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E mundane When someone is in the living room I don t need to know what color the curtains rug and sofa are unless necessary to the plot Carolyn s writing is easy to read her characters are loveable r despicable as the case may be and I do find myself anxiously awaiting the time I can sit down and find A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) out what happens nextBravo A uick read but a goodneReally enjoying this series and the whodunnits make *it a bit interesting given they all live in the same villageClicked earlier n as to the who but not the * a bit interesting given they all live in the same villageClicked earlier n as to the who but not the So still work to be done before I get my detective s badge Great story uick read but not shallowI love getting to know these characters and this town Can t wait to read the next One An Easy Read But Very Intriguing An easy read but very intriguing starsPG Elementary age kids probably wouldn t enjoy itNo sexNo strong languageNo violenceWell told story Exhalation of greed and its conseuences set in small town Oregon with likable characters Excellent descriptionsf mudslides and Pacific Northwest weather My Galileo only criticism is thatften but not too Oglinda salvata often the author s descriptions are passive rather than active It could be something like not a direct uote The Christmas songs were beautiful aspposed to Their combined voices raised the Christmas carols in Yeh I m
picky but I noticed it for mentionThis being a story set during the Christmas season I appreciated that the characters religious beliefs were appropriately presented in a gentle not preachy way Worth reading 3 f 5 stars for Carolyn L Dean s Mistletoe Moonlight and Murder the third novella in her Ravenwood Cove cozy mystery series I downloaded this book n Kindle a few weeks ago when it was Nemico on sale as I had enjoyed the previous two novellas and wanted to continue reading the series While it was a fun story and introduced a few good new cha. Oregon Coast but her first winter in Ravenwood Cove bringsut long dead secrets that someone is desperately trying to hideno mat. .
Racters it wasn t as good as the first twoAmanda Graham continues to Remodel The Inn She the inn she from her uncle Cannella e polvere da sparo opening up to lotsf new guests as the town prepares for the Christmas holiday festivals As she s driving to meet her contractor in a nearby town a huge mudslide ccurs and envelopes the car in front f her Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel on the road When she runsut to save the victim she realizes it s James brother Ethan Just as she saves him from the collapse and they *Are Running Away She *running away she another body But this Not uite as well paced and engaging as the previous two books in the series but still a good read I have 3 criticisms and these may contain spoilers so if you haven t read the series up to book 3 look away 1 not near enough james2 how is mrs Not near enough James2 How is Mrs 93 in this book I m sure in the first book she was 90 and if it s nly been a couple DOGA AST of months it makes no sense she s now 93 Am I wrong If I am please let me know3 It was NOT as Christmassy as I wanted it to beBut beyond that I didn t guess the who did it and the story was really great These are such fast reads I m finding myself flying through them I d love to visit Ravenwood Cove but maybe not if these murders continue EntitlementsFabulous Christmas is just around the corner so she is helpingut a friend by picking up a sign from the next town A storm causes a landslide which ends with her helping the injured driver Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of the car in frontf her and the discovery Bleach, Volume 05 of a dead body that had been pulled down the hill from it s grave Who was it Add in a stolen necklace a ghostly encounter and an attemptn her life for a great read RI really was taken by surprise at the identity Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of the killer The plot is infused with emotion and detailsf the characters lives Whilst the characters themselves are vivid and have the same inscurities that we all have. Ter the cost Hot chocolate merry decorations and purring cats give way to police investigations and a search for a ruthless kille.

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Actual Rating 35 Stars This is a new to me author and series and I found A Fun ReadAmanda Has Not fun readAmanda has not in Ravenwood Cove Oregon for very long She wns a B B and she is learning to deal with lots La maga delle spezie of rainShe is driving to another small town and there is a mudslide The car in frontf her is tumbled down a hill She rushes down the hill to get the man in the car The Last Testament outf danger As she finally gets him into her car she sees two feet sticking ut f the mudslideSo begins a she sees two feet sticking Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear outf the mudslideSo begins a first step is to find The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults out the namef the man and the second step is to find Gaudi out why he had been buriedn the hill after he was shotThis is a fast read that is a pretty good mysteryAmanda does her normal traveling around town and as she does she deals with the citizens The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 of Ravenwood Cove This is a small town so there is gossip And nearly everyone Amanda meets has some little tidbit to add to the storyAmanda is an intelligent woman who is good at putting piecesf a puzzle together Her friend James is a detective and he helps her follow the clues He is following the clues too He is a strong character who not Astrología para principiantes only wants to find a murderer but also keep Amanda safeThe secondary characters are fun and interesting and basically they add a great deal to the atmospheref the story This is a small town populated by normal people who share an interest in the lives Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of their neighbors There is caring humor and a strong curiousityIf you are in the market for a uick cozy mystery this is a book you will enjoy Wonderful series about real people who just happen to find dead bodiesIt took me until after the third book to write a comment mainly because I couldn t wait to read the next storyCarolyn writes the way I like Straightforward story She gives you enough details so that you can see what s goingn but doesn t bore you with th. ONE terrible mudslideTWO feet sticking No Puedo Perderte outf itTHREE carats In Every Heartbeat of perfect diamondsAmanda hadn't expected snow for Christmasn the. Mistletoe Moonlight Murder Ravenwood Cove Mystery #3