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He murders of two Irishmen decades apart A crisply written thriller Atmospheric Marches through Irish history but never seems to be walloping home a pointThemes of justice forgiveness Moral uestions of right and wrong Historical Irish violence set against Italian partisan killings Themes of forgiveness and restorative justice flow through the narrative but violent acts can still reverberate through the generationsNot formulaic at all they don t drink nough and there is a lovely depiction of lderly love ven though the wife is uite senile Inevitably there is a very violent scene at the A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, end when I thought we had avoided itResolution is neat and unexpected with anlement of restorative justice The depiction of Theresa Ryan seemed to have been modelled subtly on Dolours Price but the boom was published before the documentary Yet another great crime novel from Ireland where there are now crime writers than crimes Julie Parsons Louise Phillips Tana French Patricia Gibney The Shadow Reader etc Highly recommended Kiwi Irish author Julie Parsons book THE THERAPY HOUSE is an intricate pscyhological observation interweaving current day crime with Irish history to greatffectExploring history and crime in terms of it s impact on survivors andor families and on society in general THE THERAPY HOUSE is absorbing Chilling Intricate And Beautifully intricate and beautifully At the heart of the novel Garda Inspector Michael McLoughlin is attempting retirement doing a bit of PI work on the side but mostly restoring a beautiful old house in the Dublin suburbs a house that turns out to have as complicated a past as McLoughlin himself McLoughlin s father was murdered many years ago supposedly getting in the way during an IRA robbery an vent that "haunts him to this day specially as the killers now have a high profile part to play in Irish politics and "him to this day specially as the killers now have a high profile part to play in Irish politics and peace processThe house which plays a big part in keeping him grounded safe big part in keeping him grounded safe occupied is known as The Therapy House because of its past use as a counselling and medical practice In a further sign that history is never far away from him next door lives John Hegarty retired judge having had a distinguished legal career and importantly the son of Dan Hegarty colleague of well known Irish independence figure Michael Collins Until he is killed and McLoughlin discovers his brutalised body The family hire McLoughlin to look into Hegarty s background although the agreement is part hiring part bribing with the suggestion that there is something in that past that relates to the death of McLoughlin s fatherNeedless to say layering and interconnections are a big part of style of THE THERAPY HOUSE Slowly and intricately dissecting those Hael McLoughlin is trying to njoy his retirement – doing a bit of PI work on the side meeting up with former colleagues fixing up a grand old house in a genteel Dublin suburb near the sea Then he discovers the body of his neighbour a retired judge – brutally murdered shot through the back of the neck his face mutilated beyond recognition McLoughlin finds himself drawn into the murky. Ayers and connections is part of what makes this novel so absorbing as is the way that readers are freuently left to draw conclusions and answer many of the uestions posited by the author The pace is leisurely the sense of place strong and sense of culture all consuming The way the past affects the current is The Power Of A Choice elegantly done as well withverything from the therapy house itself the location the Hegarty and McLoughlin families Ireland s troubled background blending together to create choes and portents guidance and regret In the nd there s a lot of regret thoroughout this novel there s a real sense that it doesn t matter sometimes how often we re given a chance to learn lessons we re going to be too old to do anything about it by the time we remember themhttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi I found this book had to connect with It took me a while to get into to connect with It took me a while to get into story and overall it was tedious to read Not a very uplifting read For some reason I could not get into the story at all Parsons would start some of her chapters with new characters and then xplain things about them that have nothing to do with the story with the progression of the story or would be just filler information between the dialogue that characters were having This style "of writing is just not for me The Therapy House by Julie Parsons is set in Dublin " writing is just not for me The Therapy House by Julie Parsons is set in Dublin tells the story of a brutal murder of a retired judge and also a murder committed in the past by the IRAI found this novel very slow paced and the characters lacked any real depth Every time I picked up this novel I found it so difficult to ngage with the plot or the characters and while the book was readable it really wasn t suspenseful or a page turner for meI read this one as a book club read and while I may not have The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enjoyed it perhaps the book club discussion might be memorableAn OK read but certainly not one for my favourites list Bit formulaic Irish violence Irish orphans Irish tea Irish secrets but really well told and interestingly plotted I would read of hers don t know why we don t hear about her in the States The violent death of a well known judge brings together a myriad of characters and links into the murder of a Garda years before This psychological story mirrors thexperience of both individuals and the state in the North and South of Ireland and compares those Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling experiences Violence is peppered through the story along with outright cruelty and abuse The underlying comparisons of specific lives and society is intriguing After trying to read this book 3 times I finally managed it Found it very hard to get into but once I did I read it over 2 days Enjoyable book I felt saddened by it at then. Past of the murdered judge which leads him back to his own father’s killing decades Monsieur Pain earlier by the IRA In seeking the truth behind both crimes a web of deceit blackmail and fragile reputations comes to light as McLoughlin’s investigation reveals thexplosive circumstances linking both crimes – and dark secrets are discovered which would destroy the judge’s legendary family name. Returning to the crime scene after a decade away from the page Kiwi Irish author Julie Parsons offers readers a rich story that has many aspects of Ireland s complicated history woven throughoutMore absorbing than page whirring THE THERAPY HOUSE meshes a crime tale with a deep dive into the ongoing impact of violence and trauma on ongoing impact of violence and trauma on and families at an individual level and broadly at a collective and national level too This is a book that deals with complex issues and tough uestions that don t have national level too This is a book that deals with complex issues and tough uestions that don t have answers Not your standard airport thriller or murder mysteryTHE THERAPY HOUSE has an historic murder and a contemporary murder as tent poles though the book is about far than those two crimesDecades ago McLoughlin s father was murdered when he got in the way of an IRA robbery It still haunts McLoughlin specially given that some who associated with the killers are now hailed for their parts in the peace process and the politics of modern IrelandNow retired from the Garda McLoughlin moved into a crumbling Victorian near the seaside outside of Dublin known as the Therapy House due to its history with counselling and medical practice Next door lives a retired judge with a near aristocratic pedigree in Irish terms John Hegarty had a distinguished a retired judge with a near aristocratic pedigree in Irish terms John Hegarty had a distinguished influential legal career in his own right but ven importantly he was the son of Dan Hegarty who had fought alongside Michael Collins before becoming very successful in business But someone wanted the judge dead and McLoughlin discovers his brutalised bodyThe judge s family hire McLoughlin to look into aspects of his life seeking to keep the judge s cheuered past private Information relating to the murder of McLoughlin s father is dangled as baitThis is an atypical crime novel with a lot going on Plenty of layers lots of thought provoking issues that are dealt with subtly rather than bluntly uestions are raised not always answered Situations are messy and grey Parsons lets things unfold in a leisurely measured pace giving readers time to absorb things rather than skimming over them She crafts a really vivid sense of the world her characters inhabit and the ways in which the past is inextricably tied to the presentUnusually for a crime novel many of the main players are in their later years They carry the weight of that past with them There s a tangible sense of all their accumulated history and xperiences The compromises made the regrets the glories and failures that have passed yet faintly linger There s a fascinating interplay between characters who ve xperienced so muchTHE THERAPY HOUSE is a clever and thoughtful crime novel told in stylish prose that is about so much than Bestselling author Julie Parsons Mary Mary I Saw You The Hourglass is back with a powerful compelling and darkly chilling novel of violence shame and deceit On Sundays peace was restored He would lie down dream and remember He would njoy And later on the bell would ring He would get up and walk downstairs He would open the front door And his life would come to an nd Garda Inspector Mic. .

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