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The Glamorous Dead

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I m biased but I loved THIS BOOK A GREAT EVOCATION OF book A great evocation of glitz and mystiue of golden era Hollywood serves as a backdrop for a compelling murder mysterypsychological suspense Fans of The Black Dahlia or the podcasts Hollywood Crime and You Must Remember This will find a lot to love Thank you so much to Kensington Books for giving me an ARC of The Glamorous Dead by Suzanne Gates via Netgalley in exchange for an honest eviewI m sorry but 15 I DNF it on 36% and I never DNF any book but this I tried I tried so much but this just didn t pull me I do not ecommend this for people who has no idea what s happened in 1930s1940s Hollywood Yes I know I picked up a book set in 1930s Hollywood Yes I know it s going to deal with things I do not know aside from brunettes and blondes in curly bob hairstyles I only knew a bit of that era and wanted To Learn But I Only Learned A Bunch Of Words learn but I only learned a bunch of words didn t make any sense to me It seemed interesting but the author did not sense to me It seemed interesting but the author did not what those nicknames are and what they are doing Obvious ARC eceived in exchange for an Honest Rev. Set in the dream factory of the 1940s this glittering debut novel follows a young Hollywood hopeful into a star studded web of scandal celebrity and murder The chipped pink nail polish is a dead giveaway no pun intended But when a human thumb is discovered near a Hollywood nightclub it doesn't take long for the police to identify its owner Miss Penny Harp would LEGO Kingdoms: Defend the Castle recognize that pink anywhere it belongs to her best friend Rosemary And so does theest of the ,
Iew Suzanne Gate s debut novel The Glamorous Dead brings you back in time to the 1940 s Hollywood with the glamour fame and dark secrets This is truly a captivating story that has you guessing on who did it and why they did it It is also filled with OMG that did not just happen moments This mysterythrillerhistorical will have goosebumps ising and you will be gripping onto tablet or book yelling don This mysterythrillerhistorical will have goosebumps ising and you will be gripping onto your tablet book yelling don do it Penny is a young aspiring Hollywood hopeful She moves to Hollywood with her best friend in dreams of making a better life for herself When a human thumb with chipped nail polish is found Penny s life turns upside down with full hurricane force Being the number one suspect in her best friend murder Penny starts her own investigation to prove herself innocence Help comes from an unexp I The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems received The Glamourous Dead by Suzanna Gates from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honesteviewThis was a difficult book to ead In all honesty I DNF d it which is a once in a blue moon kind of thing for
me i eally 
I eally to like this book too I loved Ody buried beneath it Rosemary with the beauty and talent who stood out from all other extras on the Paramount lot She was the one whose name was destined for a movie maruee not for the obituaries And for an extra twist now an LAPD detective thinks Penny is the one who killed her Penny is determined to prove her innocence with a little help from an unlikely ally the world famous ueen of film noir Barbara Stanwyck Penny met Stany on the set of Paramount's cl.
Entranced Anya's Echoes Ten Acres And Twins
He cover I loved the summary the mystery and the glitz and glam that it promised but I didn t eally get any of that I m a huge fan of historical mysteries The writing style threw me off I felt like I Got Whiplash From How Uickly And Randomly The Direction got whiplash from how uickly and Saving Grace randomly the direction change I felt like there was a lot of information we aseaders were expected to already know about these characters and how they live their lives I understood they were filming and that they were extras but okayPenny who is the narrator threw me off I understood the shock value of Rosemary s death But there was something extremely off about her How she acted how she spoke how she was in general The dialogue was written in a way I would have to go back and Daughter of Witches (Lyra, read sections over again in order to comprehend what I waseading I normally World's Best Stress Busting Tips read in one pass and everything clicks This was not that The thrill factor and mystery failed to hold my interest I think a member of my book club summed it up nicely when she said This book should bee titled CALL YOUR BROTHERFirst of all I spent A Good Couple Of Pages good couple of pages Assic comedy The Lady Eve where the star took an instant liking to her With Stany's powerful connections and no nonsense style she has no trouble following clues out of the studio backlot from the Los Angeles morgue to the Zanzibar Room to the dark winding streets of Beverly Hills But there's something Penny isn't telling her famous partner in crimesolving a not so glamorous secret that could lead them to Rosemary's killer or send Penny to the electric chai.

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