caribbean islands for herAs Miss Marple basks in the Caribbean sunshineshe feels mildly discontended that nothing ever happens in paradiseBut soonher complaint is rectifiedAn old major wants to show her the photograph of a murdererand soonhe is himself deadLaterthere is another murderIf that were not enoughMiss Marplethat loveable old henfinds herself in dangerChristie s humourwhich makes an appearance every now and thenis an added bonusVery entertaining DRAMATISATION LISTENED TO IN 2020Firstly let s say it s a shame that an added bonusVery entertaining DRAMATISATION LISTENED TO IN 2020Firstly let s say it s a shame that does not have a separate entry as it is not the audiobook of the novel it is an abridged dramatisation starring June Whitfield as Miss Marple Whilst I cannot imagine her as Miss Marple in a TV version she is too well I don t know but she s too something That said her voice is excellent and so are these BBC dramatisationsWell adapted but obviously ite abridged this is an enjoyable listen especially when decorating ha haMARPLE GROUP READ IN 2017Another excellent Miss Marple book and although I have seen the Joan Hickson TV adaptation I cannot remember ever having read the book I really enjoyed it and liked the introduction of Mr Rafiel who I know we will see laterI m really enjoying this whole challenge and we still have a good few to go One s time period can be such a bother don t you think Or in some cases very inspiring I for instance never thought I d see the time when a Cheeto could become president I mean president of the Frito Lay Corporation sure But an elected position A victory for processed foods Out with the vegetable gardens in with the snack machines Wait not that kind of orange finger food Oh Oh well nevermind Back to what I was saying about inspiration I mean hey I m in my forties I actually had a grandmother who referred to black Americans as coloreds Think about the sea of societal change iin this time period from the court case pholding desegregating schools in 1954 way to go independent Justice Branch to an actual African American President of the US in 2008 That s pretty amazing Sometimes I think I m in the right epoch and other times I don t I mean processed snack foods grossTake Agatha Christie s A Caribbean Mystery for instance If only we could have left a bunch of her era s prejudices and populist ideas out of the book it d be much tolerable Did we need to have the social commentary on the marriage and procreative habits of the islanders Not necessary to the plot in the least and yet it gets mentioned a number of times at least four or five I should think Along with the weird psychoanalysis of women in general Thank goodness we re modern enough at this point to have a discussion about sex versus love as well as treat adulte. There is no rest or relaxation for Miss Marple Miss Ja. Escaping the long dreary cold England weather Swim a #BIT THE SUN MEET THE LOCALE NAH IF #enjoy the sun meet the locale Nah if are Miss Marple you Miss Marple don tcha She is the elderly sleuth the local busybody of St Meads England who is set on a Caribbean vacation She is surrounded by interesting group of people consisting of old tycoons bird watchers secreataries and even masseurs But all could not be that swell can they It so seemed Havens Promise (Divine Designs, until old Major Palgrove dies out of an innocent heart attack Conversations are always dangerous if you have something to hide The Reader s Reaction Miss Marple away on holiday in the Caribbean along with many other vacation goers arranged for her by her nephew Raymond West after her doctor had prescribed sunshine At the beginning Raymond mistakenly thinks his Aunt Jane has head buried in the sand living in an idyllic rural life when it is real life that matters The truth must beite plain if one could just clear away the lifter The Palm Hotel in the West Indies is home This is of course a fictional hotel and island The hotel is of ornate there s dancing ager dinner and a gorgeous dining room The guest in the hotel are ite mix However paradise was not as it seemed Things turn ghastly when the body counts keep increasing and every one of the guests had something to hide from other The Caribbean takes on a dark tone and the clouds are gathering Lie is worth living full of interest when you are likely to lose it It shouldn t be perhaps but it is when you re young and strong and healthy and life stretches ahead of you living isn t really important at all It s young people who commit suicide easily out of despair from love sometimes from sheer anxiety and worry But old people know how valuable life is and how interesting There is a relatively large cast of supporting characters enough of them to give the desired variety to the story and create multiple type of dynamics between characters But there is a repartee of Miss Marple with one of the characters here Mr Rafiel an old business tycoon who is simply rude and too blunt for anyone ite a contrast Our Miss Marple who is genteel and soft spoken Miss Marple plays an major role in this investigation Set in 1964 reflects how much things have changed in Britain since the second World War Not only people are travelling again and young Brits investing overseas There is also some reflection on British past as a leader of an Empire 35 starsThe magical Miss Marple does it againOnly this time she does it on a tropical vacation Unlike Approaching the Guitar uite a few of the Marple mysteries this one features everyone s favorite little old Jane Marple is very grateful to her loving nephew Raymond West a popular novelist and rich man who paid for his aunt s vacation she recently recovered from an illness The tropics on an island in the Caribbean Sea doesn t sound like a place Miss Marple would feel comfortable in she is from rainy cold with just a little bit of snow theiet St Mary Mead England An out of the way village where nothing ever of the way village where nothing ever that is what everyone believes Warm weather a beautiful golden beach blue skies Since I was a kid reading Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys I have read mysteries in between other books as a palette cleanser Rather than go into a reading slump I read a fast paced crime or detective story to clear my head There is no detective writer I enjoy than the een of Crime herself Dame Agatha Christie I joined the Goodreads group reading the detectives when I found out that they would be reading one Miss Marple case a month for a year Although I had been a fan of Hercule Poirot first I jumped at the opportunity to read books by Christie A Caribbean Mystery Miss Marple s tenth cas. Rns in this classic baffler of a vacation turned deadl.