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Decided not to read the other stories because if they are structured like that one then I m not interested In July 2029 an astronomer located a new planet in the solar system Top leaders were contacted war was contemplated then a message arrived asking for peace Invasion was off the board but visitation was permitted All sorts of varied reactions occurred among the human population ranging from awe and wonder To Outright Hatred The New Planet Was Called Klaskar And outright hatred The new planet was called Klaskar and people were blue skinned They started to visit Earth and used their advanced technology to fix the damaged areas of our planet When a human woman sneaked into the Klaskian camp the resultant birth of a little blue baby proved that both species were apparently compatible and life changed for everyone Janelle Speirs had a big decision TO MAKE OUT OF MONEY AND FACING EVICTION FROM make Out of money and facing eviction from tiny apartment Janelle could solve her problem by signing up for the alien surrogate program where she would be pai Janelle Andar and MaslaThe Klaskians are a blue human like alien There sun died and somehow they moved their whole planet into Earth s solar system in order to use it s sun During the move many of their women and children died Now they have a treaty with earth where human females can volunteer to be one surrogate mother s The women travel to the planet of the Klaskians meet a man or men become pregnant then ive birth in three months The women I Was A Stranger get monetary compensation for their service but have to leave the planet men and children behind The treaty states that the aliens are not allowed to live on earth and the women can t stay with the aliensThe book was aood read Each of the characters rew in maturity I personally didn t care for the ending even though I knew what had to happen from the personally didn t care for the ending even though I knew what had to happen from the I will read books in this series because I am hoping that things can change because of other information iven in this book The other negative is that the main story ends at only 8%. Lle never planned on surrendering than her body Can her Klaskian males capture her heart as well Is she willing to take the risk and learn to trust and love after a lifetime of abandonment This is a standalone of about 150 pages with a Happily Ever After ending and No cliffhanger This book also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy Warning This book contains raphic scenes of a sexual nature and is NOT intended for readers under 18 years of For every oneMy rating of The Alien Surrogate is 425 Out Of 5 Stars Link of 5 stars Link Not AvailableBooks A Million Link Not AvailableKobo Link Not AvailableGoodReads Link Reading Room Link Link Free on today 4192020 Allured in by the new planet and the beauty of the strange beings Then I was brought down a peg or two when the HEA for those involved was not the traditional HEA I suppose everyone ot what the set out to et and I should Be Happy Well I happy Well I not Then there was some editing that needed to be done before this went on sale I have no problem with working through an ARC or proof but to have a copy for sale still contain these issues disturb me Several years ago the Klaskians an advanced alien race Come Into Earth S Solar System Trying into Earth s solar system trying save their dying planet The long travel from their own system has a devastating outcome on their females and their young few surviving the travels Once they make themselves known to Earth s leaders a peace treaty is formed and they willingly share their advanced technology and help heal the earth with their ability to row new life on the plant After a shocking encounter with a human female and a Klaskian male a child is born As soon as the Klaskians realize they are compatible with the females on Earth the Surrogacy Prog Unhappy endingIf you do not mind unhappy endings this book is for you I don t like unhappy endings so after reading The first book and the female lead was being sent home without her men and babies and the uys were fine with it I stopped reading the book I will not be reading any of her books I also don t like really short stories I Which a relationships don t really develop I m on the fence about this one while the story was overall well written the ending was unsatisfactory it s just my opinion after all but I feel like if they truly loved one another they could have found a way to stay together the concept of just having a baby and leaving just doesn t sit well with me either To the surrogacy program and be paid to use her womb to bear an alien young or find herself homeless Joining the program might be risky but at least she’ll have the money to start over after she comes back to earth Once Janelle arrives on Klaskar things aren’t like she pictured She’s shocked to find that she’s to be mated not only to one male but two Legend has it the Klaskians are superb lovers and it means a bigger payment so Janelle agrees Jane. .

The Alien Surrogate

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Sorry for the low rating but this wasn t for me I love happy endings and some may say this one was a happy ending but to me it wasn t She oes to this planet to be a surrogate to these two alien men and ends up 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts giving them twins she falls madly in love with them only to have to walk away at the end of her three months ando back to earth never to see them or her kids again I m sorry that s not happy that would crush me I could never have a child let alone twins and walk away never to see them again so anyways it was well written very short and creative but not for me sorry Alien Surrogate by Amelia Wilson is a first in a new series I like the storyline it moved along and the characters were likeable I didnt much care for the ending this just felt like something was missing Title The Alien Surrogate The Klaskians Book 1Author Amelia WilsonPublisher Amelia WilsonPublished 6 21 2017Pages 431Genre Science Fiction Fantasy Sub Genre Aliens Strong Language Sexual Situations Adult Content Vampires ASIN B07331DZG6Reviewed For Amelia WilsonReviewer DelAnneRating 425 StarsActually the book is an anthology of stories with the Alien Surrogate being only the first of 5 Novellas All are of a different story
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and Moonrise (Snowfall, give the to see the varied characters that occupy the worlds created by Amelia Wilson In The Alien Surrogate We find extremely over populated and damaged by pollution and barely surviving The Klaskians arrival has begun the healing process but their journey here came at areat cost to them They pay handsomely for human surrogates to ive birth to their young This novella tells the story of Janelle Andar MaslarI was definitely pulled into the story but felt the ending was a bit rushed A further 10 to 15 pages to smooth it out and answer a 10 to 15 pages to smooth it out and answer a lingering uestions On the whole all the stories have heart and have the reader wanting to learn what happens next My favorites were The Alien Surrogate and A Friend in Love There is something. Desperate times call for desperate measures even if that means joining an alien surrogacy program Life on other planets is possible The new planet discovered in the solar system Klaskar has been accepted as a reality and a peaceful truce drawn between humanity and the blue skinned Klaskians The species would have remained separate until it was proved that a human would could birth a Klaskian youngLife has come down to two choices for Janelle Speirs apply.