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Fifty FiftyWith a typical fast paced Patterson style plot line "SUPERFICIAL CHARACTERS FOR THE MOST PART AND MOST PART AND MY "characters for the most part and in my a killer that started out with appeared to be a rather weak motivation for his murderous actions However the plot surprisingly tightened up be a rather weak motivation for his murderous actions However the plot surprisingly tightened up the last third of the book pretty well and by the nd both plots and bad guy motivations were tied out in ways that actually made sense And I am going to give a few points of respect for one unexpected surprise twist at the nd that I did not see coming and it delivered well Another thing to mention is that although the overall plotting followed Patterson s usual formula the writing style itself really felt like Candace Fox It felt like she really owned it and made it her own I read six or Patterson novels a year and this one than other collaboration that I can remember seemed to reflect the authentic style of the collaborator and was not washed down in typical Patterson structured format On the other hand the farther I got into the book the overly melodramatic her style became in some key moments I found some of the prose to be way too over the top and it grated on my reading but that may just be me Overall although this book was better than the first one it was still not one of Patterson s better books There were a few moments of suspense but not a lot and just like the first book Harry took on physical suffering than most humans can handle walked right out of the hospital after sustaining serious injuries and was still physically strong nough to battle with the bomber at the Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) end My score is 25 stars out of 5 stars If you read it I hope younjoy it than I did I really do 35I liked Never Never better but this one answers uestions about the Sam plot and brings back Tox working with Whitt to investigate Sam s case since Harry was sent off once again because of. Ister Detective Harriet Blue And she’s determined to prove itExcept she’s now been banished to the outback town of Last Chance Valley population 75 where a diary found on the roadside outlines a shocking plan – the massacre of the .

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This did nothing for me I read till about 60% then put it down since it kept getting worse for me Oh well My first reaction as I read this book Wow what a
Motley Crew Of Misfits Every 
crew of misfits Every one including lead character Detective Harriet Blue has issues so deep it would take a bulldozer to Fifty Fifty is the second book in new series co written by Patterson and Fox featuring Harriet Harry Blue a volatile the second book in new series co written by Patterson and Fox featuring Harriet Harry Blue a volatile detective in Australia I read the first book last year and didn t really care for it as much as I wanted to The premise wasn t bad but the delivery was sub par in my opinion The second outing starts off with Harriet s brother Sam Blue who was previously arrested and charged with killing several women preparing for his defense in court Sam claims his innocent and is determined to clear his name Harry is right there fighting the good fight with him at the risk of her law Logic, Labels, And Flesh enforcement career However after another uncontrolled outburst of her temper Harry is reassigned to a remote town again like the last book to investigate a diary recently discovered on the roadside hinting at a large scale murder plan Shortly after Harry s arrival a killing occurs and the town goes into a frenzy leaving her to try and figure out what s coming next Meanwhile back home another woman is taken captive and the real serial killer is not happy to find out Sam has been arrested and given credit for his work Harry has her partner Detective Whitt and Tox a shadowy investigator with a tainted reputation and close friend following up on the possibility of another killer Patterson and Fox bounce back and forth between these two plot lines Harry s hunting down a small town rage filled bomber and the search for the true killer that holds the key to Sam s freedom building to two violent andxplosive climaxes The book was an Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design easy read. It’s notasy being a good detective – when your brother’s a serial killerSam Blue stands accused of the brutal murders of three young students their bodies dumped near the Georges River Only one person believes he is innocent his ,