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KI m very surprised I liked this one as much as I did considering I didn t like Cooper all that much More than once he s a total douchebag and completely incapable of apologizing going as far as mocking Park for having his feelings hurtI know they re all manly men but can we please acknowledge that it s okay to have feelings and that it s okay to demand that the one treading on said feelings apologize for being a shitheadNOW you can kiss and make upAs for the rest of it Fucking fantastic mystery Sure there were a lot of people and names to keep straight but I thought the author did a pretty good ob of describing different characteristics making it easier to navigate who was who I feel like there should be a whom somewhere there but I can t figure it out and I can t be bothered to Google itI also had no clue where this was going which I thought was amazing considering I read a lot of mysteries and always have a guess or two But here I was blank so that was pretty masterful and fun IMOThe chemistry between Cooper and Park was palpable at times though I did miss Park s POV I get that he s supposed to be mysterious and that we have books coming YAY but a wee bit intimate knowledge of him and his history would have been appreciated and it would have made it easier to swallow his easy forgiveness of Cooper s foot in mouth syndrome and douchetastic behaviourIn the end though even if this story only takes place over a few days it felt like a delicious slow burn and I bought their connectionAnother thing I want to comment on is the fact that I didn t really notice that it was a shifter book I know it sounds strange but it was very Fluent Realistic Seamless And it read believable to me making this a thoroughly enjoyable readI am really excited about the next one and am looking forward to finding out about Cooper and his idiotic father but especially Park and his mysterious family and backgroundI would recommend this to ALL MM mystery fans who wants some smexy times though they come late snicker and humour served with their main course of police work 35 stars I have mixed feelings about this book At times I was bored other times engrossed For too long a chunk of the story I disliked the MC Cooper Dayton or Dayton Cooper Two last names for a name had me chronically confused He seemed mean spirited which isn t an easy flaw for me to forgive The other MC Park seen only through Cooper s POV was mostly an enigma to meBut there s one thing I don t have mixed feelings about and it s this Charlie Adhara is a real talent an author to be excited about Sure her debut novel had some pacing issues some characterization issues but damn can she write Cooper s internal dialogue was uirky and distinctive and there were so many interesting little turns of phrase that I occasionally found myself laughing out loud ust at the oy of seeing something expressed in a fresh and original wayI m at a loss as to whether to round this up to 4 stars or down to 3 Out of appreciation for a promising new author I d like to round up to honestly compare it to other books on my shelves I should round down Also as far as my personal enjoyment goes the relationship between Cooper and Park had a Ds aspect to it which is something I have a strong aversion to It made me set the book aside for a while before I was ready to grit my teeth and pick it up again So 3 stars it is but it s a very upbeat optimistic 3 stars and I m looking forward to seeing by this author I m making my intrigued face Ollie and Coop definitely have chemistry Nothing beats a size difference IMHO excited to see where that leads and how it develops If it s anything in the neighborhood of that sex scene on the couchI d like to know about Ollie but what I know so far I like Especially the growlingCould ve done with less pushpull between them though it looks as though it s coming from an authentic place and Adhara s looks to Wow I really loved this book I m going into book 2 right awayHighly recommend for werewolve shifter fans No insta love you re my mate business Not that I don t like that every once in awhile Love 435 stars Monsters are real What a surprising good mystery book Simone my darling you find the best detective books thanks for putting this on my radarThis book is right up my alley I enjoy detective books and TV shows this grabbed my attention from page 1It is hard to believe that this is a debut book i am wondering why Charlie Adhara has not written book i am wondering why Charlie Adhara has not written gazillion books because the writing is so good and engaging MC 1 Cooper the BSI Agent who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of Werewolves in a small town called Florence Cooper is a difficult guy to understand and like One moment you want to spank him the next moment you want to hug him He is a loner and we get a hint that his relationship with his dad is not so good then again that doesn t give him an excuse to be an ass I still liked him despite his tendencies to put his foot in his mouth MC2 Park the Werewolf and Trust Agent who is partnered with Cooper I loved Park and his patience to tolerate Cooper I wanted his POV and of him on page Good thing we have 2 books so we will get of his background and maybe some shifting The Chemistry between Cooper and Park is off the charts these two men compliment each other And their banter was so on point Park Agent Park John Park Fred Freddy Park Cooper guessed Frederick Sure Cause guessing his first name was what was going to make the difference here Stupid Maybe he deserved to have someone drop a rock on his head and put him out of his misery C mon you bastard Show me your super hearing Asshole Park Huge alpha Park Big strong muscular Park Amazing Ass Park Pretty Eyes Park Who s there The pounding stopped If this is you trying to make some kind of three little pigs Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. joke right now I am going to smack you right in your chinny chin chin Dayton The Mystery part was intriguing and kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat wanting to know who the unsub was So well done Sometimes grief can make you go crazy The Romance part was a Slow burn and torture when they finally kissed it was so hot and worth the wait The kiss was rough and Park s mouth was hot and sort of sweet tastingPark s hands were frisking him with purpose thumbing his nipples When one large hand palmed his erection through hiseans Cooper lost focus on the kiss and his head fell forward forehead resting on Park s shoulder Good Very good Park was murmuring on Park s shoulder Good Very good Park was murmuring he shoved Cooper s eans off and freed his aching dick I ll take care of you This is the start of an amazing series Highly recommended to those who enjoy mysterydetective book. Eep things professional Cooper’s friction with Park soon eruptsinto a physical need that can’t be contained or controlled But with a body count that’s rising by the day werewolves and humans are in eual danger If Cooper and Park don’t catch the killer soon one or both of them could be the next to goThis book is approximately 90000 wordsCarina Press acknowledges the editorial services of Mackenzie Walt.

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35 stars My gut is a funny thing It took me a long time in my life to trust my animal instincts and then an experience like this book has to come along and make me remember whyWith every passing year my dnf trigger finger gets itchier I can be patient with content development but writing uality let s ust say that if I m not appreciating that it has almost never turned around And I ve learned to trust my gut and not throw good time after badFortunately I have resources at my disposal than only my gut Namely my GR friendsIf I hadn t gone into Wolf at the Door on a friend s recommendation coupled with other friends positive reviews I think I would have DNFed it around 25% At that point the plot was slow to develop but what was aggravating me was the characterization of the MC Cooper I could not get a feeling for who he was His internal voice didn t make any sense to me and the way he was presented was ust too all over the placeHere s where my experience gets REALLY strange and misaligned with many of the reviews I ve read Cooper ended up being my favorite part of this bookWhen the narrative got consistent he was awkward adorable neurotic vulnerable snarky with a chip on his shoulder but ust this side of cynical In a genre full of devastatingly handsome confident and mysterious alpha men he was so refreshing even if experiencing his perspective was sometimes as cringe worthy as watching Michael Scott lead a team meetingI don t always call out the strength of sex scenes in romance novels to be perfectly frank I expect them to be strong and am likely to call it out if they aren t But these especially landed for me for a couple of reasons Sorry I know it s unsexy to analyze such things The descriptions weren t subtle per se but they had fewer practical details than usual focusing instead on the characters reactions inner monologue etc Not kinky but ust a hint of a Ds dynamic that reeeally worked for me And when a sex scene makes me laugh and moan within the same paragraph Fucking brilliant I live for that shit and I don t find it oftenSo this rating is really an average because it finished much stronger than it began I will definitely read book 2 I m looking forward to returning to Cooper and Park s story Charlie Adhara is a great addition to the genre After I glanced at the Wolf at the Door cover around 20 times a wolf image umped out at me I had assumed I was slow on the uptake here but after talking to Hayley today who doesn t see it I need some confirmation Or a tie breaker haha I haven t seen a discussion about this anywhereThe wolf I see The reflection of the house is his right eye picture left The dirt across the top is his forehead becoming the bridge of his snout as it moves vertically down Full paw print is his nose or maybe a marking on his snout He s looking over your right shoulderAm I crazy Please someone else tell me you see this 45 StarsWith The Wolf at the Door Adhara delivers a damn impressive debut novel one that will surely remain among my top reads of 2019What we have here is an engaging whodunit type crimemystery plot full of lots of intriguing twists and turns that left me riveted to the page as I tried my best to predict what was coming next mostly to no avail Cooper is a special agent who works for a top secret branch of the FBI called the Bureau of Special Investigations BSI which deals exclusively with cases involving werewolves The existence of werewolves is still largely unknown to the general population but it s becoming imperative that the humans in the know start working cohesively with their werewolf counterparts mostly to ensure that crimes committed byor against werewolves are handled in a safe and unbiased way The story kicks into gear when Cooper s higher ups partner him with a werewolf named Park who works for a werewolf organisation called The Trust and send them to investigate a string of murders and disappearances in the backwoods town of Florence The dynamic between Cooper and Park is complex and appealing from the start only growing
so as they 
as they against the clock to uncover the truth behind the nefarious murders and disappearances that are ravaging this once peaceful small town communityEven though the mystery played front and centre here it was the slow burn romance between Cooper and Park that held me truly captivated Their chemistry was off the charts and after lots of delicious push and pull with plenty of banter and barbs shared while working the case they finally came together in spectacular fashion and it was positively combustibleThis story truly was an epic amalgamation of many of the things I love reading most in fiction including remarkable writing uality with a perfectly paced narrative intriguing world building a cast of characters who were multifaceted and engaging a mystery plot that was both complex and engrossing a swoon worthy slow burn romance and humour that was bang on and wildly amusing to the point of induced giggle snortingTo me that s a lot of impressive ticks in my plus column and I m sure I ve even forgotten a few unintentionallyNeedless to say I enjoyed the hell out of this reading experience and I m blown away at the thought that this was the author s debut offering I m truly excited for this series to expand and grow because I get the feeling Cooper and Park have the potential to become uite the epic because I get the feeling Cooper and Park have the potential to become uite the epic book couple if get the feeling Cooper and Park have the potential to become uite the epic book couple if the chance Murder was like getting a tattoo The first one you carefully ask yourself why each one after you ask yourself why not Well then I better be careful not to commit that first murder cuz I gotta hella lotta tattoosAnd yet not one of these So I guess you can say that I m winningSo this book is a mystery that has werewolves as the main suspects because people are being killed by werewolves As surprising as this might seem I actually had the wrong guy pegged for half the book and even put way too many bookmarks on what I saw as the evidence against that person Then they turned up dead and I was like ruh roh back to the drawing board Yeah I m articulate Luckily I m also extremely suspicious because the person who I thought was a co bad guy was the oneMy kids and I were discussing the other day if we could get away with casually dropping the word zoinks in a conversation without the other person noticing We decided that it s impossible If you have any ideas please share I know we re a veritable brain trust over hereThe mystery was pretty interesting and there were plenty of murders which I like bloodthirsty much Yes But I think the main thing about this book was the partnership between the two law enforcement guys In this world the A former FBI agent is partnered with the enemy in this suspenseful malemale shifter romance from debut author Charlie AdharaHunting for big bad wolves was never part of Agent Cooper Dayton’s plan but a werewolf attack lands him in the carefully guarded Bureau of Special Investigations A new case comes with a new partner ruggedly sexy werewolf Oliver ParkPark is an agent of The Trust a werewolf oversight org. Erewolves have only been out of the doghouse closet for a short time and only to law enforcement This led to them starting a branch of the FBI to work werewolf crimes but to say that this branch is clueless and racist is an understatement So to work this case they take an FBI guy and pair him with a werewolf officer Seems like a good ideaThe FBI guy is super werewolf racist but doesn t mean to be He has basic misunderstandings of werewolves was trained by a total bigot and had been attacked by one The werewolf guy has the patience of a saint and is awesome in every way And the best part They are both gay If that bothers you you definitely are not going to want to turn the page Or the next one fewI liked the book the mystery and the main werewolf character The main human character was kind of an immature asshole for a good portion of the book But he did grow I m going to continue reading to see if he ends up becoming a good and decent guy after getting laid consistently It s possible 4 StarsWell well wellI must say that the reviews raving about this book aren t wrongLaw enforcement tropes are a top favorite and when you mix it with werewolf shifter lore on a whole new set up this definitely scratched every itch I had and some I didn t even know aboutEager FBI agent recently transferred to a top secret branch known as the Bureau of Special Investigations Cooper doesn t uite know how to handle his new world view Werewolves exist This is still a well kept secret to the general population but that doesn t mean human and werewolf relations can take a backseat When the top brass on both sides express displeasure in how suspected crimes done by werewolves are handled Cooper s the lucky guy that gets to spearhead a new partnership with an actual werewolfCue immediate distrust throw in a little resentment and toss liberally with a whole lot of needing to prove oneself as Cooper and his new partner Park head up north to investigate a couple of suspicious deaths Cooper doesn t want to like Park but he can t dismiss that having someone with extra sensory abilities covering his back is not such a bad thing after all As these two race against time as both werewolves and humans start to go missing they find things are way complicated and shocking than they ever expectedOverall this was filled with plenty of suspense in and amongst a delicious slow burn between two men basically not communicating their vulnerabilities but not being able to fully hide their attraction On a side note Park was an absolute dream mysterious confident an unruffled professional until he s well and properly ruffled a charming alpha with a protective streak and a strong sense of Infamous justice andust this side of controlled dominance to melt your clothes off UnfSo the short of it is I definitely likened this to the other ultimate FBI couple that I love so hard and when you throw in the shifter dynamic it was the proverbial icing on the cake Though this irked me uite a bit regarding Cooper s understandable insecurities the top notch romantic progression peppered with some spot on snark tender feels and yummy smexy all but negated those uibbles I can only hope this continues to deliver and becomes a long standing series that I ll enjoy far far into the future Fingers crossed 45 Stars and I AM WOWED or WOLFED or WHATEVER Murder was like getting a tattoo The first one you carefully ask yourself why each one after you ask yourself why not Ohhh this was definitely some wolfy goodness although this is pretty much all you will get to see of a werewolf in this book Well with one exception I LOVED the world you will get to see of a werewolf in this book Well with one exception I LOVED the world although it s still in the early stages of development and the super sekrit agency Cooper is
working for is 
for is not something unheard of I guess we will get to see development in the rest of this series but the slightly different approach here with werewolves living among humans leading a normal life And No One Is no one is wiser made things very interesting and I would not call this a typical shifter story Everyone who might expect lots of snarling gnarling and breaking bones while shifting might be disappointed the mystery part with the author throwing me red herrings left right and center and kept me guessing the whole time what the hell was going on here Walled just like the main characters I should add turned out to be a complex case which had me burying my nose in my Kindle until I was finished Oh and the red herrings woven into it might not have been red herrings after all Intrigued Well I was or rather still am the characters who only added to the complexity of the story Granted at the beginning I couldn t decide if I liked Cooper or not Porcupine Oliver called him once and that describes him to the point He behaved like an ahole sometimes especially towards Oliver but with his lashing out heust wanted to keep his attraction toward him at bay Is it the right thing to do Certainly not and he admittedly sometimes frustrated the hell out of me with his hot and cold attitude but for someone being socially awkward and lonely without somebody he would call friend I could still understand where he was coming from And Oliver This sexy werewolf with the amaretto eyes intrigued me from the beginning and I wanted to peel off all his layers one after the other myself and not only the fabric kind cough until I get to his secret and the reason for his pain and vulnerability the romance which developed very slowly and tentatively from a sexual attraction into something deeper but we are still at the very beginning of this partnership turned relationship and I can t wait to see where they are going from here And if the sex scenes are anything to go by I m in for a treat here the humor both Cooper s dry sense of humor Something bothering you Agent Dayton Nope Just want to solve this case And go home and hug my very live cat Should have known you were a cat person Why because I don t like you Cooper muttered as Park left the trailer and the humorous writing style in general Every time he managed to catch Park s eye Park would immediately look away and when Cooper tried to get him alone he d scamper off Or whatever the Park euivalent of scamper was Gracefully glide elsewhere threatened to make me snort my coffee through my nose For me this is a great start to a new series and I am definitely hooked Holy moly this was a GREAT solid MM mystery and it is currently on sale at all major platforms they fixed it so it also shows up at the zon une 2018 Now spend ALL the moniesFirst of all the amount of humour and snark was amazing and it elevated this story from a good mystery to a fantastic boo. Anization working to ease escalating tensions with the BSI But as far as Cooper’s concerned it’s failing As they investigate a series of mysterious deaths unlike anything they’ve seen every bone in Cooper’s body is suspicious of his new partner even when Park proves himself as competent as he is utterly captivatingWhen people vanish pressure to solve the case skyrockets And though he’d resolved to The Wolf at the Door