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Teaching our kids everywhere so than conservativesI can only remember one "time a particular teacher tried reinforcing me to BELIEVE HER PERSPECTIVE ON A MAJOR her perspective on a major That was in my senior year " a particular teacher tried reinforcing me to believe her perspective on a major topic That was in my senior year high school She thought that if we didn t accept her policy on the matter than we were wrong That s not what teachers are First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There forthey are to teach us subject notorce us to accept their beliefs unless enrolled in a religious school Otherwise the teacher was wrong Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm for what she did In college I have not meet any teachersorcing my to accept anything I Didn T Agree didn t agree I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide Abduction How Liberalism Steals Our Children s Hearts and Minds by Steve Feazel and Dr Carol M Swain is a warning to our nation on how the liberal left is slowly turning the hearts and minds of America s youth toward a mindset that no longer uses reasoning and values accepted as moral but blindly April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers follows cultural s presented by entertainment and left leaning educators and judicial systems The book spells out the dangers of what is happening and offers practical adviceor ighting back against those people and philosophies that are endangering the very oundations upon which our country was builtI have often thought of the Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome frog in the kettle aspect of how we were slowly destroying ourselves as small changes were slowly accepted as norm But in recent years the temperature has been turned up and the changes are astonishing uick Tolerance no longer means what it once did and all are expected to not just accept but to embrace values that conflict with personal moral or religious convictions Everyone is uick to take offense and there is no attem. Protect their childrenrom the devious deception of a liberal agenda will ind this book to be a practical guide to push back against the Liberal efforts designed to reshape our kids' worldview and destroy their moral compassSteve Feazel and Dr Carol Swain ring a warning bell or all parents to heed who want their Informative and empoweringChristians need to read this book and then get to work taking back America There are items in the book that are startling and resources to help us gather information to protect our children and our country heard author on Drew Mariani show The kids are putting the all mighty god to his knees and spank his plump ass Or something like that Anyway god is crying and he need your help to restore his dignity Which makes undamentalists bigger and stronger than the one beast that created the Universe Spectacular Abduction How Liberalism Spectacular Abduction How Liberalism Our Children s Minds and Hearts by both Steve Feazel and Dr Carol M Swan is an excellent read This book is a must have or all readers whether you re an intrigued conservative on what the liberals have done and are doing or a liberal yourself Topics like mainstream media how porn has been incorporated as an approved academic subject and many I ound myself engaged with the content Shocking truthand a lot of research went into writing this The book not only goes on how liberalism works on spepcific areas but also shows the conservative side as well I like how the writers brought both sides into the informative piece and not just "one sided However it does show greatly the side affects of liberalism on every issue " sided However it does show greatly the side affects of liberalism on every issue stunned me As a conservative myself there were thingsa lot that I wasn t aware of about both my side and the opposite side After were thingsa lot that I wasn t aware of about both my side and the opposite side After Abduction How Liberalism Steels Our Children s Minds and Hearts I have been reeducated on everything I thought I knew The writers dive deep into political economical and institutional issues Education is at the center of it all Liberals are. Sounding the AlarmThe authors sound an Amber Alert Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town for the souls of America's youth They expose how the liberal Left seeks to brainwash our kidsor their political gain Movies TV music court decisions news reports and the education system are all corrupted by the Left to control the nation's youth Parents who seek to. Pt to consider other beliefs Minds are shut and anger is the ruling emotionfeazel and swain anger is the ruling emotionFeazel and Swain out the hypocrisy and inconsistencies that are so obvious to many yet are being blindly accepted by others Revisionist history is being being taught in classrooms minors are being permitted to make life altering decisions or themselves long before they are able to reason the conseuences and iction is being presented as act by our news sources Professor Swain went through character attacks due to having an unpopular opinion so is even aware than many of how challenging it can be today to have a different opinion than the politically correct one And I especially appreciated the Calls to Action and suggestions given to parents The stories told in this book are backed up
a 30 page bibliography of It s comforting to know that the authors did their homework and can tell you where to ind the materials to investigate on your own The book including bibliography is just over 300 pages but is an easy read and hard to put down It is also endorsed by several conservatives whose opinions I respect The ones who stood out To Me Are Dr me are Dr King civil rights activist pro life activist author Christian minister Eric Metaxas New York Times Bestselling author of Bonhoeffer and If You Can Keep It The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty Robert P George McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence Princeton University and Suellen Roberts Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus founder and president of Christian Women in Media and CEO of Global Media SummitI received a copy of this bookrom the authors but all opinions are my own Purchase your copy HERE The title should be Assault on Values and Morals. Hildren to embrace and cherish traditional values and moral living that will allow them to live happy and productive lives The book reveals the dangers of a relative morality while providing practical action steps that parents can take to prevent their children Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse from becoming conformed to the secular pattern of the wor.