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Netherspace Netherspace #1Mostly ok Some cool ideas The author could ave used them better though Maybe closer to 35 stars but I ll round up I did like this book and will most likely continue on in the series but some of it was a bit off for me Not so much the world it builds which is interesting and world it builds which is interesting and exploring but just *the way it s toldThe book overall gave me the impression that it was about building this world and *way it s toldThe book overall gave me the impression that it was about building this world and up mysteries to solve than aving a clear plot with a good resolution It just didn t seem to come together for me and not much is really explained by the end of it The premise is that there are aliens that we Chosen for Greatness have no way of communicating with so it s understandable that we would be left with a lot of uestions but it s still frustrating There were also certain dialogue and ideas being repeated too often in the exact same way There are only so many times I can read aboutow impossible aliens are to understand or the same metaphor to describe precognition before I want to shout I get it Let s move on That being said I do really like elements that make this world I like the AI s and their possibilities I like the characterization and mystery of netherspace and its draw for the people who spend time there Something I appreciate is that bisexuality is so easily accepted and doesn t seem to be uestioned in this universe but that also makes one scene where the main character s bisexuality is brought up during recruitment seem rather odd There were a couple other such moments where things Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 happen or are mentioned that don t seem necessary I moping their relevance will be explained in later books Or perhaps I m overthinking it and things like SPOILER ALERT random netherspace induced sex is just the authors wanting to Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, have fun and deciding toeck with it I can include bad tropes if I want to The main reason I m not giving this a The First Mistake higher rating is that I was left wanting but not necessarily in a good way The book felt like a setup than a whole story in and of itself I guess that s okay because it s the beginning of a series but I dave preferred not being left with so many unanswered uestionsEnd note Some of my unanswered uestionsWhy is cardamom so importantWhy does netherspace make people want to Shell Beak Tusk have sexIs it a breeding thingIs it like Doctor Who where a baby made in such conditions will be specialI m assuming notBut why was it important enough to include their preferences in the simulityWas it part of the staff s negotiationsIf so was the staff important than I d thoughtOr is Greenaway just kind of a weirdo What if we experienced first contact with aliens and try as we might we couldn t communicate with them What if wead visits from 3 different types of aliens and couldn t communicate with any of them but we could trade with them random items for alien tec sometimes the trades can go wrong in one instance this resulted in the Arc de Triomphe The Adventurers hovering 3 meters above the ground permanentlyWhat if 40 years later we re still trying to communicate with them and still trying to figure out where we fit in the universal food chainThis is the premise of Netherspace Yes our technologyas advanced yes we are able to travel light years through space in a matter of days in craft built of shipping containers and covered in Alien foam but we rely on Alien technology that is paid for in Mommy on Board Unspoken Confessions Bride Overboard the Suire's Daughter humans No one knows whatappens to those Commodity Conversations humans If that tec slideslip generators breaks down the Gilese one of the 3 species that visit Earth they look like bundles of wet leather rags mysteriously know and show up to fix it the call out fee is 1umanA group of travellers aiming to create a colony on an alien planet is Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay hi jacked in space they are apparentlyeld for ransomEarth or GalDivthe body that monitors all alien trade sends an team to try and negotiate for the Charmed Particles hostages This team is made up of Kara an official assassin whose sister was a call out fee for replacing a sideslip generator which allows craft to travel through netherspace Marc an artist whose work the aliens were int. Aliens came to Earth forty years ago Their anatomy proved unfathomable and all attempts at communication failed But through tradeumanity gained technology that allowed them to colonise the stars The price live Running with the Kenyans humans for every alien faster than light driveKara's sister was one ofundred.

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Erested in and whose family went off planet while e was in prison Finally there is Tse a pre cog e can see the possible outcomes of the future but not necessarily prison Finally there is Tse a pre cog Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep he can see the possible outcomes of the future but not necessarily you reach themIt s a really interesting set up but it disappoints because this book just plods along It s no surprise when the mission manager goes batshit crazy and breaks the sideslip generator on rescue teams craft It s no surprise thate becomes the call out fee when it s found that the intended call out fee as been murdered by someone on board It s rather irritating when the replacement sideslip generator breaks down again on the way back to earthIt s not even surprising when you find out that there are ALOT of different species of alien there s even some kind of master race and we seem to be some kind of curiosity to the rest of the universe because we are creativeIt was all just *A Bit Underwhelming But A Part Of Me Is Interested *bit underwhelming But a part of me is interested know what appens next I came across the publicity for this book at a science fiction convention Shortly thereafter I came across both authors in the The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow hotel bar Guys I promised you anonest review and to be fair it s the only kind I doI must confess myself a Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart hopeless Trek saddo but even I get f Intriguing idea 40 years after first contact aliens regularly visit Earth but they are so alien that nobody can figure out anything about them They giveumans technology which they become dependent on but which can t be reverse engineered It is time to find out I liked the book a lot and will probably read the seuels The writing was not brilliant and the characters were a little Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle heavyanded Just my opinion It is definitely worth reading The setting and premise of this book are its only redeeming factors with original ideas and world building that made me look past the parts I disliked and there were many The concept of aliens being impossible for Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms humans to communicate with was a refreshing contrast to the anthropomorphic aliens of pop culture It was fun toear descriptions of these
"Completely Original Creatures And How "
original creatures and The Power of the Internet in China how attempt to relate toumans I also liked the ideas regarding space travel posited in the novelHowever the world building itself cannot stand on its own and ultimately the book is a failure because of the way it treats the characters and their relationships I sensed no character depth while reading and did not imagine them as real people As such there was no suspense because there was no emotional cost to me if one of them died I also did not feel the connection between characters the way the book wanted me to The authors opt to tell rather than show Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, 19th (University Casebook Series) how the characters feel and thus I did not feel invested in any of the relationships because I did not see evidence of them being real Related to the flat characterization is theeavy emphasis placed on irrelevant sex that ultimately does nothing to move the plot forward With no emotional connection to the characters these parts of the novel felt gratuitous and discordant with the rest of the story I was also yperaware of the male gaze within the writing based on the way the female characters especially Kara are portrayedFinally the plot while taking place within an interesting world is ultimately too slow paced with not enough tension or stakes to make the reader invested The victories are too easily won and the ending as no instance of realization or aha moments In fact ardly any of the uestions introduced in the book are answered making much of the plot feel throwaway and pointlessAltogether I enjoyed reading this novel for the new ideas but feel sad they ad to be wasted on such flat writing An altogether different plot and better characterization within the same world could be the SF dreams are made ofA final note I could be wrong but shouldn t Tse The New World Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary (El New World Diccionario espaol/ingls, ingls/espaol) (Spanish and English Edition) have been referred to with gender neutral pronouns such as theythem since Tse s gender is by choice not specified at introduction The use of male pronouns seemed to come out of nowhere And using male pronouns to be gender neutral is som. S exchanged for this technology and Karaas little love for aliens So when she is drafted by GalDiv the organisation that oversees alien trades it is under duress A group of colonists ave been kidnapped by aliens and taken to an uncharted planet and an unusual team is to be sent to negot. Ething I would expect from SF out of the 1960s certainly not a book published in 2017 An engrossing setup and fascinating mystery start this umans living in an alien universe story but sadly it doesn t uite follow through on its brilliant beginningHumans Takdir: Gundala The Official Movie Adaptation have met the aliens first the Gliese and later the Eridani and Cancri All of them are alien so completely alien that meaningful communication seems impossible let alone figuring out their desires or motivations Despite that a very simple tradeas developed with IELTS General Training Academic Study Guide human artifacts andumans themselves being traded for important and incomprehensible technologyLong after Get IELTS Band 9.0 in Academic Writing Task 1 Data, Charts Graphs humansave come to completely depend on trade with the aliens as the whole base of their economy a team is put together to investigate the *DISAPPEARANCE OF A SMALL GROUP OF *of a small group of fanatics that one of the alien species appears to be Public Relations holding as some form ofostage But So What Are You Going to Do with That?: Finding Careers Outside Academia, Third Edition how will the team do anything when they can t communicate at even a basic level with the kidnappersThe premise of this is great Truly alien aliens Cleverly explained alien technology and a fascinating and well thought out Earth withumans playing the part of the dumb cousins and what that does to people Unfortunately once the action moves off Earth and we get to Netherspace and travel within it the whole plot derails into a dull and mostly pointless journey to where the religious group is being kept Yes there are some answers to the setup uestions in the book No they re not very satisfying with a lot uestions opened up 25 becuase 2 stars is unfair but I can t bring myself to put it at a 3 for ow LONG it took me to be invested in it enough to finish Frustratingly the idea was very good original in a genre alien visitors that s been done to the death but the novel couldn s been done to the death but the novel couldn decide what it wanted to be Miserable dystopian Futuristic adventure Aliens but with realism A less psychologically deep version of Arrival The final execution was messy with fairly dull characters that I know I ve met before in a thousand other SFFantasy paperbacksThe future tech bogged down a lot of the narrative instead of ighlighting its realistic futurism Strangely enough their attempt at making AI realistic ended up becoming the most fantastical and confusing aspect of the whole novelI also took a lot of issues with Kara Hang Loose Without Booze her sister and for that matter all theumans taken forcibly to be traded to aliens for tech played very very little of a role in Challenges and Findings in Measuring the Behavioral Determinants of Obesity in Children in Europe her personality and the plot as a whole Kara joins a list of strong femaleeroines obviously written by men who looks at touches and thinks of Rahasia Makrifat Nabi Khidir a.s. herself in such gratuitous ways for the reader thater bisexuality comes across as objectifyingfetishizing than bringing a much needed diverse presence in science fiction An enjoyable space romp based around the fresh premise of a galaxy full of alien species none of whom we Tail of the Dragon Collector's Edition: Complete Series, Books 1-10 have the faintest clueow to communicate with The broader world in which this story is set occasionally seems interesting than the main plot and the ending somewhat fizzles But nevertheless this is a solid opening instalment and there s certainly of this tale worth telling It is some time in the future Earth is at an uneasy peace the old warring states devolved into statelets but at a price and the price is stagnation Not least because first contact CUISINE BORDELAISE, LES GRANDS CLASSIQUES CHAHUTES has been made with not just one alien race but several all enigmatic piling out of Netherspaceyperspace if you like And as Wittgenstein once said if a lion could speak we wouldn t understand it same La photographie au reflex numrique pour les Nuls, grand format, 6e dition here The aliens take things from us and give unimaginable tech in return Sometimes it s useful allowing access to Netherspace and anti grav sometimes its use is as enigmatic as the aliens themselves Maybe they re benefactors Maybe not Much ofumankind spends much of time in the Out Sometimes Paha Mulus dan Indah humans are taken in exchange and who knows whatappens to them So when a distant colony world is attacked a small team of specialists is assembled to go in and deal with the situation I enjoyed this no. Iate As an ex army sniper Kara's role is clear But artist Marc as no combat experience although the team's pre cog Tse is adamant that e as a part to play All three know that success is unlikely For ow will they negotiate with aliens when communication between the species is impossible.

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