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Eight Little Piggies Reflections in Natural HistoryOn academic circles In the technical field this is difficult For that I give Mr Gould Kudos Not an easy ead for me since I have little knowledge of things palentological but the insights into evolution are worth wading through The man was a supreme essayist I think I enjoyed some of his other collections a little than this one The earlier collections seemed like science for the layman and a few of these essays bog This collection of essays is Gould s last as an author but my first as a eader of him "They Are Somewhat Eclectic "are somewhat eclectic grouped according to theme and overall evolution and scientific method crop up the most often overall evolution and scientific method crop up the most often the approach is less diverse with an opening starting with some personal or topical at the time of writing anecdote leading into a general discussion of a Big Idea This is somewhat irritating to me because it eminds me of Radio 4 s Thought for the Day in which a news story is used to lead into some crass attempt to foist The Frankenstein Teacher (Corgi Pups) religion on to meThe main body of each essay is well argued and clearly explained and demonstrates that Gould had not only a thorough understanding of his subject but the history of it too I learned much about modern ideas about evolution and found hisemarks on scientific method interesting and worthwhile It is also clear that he found an ocean of incomprehension of evolution around him which he tried to mop up with his books knowing that they could hardly even have a measurable effectI am left however with Gould speaks of the that they could hardly even have a measurable effectI am left however with Gould speaks of the of unbroken connections within our own lives and to our ancestralgenerations Along with way he opens to us the mysteries of fish tails frog calls and other matters an.

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Mr Gould was a Harvard Professor And Since Early and since the early s has been writing essayson natural history evolution paleontology study of prehistoric His essays were bundledand published into books Dinosaur in a haystack was probably his most notableI ve liked his works as he s very accessible despite the technically scientific jargon and concepts he introduces He doesn t dumb it down but gives the The Case of the General's Thumb reader enough to understand the importance of a particular essay TO do this he sprinkles in gilbert sullivanbaseball and personaleferences to help illustrate those points I pair his writings with Oliver Sacks except with Mr Gould s essays eally shine with his exuberance and passion in his elated fieldsViews on evolution In dinosaurs in a haystack the essays had a common theme of punctuated eualibrium change happening in uick bursts Piggies is an earlier work and in it the evolution aspect is depicted as of a culling of what currently is to shape what will be He borrows the eference of life being a push and depending on factors certain branches stop developing or die and others continue onThe title eferences an essay based on how evolution determined 5 fingers for homo sapiensThe essay details How It Wasn T A it wasn t a up to 5 then a stop but based on a prehistotic creaturethat had 89 digits and through change developed into 5I ve felt that essays are an interesting form The point is basically to provide knowledge and concepts accessible to the non scientific and Among scientists who write no one illuminates as well as Stephen Jay Gould doesthe wonderful workings of the natural world Now in a new volume of collected essays his sixth since Ever Since Darwin. ,
N even stronger desire for a book preferable by Gould or Eldredge in which a coherent description of evolution and all scales of operation is given If anyone knows of one such please mention it Published in 1993 Eight Little Piggies is Stephen Jay Gould s sixth book of collected essays These essays besides being full of fascinating natural science facts and history discuss Gould s horror at the loss of animals around the world for the first time in a section Part one The Scale of ExtinctionThe est of the book follows Gould s usual thematic stories about evolutionary theory and histories of life Odd Bits of Vertebrate Anatomy Vox Populi Musings Human Nature Grand Patterns of Evolution Revising and Extending Darwin Reversals Fragments of a Book Not WrittenAll of these essays appeared in Natural History magazineGould writes about science with verve He loves including a huge variety of elated science factoids and history whether discussing the variety of shapes of dog skulls fossil discoveries the methodology of fourteenth century proto scientists who came up with creation dates such as October 23 4004 bce as the date the earth was created psychological blubbering over nostalgic pasts that never existed wrong scientific conclusions which were nonetheless important to the discussion of evolution including Darwin probability and andomness evolutionary Trees of Life and sociobiology among many interesting subjectsThere is an Index evolution including Darwin probability and The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action randomness evolutionary Trees of Life and sociobiology among many interesting subjectsThere is an Index a BibliographyI love these books. D shows once and for all why we must take notice when a seemingly insignificant creature is threatened like the land snail Partula from Moorea whose extinction he movinglyelates from the back cov.
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