[Hades By Svetlana R. Ivanova] E–pub Í Svetlana R. Ivanova

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Hades By Svetlana R. Ivanova

Svetlana R. Ivanova Á 5 Summary

I did enjoy this retelling But I Do Not Think I do not think reached its ull potential I literally can t explain how much joy this story gave me I have read some recreations of Greek myths but hardly any of the LGBT genre so to ind this book eels like a jackpot to me Reading it eels like a sweet luttering of the butterfly s wings I hope I wasn t the only one I love the narration which is just creative and beautiful And the thought of Hades as just creative and beautiful And the thought of Hades as woman deprived of love always misunderstood captured my heart The writer showed the passion of Hades in ways I had never known possible I am lucky that I had the chance to read this It s difficult to ind good lesbian stories about Greek myths Persephone is such a relatable character her ear and her stubbornness and her secret desire are all very well presented Totally a must read or any classic readers It s uite a beautiful love story 35 Stars but I did enjoyed this This novella had such wonderful potential but the awkward language and grammar made it really hard to read The myth of Persephone is one of my avorites of all time and after reading Sarah Diemer s gorgeous take on it emale Hades is pretty much always going to be my headcanon There were a lot of really lovely visuals in this and though I admire the way the author mimicked the style of the Greek myths I also ound it kind of stilted in places Long story short definitely worth the read and with some copy editing and just a little bit character development I probably would have given it The Dream of Water: A Memoir five stars Now I m off to read the Dark Wife because if. Hades was well cast to rule over the land of the dead But what if Hades theearsome monarch of the Underworld was in The Bravest Cat! fact a goddess Everyone called her 'Lord of the Dead' since. Is work The story is an adaptation of the myth of Hades and Persephone except Hades is a hot goddess You read it right Hades is a woman in this story and I couldn t askor My life is complete I mean how many time have you thought of reading a lesbian story based on Greek mythology Maybe it s just me but damn this book did me good I love every sentence of it It s written with true artistry I elt like reading a real book It s beautiful and vivid I wish it Was An Actual Myth This an actual myth This shows about the love of Hades It makes readers understand why she did the things she did How I swoon over her enigmatic PERSONALITY AND BECAUSE OF THIS STORY and because of this story will always think of Hades as a goddess and a sexy one at that Seriously this work is so underrated Whoever loves Greek myths must read this book If you re into classic and lyrical narrative this book is or you It s an old tale with a twist I loved the storyline so much I The Great Race felt lucky that I had the chance to read this book There should be LGBTantasy about two goddesses in love My gay heart can t get enough It s difficult to The Water in Between find good lesbian stories nowadays Because of this magnificent work I willorever remember Hades as The Goddess of Underworld Damn This novella gives me so many The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World feelings I loved what the author did with Hades myth Not too short and too long More importantly there is much less drama I loved it it s simple and heartwarming Not to mention how beautifully written This book is so underrated in my opinion I wish the author would write of the greek myth adaptation like this one agai. Ything changed when the dark goddess met the daughter of Demeter Persephone Now the tale of Hades and Persephone will be retold with a sprinkle of twists and turns in this story.