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Tiffany Haddish made me clutch my chest crying from laughter and only a few people can do that to me She is hilarious But that s not all She is strong She was strong when she was a child a teenager and she is still strong today I can t even believe how much she went through I didn t know who she was until I watched Girls Trip and some of her promotional interviews but once I did I needed to know about this authentic womanThis woman who didn t grow up a Hollywood star She is living breathing proof that yes some people are born with talent in her case the ability to make people laugh but being born with talent doesn t guarantee you successYou need to work hard to make it and Tiffany Haddish certainly did and does In this memoir she is being one hundred percent honest about her struggles mistakes and bad choices She discusses her many previous and unhealthy relationships her upbringing with and without her crazy mother the people who tried to take advantage of her as well as those who gave her a chance an opportunity and the support she needed when she was down Now it is not impressively written Tiffany Haddish writes the way she speaks kind of like I do and that works extremely well because you can almost hear her voice in your head as you re reading the bookSo I could not stop reading Some chapters are sweet others bittersweet but Tiffany tries to find humour everywhere and every experience she goes through whether positive or negative provides her with new insight on her life and who she is as a black woman comedian I have only admiration for Tiffany Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Please Note I DNF d this book at about the 40% mark I listened to the audiobook version This book was terrible First it wasn t written well at all The story was extremely choppy and rushed There were uite a few recountings of very ugly things that occurred in Haddish s life but were told in an overly light hearted manner that came across unseemly and inappropriate The book detailed some of the obstacles that Haddish had to overcome prior to her current success However it also showed such an in depth level of ugliness and ignorance that I couldn t get past it Her descriptions of her encounters with a Jewish man who wanted her to emcee Batbarmitzvahs and her description of a differently abled co worker were downright offensive There didn t seem to be a lot in the way of acknowledgement of where this thinking was erroneous or how she grew from these moments There ust seemed to be a lot of shucking and Histologie jiving for laughs and attention that plays into a LOT of stereotypes about black womenI m very happy for her success I believe there is a need for Black voices in Hollywood I m glad that other people connected to her story as I believe POC stories need to be told I wish her all the success she sust not for me I think Tiffany Haddish is hilarious and beautiful and wonderful however this book is terribleThis might not be a popular opinion but I "THOUGHT THIS BOOK DISGUSTING NOT "this book was disgusting Not because she shits in a shoe she does because as another reviewer noted Haddish showed such an in depth level of ugliness and ignorance that I couldn t make myself finish this oneHer descriptions of her encounters with a larger woman a Jewish man and a disabled co worker were extremely offensive In the audio version Haddish used a VOICE when uoting Roscoe and pokes fun at his little limp arm for an entire chapter WHYYYY I waited for some kind of redemptive acknowledgement of her erroneous L'Attaque des Titans T28 judgments or how she learned from these experiences but itust didn t happen I ve never DNFed a book so fast This was bad Tiffany Haddish is a funny person and a funny comedian but this book was vastly disappointingI listened to the audiobook and I really expected a killer narration Every single other audiobook autobiography of an actorcomedian that I ve ever listened to was flawlessly narrated I mean it s their own words and they re actors right Well not here Tiffany s narration was so odd Really choppy really strangely read like she had trouble with her own words It honestly sounded like bad acting Tiffany s life has been a very interesting Mises en situation professionnelle AS: Aide-soignant journey and she has suffered and has overcame huge obstacles I ve seen her comedy before and I ve really loved her on stage however she comes across in her book asust mean I can t believe I have to say this in 2018 but imitating and mocking a handicapped person is not funny and in audiobook form it s excruciating to listen toShe is horrible to fat people and Jews and it made me like her a I haven t seen Girls Trip The Carmichael Show Keanu or If Loving You is Wrong Big surprise I m not a raucous rude comedy appreciating viewer Not that there s anything wrong with those who are of course I became a Haddish Fan Girl the first time I viewed the 5 7 minute video clip of Haddish on the Jimmy Kimmel show doing her bit on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and the swamp tour It was the funniest most brilliant bit I ve seen in a long long time On that basis I checked LBU out of my library with no to low expectations not because of Haddish but because comedian memoirs are often problematic Like most of America I read

"Bossypants A While Back "
a while back but not revealing Similarly Amy Poehler s book is funny in parts but on the whole it s not special or memorable That 5 star rating doesn t mean that I consider Tiffany Haddish s memoir to be the literary euivalent of Crime and Punishment I rate the books I read on whether they were successful in their category and in this instance The Last Black Unicorn is a Placed in the foster care system as a teen and struggling to read at a basic level in ninth grade Haddish found that humor and okes helped her endure When offere. Op flight comedian memoir and vastly better than readers have a right to expect from any celebrity memoir generally As an aside she won my heart by explicitly thanking her ghost writer and allowing her ghost writer to write hisher I don t recall acknowledgments at the end That is incredibly gracious of her and I can t recall the last time I saw a celebrity recognize the talent of her writing partner Haddish s memoir is her story in her voice As in each reader needs to be prepared for plentiful f bombs intentional bad grammar slang et al I suspect she s a champion code switcher but she chose to write LBU in her stand up voice and readers shouldn t expect anything different LBU also includes horrifying details about Haddish s childhood about domestic violence about rejection by her mom who suffers from mental illness And she manages to present the bad accompanied by ust enough humor to take the edge off while still disclosing all of the pain and the horror In contrast I stopped reading Rabbit The Autobiography of Ms Pat after 15 20 pages because her descriptions of childhood events so disturbed meEighty percent of LBU is a chronological telling of Haddish s life to date including her overnight success that didn t occur overnight Then for good measure several of her greatest bits finish it off That s when I encountered the Smith Groupon SwampTour story in writing And it was word for word identical to her performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show As in Haddish has perfected delivering her lines and bits so that she comes across like your favorite girlfriend casually telling you one of the funniest stories you ve ever heard from the passenger seat of your car while you head to Target But there s nothing casual about how she approaches her work It is nothing less than perfect every time even if she seems to be entirely relaxed in her Uggs Tiffany Haddish is funny And gifted And perceptive And likeable And a hard worker And resilient And authentic And still seeks a relationship with her trouble mom in a way that makes your heart break And she is through it all a consummate professional If you like her you ll love The Last UnicornHaddish s father left when she was 3 Mom remarries and has 4 kids Haddish s stepfather tampers with the brakes on her mom s car intending to kill all of the kids as well as mom but they weren t in the car when Mom had an accident and suffered severe brain damage Mom later is diagnosed with schizophrenia After the accident Haddish then 9 is in charge of herself and her four younger siblings Read that sentence again I ll wait Haddish and her siblings enter foster care when she is 12 and they are temporarily separated from one another Foster care is as good as you ve ever heard elsewhere At 15 she and her siblings are together under the care of their grandmother Wait you say there was a grandma Why didn t she take them in earlier She s a piece of work She cares for them to the extent of the DSS payments When Haddish turns 18 and the DSS checks stop Haddish is on her "OWN I M NOT MADE OF "I m not made of as strong stuff as Ms Haddish She has all of my respect for her lack of bitterness and her large heart If you re interested don t hesitate to read her book This is definitely worth reading Haddish is incredibly funny smart and observant She has lived a hard life which makes her success all the admirable and deserved There are places where I wanted depth The book is short and reads fast sometimes too fast But the funny parts will bring you to tears So will the painful parts I am not a fan of books by comedians is all They ust don t work as cohesive narratives Indomitable spirit Which historical figures come to mind when you hear that phrase Mother Teresa Gandhi maybe Those are two of the people who pop into my head right awayAnd now whenever I hear those words I will also think of Tiffany HaddishI was late to the Haddish fandom I somehow missed her years of stand up It wasn t until I saw the #preview for Girls Trip and was like WHO IS THAT HILARIOUS WOMAN that I became aware #for Girls Trip and was like WHO IS THAT HILARIOUS WOMAN that I became aware herTwo days before the movie hit theaters I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel talking about how she took Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on a Groupon swamp tour If you haven t seen this interview do yourself a favor and watch it Do not drink or eat anything while you do because the threat of choking is REALSo this hilarious witty high energy woman with an infectious smile was a large part of the reason I watched Girls Trip second only to the desire to support this glorious comedy with an ensemble of super talented black women staring in a major motion picture seriously Golden Globes how the hell did you snub this movieI ll ust come right out and say it Girls Trip is the funniest movie I ve ever seen If you haven t watched it yet do so We need to support women driven movies We need to support women of color in the industry especially since the industry itself doesn t For on this check out Jada s Twitter thread Seriously Haddish was robbed If she doesn t get nominated for an Oscar I will lose what little faith remains in the Academy For me she stole every single scene that she appeared in She s one of those people that your eyes drift to even when the whole ensemble is together Because the whole time you re wondering what she ll do nextOkay so this is supposed to be a book review but I wanted to include all this background because it s what led me to The Last Black UnicornI listened to the audio version of this and I recommend you do the same because it s an EXPERIENCE Haddish herself is the narrator and whenever you can lis. D a choice between the Laugh Factory comedy camp or counseling to help recover from issues within the foster system she chose the former and found her calling In. The Last Black UnicornTen to someone tell their own story you should She brings an emotion and realness to the narration that no one else could And if you think this is one of those books that you re L Idalma Overo Chi just going to laugh your way through be warned You re notYou ll probably cry at some point Hard Like I did Your face will probably burn with the strength of your blushes because you know those horrifically embarrassing memories you have of your teen years Those stories you ll never tell anyone because OMFG I WISH I COULD FORGET THAT HAPPENED We all have those stories including Haddish And she tells them Without sugar coating anything I cringed so hard so many times because it brought up all those times I acted in ways that make me yearn for brain bleachLastly you ll probably get so angry while listening to this that you ll want to punch someoneMe before this audio book My childhood was kind of messed up Me after this audio book My childhood was a wonderland of merriment and bliss Tiffany Haddish s childhood and early adult life wererough You need to prepare yourself for hearing what she went through Child abuse molestation physically abusive romantic relationships At one point she was a pimp Which all sounds pretty Dickensian and bleak And it can be at times But those times are made bearable because Haddish is a hell of a storyteller One minute I found myself in a full rage about what was done to her and the next I was hysterically laughingThat is where my opening statement comes fromIndomitable spiritBecause after everything that she s been through the fact that she is so positive and hysterical and energetic is awe inspiring This is grade A role model material right hereI can t recommend this book enough For literally everyone Because I truly do believe there is something here for everyone I truly do believe that men and women from all walks of life will find takeaways here That they ll be inspired by her story That they ll apply her lessons to their own livesThat it will help people going through a hard time to find the lightBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest If you looked up the word Authentic on the internet a giant picture of Tiffany Haddish should be next to itA lot of people had never heard of Tiffany Haddish until her star making role in last years Girls Trip but Tiffany has been on her grind for decades Tiffany is an overnight sensation that was 20 plus years in the making Tiffany like most great comedians has had a rough life Abandoned by her father raised by a mentally ill and abusive mother she spent years in foster care was molestedeven if she didn t realize it married an abusive and controlling man twice 2 marriages to the same manand was homeless Had most people experienced even one of these things it would have broken their spirit but not Tiffany I don t think its possible to break Tiffany s spirit She is so filled with happiness andoy its contagious I love Tiffany Haddish and I love that she doesn t tone down personality for anyone I will warn you this book is written the same way Tiffany talks and it took me a "minute to get used to but other than "to get used to but other than I absolutely this book 2018 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge A Celebrity #Memoir2018 Badass Books Reading Challenge A Funny BookAround Year #Badass Books Reading Challenge A Funny BookAround the Year 52 Books A book you expect to make you laugh When my Overdrive library iPhone app showed this Audiobook readily available to download I thought I ve seen this book popping on Goodreads this past year It took this long to move me to actionButPerfect timingI enjoyed Tiffany for many of the same reasons I m guessing thousands of people before me have but another part of my enjoyment was buddy listening with Paul part of our 40 year anniversary celebration vacation in CancunThe last Audiobook Paul and I enjoyed together was Small Fry by Lisa Brennan Jobs With this we shared my Apple wireless AirPods on the plane together part of the time I took the right wireless AirPod Paul the left it s his best hearing earIt s amazing to get enough 1 ear sound for us both It works fine When in our resort room of course no ear phones were needed Like me Paul didn t know who Tiffany was eitherHis comments were always added pleasure Anyone else care to share their experience of reading with their partner Or listening to a book I d love to hear others stories It s very different than watching a movie together Paul absolutely loved Tiffany He kept saying things like My God the poor girl couldn t catch a break I d say well she eventually didI think she is very successful today We both thought Tiffany was sweet humble funny warm bright tenacious courageous likable inspiringwith a knock out unguarded personalityTiffany s story is really sad gut wrenching sad Sooo many obstacles she had to surviveI tried to imagine HER MOTHER If mom had full awareness of how much she was hurting her children from her brain injurycar accident OMG wouldn t she want to ust kill herself Instead she was an unstable parent to say the least a victim from her head injury Tiffany understood this but she still suffered insurmountable unfair abuse She was only a childbeaten down by people who were suppose to love her the most Nobody else can possibly hurt you than when your own parents havePaul I talked about Tiffany s developmentof how she came from where she did to where she is nowbeing all of who she isbeing fully herselfsharing freely with the world It s her gift her strength Becoming Michelle Obama might say Perhaps Was her book without flaws Of course not but her life wasn t either 5 stars from both Paul and I Tiffany touched our hearts. Her first book Haddish recounts her early life straight through to her powerhouse success both on the comedy circuit and in Hollywood with the 2017 film Girls Tri. .