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Me love reading memoirs Her metaphors are fantastic I have never cried so many times while reading one book I really wish it was longer I would have loved to read Keep writing EstherIt bums me out that this book appears to be a *Christian book because I think that a wider audience would really enjoy it and would likely have no problem with *book because I think that a wider audience would really enjoy it and would likely have no problem with in this book relating to her personal experiences with religion and ChristianityI gave it 4 stars because there was only a little room for improvement There were a few sections where I found myself disoriented not knowing who or what Esther was referring to for several sentences or paragraphs but this was rare I loved this book I started it a few hours before we lost internet cable and phone service due to a broken modem After the initial panic of not being able to search the web call a friend or watch tv I sat down to lose myself in this book Giving p the internet is something I think of often I am acutely aware of how much time I lose surfing the web for hours not to mention the cost of internet and cell phone service It is inspiring to find someone who was as addicted as I who was able to turn off and tune in to a deeper relationship with family and God Well done I guess you can find some good advises in this book but in overall it s boring It took me a long time to finish a short book because I had no desire to go back to it Maybe it s better if you are a religious person Emery really did go completely off line for a year and this book is her story I got very attached to her and I ve been missing her since I finished the book It has stayed with me and is making me rethink my own computerphone dependence There are so many nuances to our technology dependence I hadn t thought of like Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding + ICD-10-CM/PCs Coding using a debit cardWhat I enjoyed most about the book was being inside Esther s head as she ended her career and embarkedpon detaching from the Internet It s fascinating to think about how much brain space and time is spent churning through the multi tasking world we live in and how much we could be filling it with perhaps worthier endeavors I loved following Esther s personal and spiritual growth This book spoke right to my soul Esther Emery is honest She is honest with s and honest with herself She writes beautifully She made me think February is traditionally a great reading month for me This book is already in the running for best of the year I feel lighter and grateful after reading this book It was lovely coming back to this book every night before I went to bed This is a Perfect Right Before Bed right before bed 5 stars I tell him that I think my performance anxiety is lifting because I have stopped tracking my life in a way that is intended to be public I think I suddenly feel relaxed because I just stopped trying to live every moment of my life worth to satisfy an audience This book was a wonderful memoir of a year without any electronic communicationthe Internet It s inspired my own logging off of FBInsta for a couple months I m not much for Christian memoir but Emery s Year Without the Internet was right p my alley Emery is an engaging and transparent writer and her journey from internet addiction into silence and peace was fascinating. Ged pilgrimage brings her to a place where she finally finds the peace and the God who created it she has been searching for all along     What Falls from the Sky offers a path for you to do the same For all the ways the Internet makes you feel enriched and depleted genuinely connected and wildly insufficient What Falls from the Sky reveals a new way to look p from your screens and live with palms wide open in a world brimming with the good gifts of God. Moments where it can feel pretty naval gazing and tip from the sacred ordinary to the blandly average Alongside the holistic everything belongsdeserves to be included approach the themes of the book can feel somewhat disjointed It s about giving p the internet and exploring the subversive radical implications of that But it s also about rediscovering silence and both finding and following God deeper there this was what drew me to purchase the book and I do wish there d been a bit explicit focus and articulation there But it s also about the loneliness of life in the digital era or parenting of marriage on the rocks of recovery and maybe the connections we make when we nplug And then it s about family the legacies we re left with the ways we heal from our histories and recapitulate our fates Sort of like real life it s about so much and not always in clear or clean ways which is bonus points for authenticity but can leave the reader feeling a bit nderwhelmed I guess However that s not how I felt when I turned the final page instead I felt content and satisfied and thankful to Esther for letting me in for the year DNF seem to be doing a lot of that lately Not what I was expecting at least within the pages I read Was hoping for a stronger emphasis on the author s disconnection from the internet but it was primarily focused around random details of her life in general within her year offline I also found the writer yblog yrun on style type writing somewhat annoying seemed kind of contrivedA sentence that stood out to me after skipping ahead to the last few pages was this I didn t know how much hunger I was keeping numbed by speed and noise p 233 If of the rest of the book was based around this type of internet distancing discussion the likeliness of having read it in it s entirety would have increased I was wary of this book being that it was published by a Christian imprint and marketed as a Christian book And with God in the title I thought there was good chance it would be heavy on the religion And that s really not my bag But I ve been following Esther Emery and her family on YouTube as they lived in their yurt and built their house and I knew that her religious life really never crept into those videos I ve watched some of her videos on her personal channel and read some posts on her website so I knew that Christianity was important to her For whatever reasons I d suspected that her husband was supportive but maybe wasn t all that interested that her husband was supportive but maybe wasn t all that *interested was always a little nclear and maybe still is Anyway my point is that I trusted Esther I trusted that *was always a little nclear and maybe still is Anyway my point is that I trusted Esther I trusted that though this book was marketed Christian that she wasn t going to get preachy I trusted that she knew how to talk to people that either aren t that interested in religion or are or less Leaders Eat Last uite against it I trusted that she was going to simply tell her story and she really is a great storyteller I was very impressed with this book though not surprised since I ve come to know what an open person Esther can be She did an excellent job of sharing a part of her story She really bares some intimate stuff I m not talking scandalous I m talking deeply personal feelings thoughts internal struggles These are the things that make. Out Internet 365 days away from the good the bad and thegly of our digital lives in one woman’s desperate attempt at a reset Esther faces her addiction to electronica her illusion of self importance and her longing to return to simpler days but then the La muralla verde unexpected happens Her experiment in analog is hijacked by a spiritual awakening and Esther finds herself suddenly inexplicably drawn to the faith she had rejected for so longUltimately Esther’snplug. ,
Giving p social media for a month or a short season is one thing All internet and internet related conveniences for a one thing All internet and internet related conveniences for a That s an entirely different sort of fast This is exactly what Esther Emery does no internet no cell phones no debit cards for an entire yearWhen I first read the synopsis for What Falls from the Sky I wondered what kind of year long experiment memoir this would be I should have known better Emery s honest writing and keen observations on life made this much less an experiment in living without internet and much the type of memoir that makes all other memoirs pale in comparisonEmery s story of moving from Southern California to the Boston suburbs while simultaneously making ties to community both old and new much difficult in this technology age is not at all what my current life looks like And yet the lessons she learns and the powerful storytelling she ses drew me in I felt like I was walking alongside this year of challenges and struggles I found myself assessing our own life choices in new ways and through a different perspectiveEmery gracefully blends her own story into a greater picture She draws the reader into her own details without ever making it seem like her choices should be anyone s but hers alone There is no pressure to live life by her choices this is a tale of what happens to Emery and her family because of thoseI haven t enjoyed a memoir like this in Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller uite some time and Emery restored my love of this genre If you re looking for a thought provoking beautifully written story I d highly recommend What Falls from the SkyI received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion I found Esther s blog through Twitter back around 2013 which is sort of funny given that this is a book about the year just a few preceding then that she fasted from the internet completely I m thankful that she eventually returned after that year because I remember loving her blog posts and finding them to be moving and resonant articulations of an authentic poetic Christian life Given how impressed I was with her writing back then I remember being excited to discover she d published a book and eventually found a copy being sold pretty cheap online post read I d imagine she d appreciate my thriftiness and side eye my dependence This is a well done memoir certainly Esther is vulnerable and introspective her life is compelling enough to follow especially given the hook of it being a year without internet and she is anndeniably gorgeous writer who shares poetic and thoughtful insights without ever bogging the reader down She is true to the life she leads and in that way covers just about everything that happens within that year camping excursions with her family a relative stopping by for dinner a few cross country and one international trips her neighbor s yard sale visits at her newfound church time spent reading a book or making a soup or playing *with her children Given the nature of the year it feels significant to *her children Given the nature of the year it feels significant to the life one lives apart from our technology as if to say See a person still has plenty of stuff to do and while there are times where these descriptions are ndergirded with thoughtful musings there are definitely. Esther Emery was a successful playwright and theater director wife and mother and loving it all ntil suddenly she wasn’t When a personal and professional crisis of spectacular extent leaves her reeling Esther is left empty alone in her marriage and grasping for identity that does not define itself by busyness and a breakneck pace of life Something had to be doneWhat Falls from the Sky is Esther’s fiercely honest piercingly poetic account of a year with.

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