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Somehow attracted me on Netgalley Not an immediately apparent attraction since I usually stay away from the south in fiction and real life and New Orleans specifically Wascom s subject of his previous works holds no appeal whatsoever And yetread this one I did And I m impressed From a purely literary perspective as a life long reader as someone who loves books I liked this book a lot for the writing I suppose I cared about the main character yet also felt uite removed It is not a happy story not easy I cared about the main character yet also felt uite removed It is not a happy story not easy mostly but the writing is uite extraordinary A sentence might be five words and the next one will be a half a page but not ponderous I liked that there was no time wasted on unnecessary detail For example the weddingmarriage is not ever mentioned except as before or after and I liked that various characters have their future explained in a short paragraph not long after you meet them without any disruption to the story line Indeed a lot of the main character s future is foreshadowed in a similar way I can t say that I can compare Wascom s style to any author I have previously read

"And The Story Does Not "
the story does not fit a simple enre Wascom coukd easily become an author that other people Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson get higher university degrees by analysing his works I will seek out his earlier novels Kent Wascom is a rare talent in the current literary landscape and his third book in this series really demonstrates hisrowth as a writer I highly recommend his work to any Sinclair and Faulkner fans looking for something brilliant intriguing and dark His writing seems effortless and avoids the pretentious feeling usually present in wascom is clearly brilliant and present in Wascom is clearly brilliant and looks too young to write with the depth that makes this book so impressive Book three in a family saga I haven t read the first two carries along the story of the next Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture generation of Woolsacks but peripherally since Wascom s intent here seems to be to introduce the story of Isaac Patterson Beginning with a riveting almost dreamy few chapters about Isaac s origins the book onlyathers speed with some truly fine prose Compare Wascom to Faulkner to Hemingway but he s Edge of Venomverse got his own style a light touch and a firm hand on the wheel of his story that never feels pretentious or imitative Good writers write about what they know and it. Rama a novel of nature and a novel of war The New Inheritors traces a family whose life is intimately tied to the Gulf that most disputed threatened and haunted part of this country we call AmericaOne of the darkest most compelling writerly imaginations around New Orleans AdvocateThe third mesmerizing historical novel by Kent Wascom His style and subjects echoreat Southern writers like William Faulkner and Harry Crews continuing a tradition of recounting terrible things in deliriously beautiful language Tampa Bay Tim. .
Beautiful beautiful writing Complicated characters that are intriguing A love song to the Mississippi coast The opening scenes of this story are very strange and he lost me a few times in the first 50 pages but I stuck with it and I m very happy I did Powerful writing The plot touches on several rather contemporary topics in the context of the early 20th century south #The Characters Have Stronger Links #characters have stronger links points south ie Cuba Nicaragua Haiti than to the rest of the US and there is a Subtle But Recurring Argument but recurring argument whose America they live in There are also lines running through of race and sexual orientation money and morality artistry and war It s a rich and satisfying literary explorationI ot a copy to review from Net Galley I was eager to review this novel after reading all the publicity for it Unfortunately it failed to hold my attention I couldn t buy into the characters or the plot After about f The second half of the story isn t uite as strong as the first the final confrontation between brothers *Red and Angel is left far too ambiguous the introduction of Rule *and Angel is left far too ambiguous the introduction of Rule to come from a different novel all togethereverything seems to be a bit less than the sum of its introductory parts nothing is settle to my satisfaction That said the first half represents one of the reatest love stories I ve ever read It s as if Pat Conroy went back in time and wrote historical fiction as if he were an eyewitness Whatever issues I have with the second half of the novel those opening chapters are lush and lyrical in ways I haven t experienced in uite some time Overall this is a Back of the Yards: The Making of a Local Democracy gorgeous tragedy worthy of Shakespeare and Marlowe Rich lush realistic thoughtful fascinating books don tet much better than this This was a fabulous and satisfying readThis book was made up of an incredible cast of characters At the center was Isaac Patterson whose life takes him from the streets of New Orleans to an orphanage in Florida and eventually to live along the coast of Mississippi He was a talented artist and his character was loosely inspired by Walter Anderson The book was populated with many vivid personalities including con men murderers merchants and the military In addition to the Gulf Coast parts of the book were set in Cuba Haiti and Nicaragua This book was the third volume in. The acclaimed author of The Blood of Heaven and Secessia delivers a lyrical emotionally charged study of life along the Gulf Coast a century past Kirkus ReviewsIn 1914 with the world on the brink of war Isaac a nature loving artist whose past is mysterious to all including himself meets Kemper a defiant heiress caught in the rivalry between her brothers Kemper's older brother Angel is hiding a terrible secret about his sexuality and her younger brother Red possesses a capacity for violence that frightens even the membe. .
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A series of five books planned by Kent Wascom This worked very well as a stand alone novel however I can hardly wait to read the first two volumes This was a really fine read Put it on your to read list nowThis book was provided to me by NetGalley in return for an honest reviewAnd I read it again for my Mississippi Book Club His language is so rich and lovely I appreciated the history But my very favorite thing is the way the author will suddenly let you look into the future then bring you back to the present all without Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine getting in the way of the story Nicaragua Kent Wascom has been called one of the most exciting and ambitious emerging voices in American fiction this book his most powerful and poignant novel yet It has a 403 rating onoodreads And I just did not Blue Guide get it At all I found the novel extremely vague as I could not pinpoint a lot neither the personalities of the characters nor the where and what of the plot It was poetic maybe but it took forever toet some plot oing and arrive at some points of conflict Those were then again very vague and neither made me feel anything nor would I be able to re tell them Overall not a book for me I received a free copy to re tell them Overall not a book for me I received a free copy this book via NetGalley I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and all opinions expressed above are my own Kent Wascom s The New Inheritors is his third novel about the Woolsack family and it is undeniably his most captivating Set in vivid lush locations like the Mississippi Gulf Coast New Orleans and Nicaragua the novel draws YOU IN WITH WASCOM S BEAUTIFULLY in with Wascom s beautifully imagery and keeps you there with a story of love loss revenge and redemption Beginning at the turn of the 20th century the novel focuses on Isaac an orphaned artist and Kemper a fiercely independent heiress who find themselves ripped apart as World War I begins Even threatening than the war in Europe however is Kemper s dark family secrets ones that her brothers are determined to put to rest in potentially deadly and dangerous ways Though this is the third book Wascom has penned about the Woolsack family it stands entirely on its own a reat book to et lost in this summer Kent Wascom apparently burst onto the literary scene as something of a wunderkind at the early age of 26 And I haven #T Read It Or #read it or seuel But this his third one. Rs of his own brutal family Together Isaac and Kemper build a refuge on their beloved wild Gulf Coast But their paradise is short lived; as the coast is rocked by the storms of summer the country is ripped by the furor preceding World War I and the Woolsack family's rivalries come to a bloody headFrom the breathtaking beauty of the Gulf to the bloody havoc wreaked by the United States in Latin America The New Inheritors explores the beauty and burden of what is handed down to us all At once a love story and a family

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The New Inheritors

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