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I had a hard time etting into this one mainly because of Jenna the heroine I found that she was into this one mainly because of Jenna the heroine I found that she was throughout the whole book Emmett was a very sweet hero and he was constantly doing everything to please Jenna There really wasn t any compromise nor was there An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism give and take As a result I had a hard time becoming fully connected to the charactersI usually love this author s books this particular one wasn t one of my faves Loved loved loved it Emmett and Jenna almost made me want too the parenting route again I kid But seriously this book is just what I wanted sexy swoony with a dash of sweet The main characters are real and relatable I enjoyed their back and forth banter Here s what I loved Emmett He could knock me up any day He s pretty much everything I love in a BBF Smart businessman with a sense of humor and side of sweet Jenna is also a fabulous character She s a professional woman who s taking the bull by hornsso to speak She knows what she wants and she s not afraid to o for it The setup is reat The writing is Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character great And the end result left me smiling Overall I enjoyed it immensely and the epilogue is amazeballs Highly recommendedFor of my reviewsMy Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog Baby daddy by Kendall Ryan is a uick easy and a very naughty readIt a single women meets man of her dreams in a broken down lift on her way to a fertility treatment appointment just as you do I love Kendall Ryan foriving us single ladies new ideas if finding men 35 stars Baby Daddy is one of those books that shows what Kendall Ryan does best Short sweet flirty and fun I love her books for this reason Knowing I can pick one up and usually finish it in one sitting with a huge smile on my face it s a Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences good feeling I really enjoyed Baby Daddy I listened to the audio book andot through it in a day One of my favorite narrators Sebastian York narrated Emmett so that is always a huge plus Baby Daddy starts with two random people meeting in and Anaphora and Conceptual Structure getting stuck in an elevator One is on their way to a fertility clinic the other on his way to work The two strike up a conversation and there is obviously chemistry between them Somehow Emmett decides maybe Jenna couldet pregnant the old fashioned way with his help It would be a no strings attached using him to impregnant her then they would o their own separate ways Emmett has no desire to have children or settle down but there is something about Jenna that draws her to him It s funny how things change with time Emmett and Jenna have so much chemistry together and it s not just sexual chemistry The time they spend together the both of them start to fall It s not part of #THE PLAN BUT MAYBE PLANS CAN #plan but maybe plans can This book was steamy entertaining and a whole lot of fun It was a reat book to listen to and I highly recommend the audio book if you re looking for something short sexy and sweet 35 Stars The blurb to this story really captured my interest and attention There seems to be an influx of this type Of Story Lately Where story lately where heroine is ready to have a baby on her own when the hero comes along However this one stood out for me Jenna is a professional woman who knows what she wants She is independent and is ready for the next stage of her life Upon meeting Emmett sparks fly Emmett is a busy businessman that has no time for or desire to pursue relationships However he is than interested in a strictly sexual arrangement with Jenna I really liked Jenna s opinion stance and modern take on motherhood The hero and heroine s meet and subseuent understanding however happened rather uickly in my opinion I would ve liked for them to have a little page space within which to develop their beginning Still I was still able to Betrayals get aeneral sense of their characterization and was entertained I enjoyed the way Emmett s feelings changed and evolved The writing was strong The plot was ok in execution Pacingflow were strong after the rushed beginning Safety No rape or abuse No others for either Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed Take my handHave my babyBe my everythingEmmett is so swoony An adorable pregnancy plot with a twist HypableBaby Daddy is now LIVE Get your copy here iBooks Kobo Nook Google Play UK 45 STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorOur time together has a set expiration date and even though it will be hard it s also necessary For a fleeting moment the flash of a memory takes hold I reflect on what my friends told me way back when that love shows up when you aren t looking for it anyJust when I think I m about to Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations give up on Kendall Ryan sheoes and writes a story that reels me back in She s written so many books and I will be honest not everyone has been a winner for me but it s when she writes like this that my faith in her is renewed Baby Daddy isn t a deep thought provoking read but it s 100% fun and steamy I love romanc. From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a feel ood and sexy new standalone romance We met in a trapped elevator Emmett was on his way to work sophisticated and handsome in his tailored suit and tie I was on my way to the sperm bank Awkward right At thirty five my life hadn’t taken the path I thought it would and I was tired of wait.

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Baby DaddySperm DonorPOV First Person Dual POVStandalone Yes Audiobook received in exchange for an honest review Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Romantic super sexy and so much funBaby Daddy is an adorable sultry rom com featuring the fun loving intelligent Jeanna who s ready and determined to be a mother and the successful hard bodied Emmett who has no intention of ever being a family manThe prose is witty and lighthearted The characters are charismatic playful and endearing And the plot is an engaging mix of drama emotion sizzling chemistry saucy innuendos flirty banter palpable attraction and of course some steamy baby makingBaby Daddy is a charming romantic delectable indulgence with a humorous plot irresistible 35 Surprise Feelings Stars 12 Spoiler Free Limited Time FREEIt is always fascinating how all of a sudden every other book coming out is about a particular concept Right now we have any number of books using the focus of 30 something women who want to have a baby and are prepared to do on their own They either had bad relationships and now don t trust any menor they had childhood traumas causing their own They either had bad relationships and now don t trust any menor they had childhood traumas causing to not believe in marriage or happy ever aftersI have read many of these books and each author has come to the table with different ways to approach the troupe to leave their mark Each has the stages of the meet decision to do the deed for a baby only and then the enviable realization the feelings are real and now whatIn Baby Daddy by Kendell Ryan the first meet happens in a stuck elevator There Jenna Porter is on her way to look into artificial insemination She is thirty five has her own business and was raised by a single mother She has thought long and hard and finally ot up the nerve to take this step The Fertility Clinic is on the 13th floor and as the elevator doors are about to close she prays the number of the floor is Not an omenEmmet needs to Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work get to his office and sticks his hand out to stop the elevator doors closing From that first look between these twoweet exactly where Emmet s head is at He is azing at Jenna and recognizes her beauty and his inner dialogue with his body lets us know how very attractive he finds her Jenna cannot believe she has to be in this elevator with this man who looks like he came off a runway only better She is trying to ignore him and then the worst happensTheir elevator ets stuckYup Jenna is stuck with this man who is sex on a stick and she is Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War going to miss the appointment at the clinic which took months to auireso she could arrange toet pregnantAnd then it starts Mr Man seems to know how to contact the building and alerts them of the elevator situation They hear it is oing to take awhile and after this "MAN SAYING ALL OF THE CORRECT THINGS LIKE ARE "saying all of the correct things like are alright ives his nameShe asks if he works in the building etcAnd then he starts with the Comments He sees the number 13 bright in all its Back to the Breast: Natural Motherhood and Breastfeeding in America glory and asksstates things likeoing to the Sperm Bank or the Masturbation StationOMG he didn t just do thatwith flirty eyes and allWell he did and worse knows that is the only company on that floor It is the moment of truth and so the conversation happens of Yes I am going and why and he seems to understand the want for and why and he seems to understand the want for just not no way for himBut his lower half is very interested in this womanso he says the unthinkableHe offers to do the deed with her and then have no connection after leaving her with what she wants a baby on her own Jenna looks at him and thinks this is crazy Yet her lady bits are interested and he is very interestingso they decide to meet and talk a little This is the set up and know our At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture guy is very confident about his abilities He is extremely focused in his work as the CEO of a large book companyhis dad started it and with all the work he did he was almost an absentee fatherat least that was what Emmet s mom drilled into himand the cause of why the dadshe cheated With seeing and experiencing all of these thingsrowing up Emmet feels he cannot be a father or partner and run the company the way it needs to be run That is why knocking up Jenna is a perfect thingHe is very attracted to her she is to him and he can Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity give her what she wantsWin WinExceptwhen all of this Baby Making starts to take placewhat happens when both of them start to feel things for each otherOh and there is this other complication floating out there tooThis is a Kendell Ryan book so you know there isoing to be banter and very smokin hot sexy times I think the concept was Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism good and mostly the read was entertainingI was not all that in love with Emmet at first as his intro was a bit crass and over the top Dick Obsessed and the hiccup of the plot pushed the reality factorBut as the book developed and each became open to each otherthere were sweet moments If you are a Kendell Ryan fan and love a Baby tale then put this on the list to enjoy For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways. Diapers or playdates And since he didn’t want kids I’d be on my own once his bun was in my oven free too my own way But once his baby was inside me it was like a switch had been flipped and I ot a whole lot than I ever bargained for This full length standalone contains a hot swoonworthy hero lots of playful banter and some hot baby making Enjoy. Es that start between two strangers who meet while stuck in an elevator together I don t know why I just love this tropeJenna Porter is a thirty in an elevator together I don t know why I just love this tropeJenna Porter is a thirty year old bookstore owner who is taking matters into her own hands and is on her way to a fertility clinic in hopes of becoming pregnant She has zero faith in the opposite sex and is determined to have a child on her own She wasn t looking for a man to be a part of her plans but then she ets stuck in an elevator with sexy Emmett Smith Emmet is the CEO of his family s company Baxter Books He s nearly forty and has never been in a serious relationship nor has he been tempted to be in one Emmett loves his life as a single man and enjoys uncomplicated sex with an endless supply of women While stuck on the elevator with Jenna he deduces where she was off to by the floor she was heading for and seeing that he s a red blooded American male and she s a knockout he offers Jenna his sexual services He ll Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago get her impregnated the old fashioned way and then willo on his merry way without any attempts to be a part of the baby s life Sounds like a simple plan but things don t turn out the way they expectedAs soon as they become intimate Jenna and Emmett are blown away by their out of this world chemistry While the initial plan was to have sex during Jenna s ovulation period and only until she becomes pregnant the two come up with various excuses to be intimate on many occasions even after Jenna becomes pregnant When feelings start to blur the lines between Jenna and Emmett will they both be able to take a chance on love Or will their fears of the matters of the heart keep them from reaching for that happily ever after that is just within their Berlioz and the Romantic Century graspHere are my overall ratings Hero 5 Heroine 45 Plot 4 Angst 4 Steam 5 Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5BABY DADDY releases on February 27th Play UK Audiobook Review at Of Pens and PagesOverall Rating 4 starsStory 35 starsPerformance 4 starsSTORY OVERVIEW AND REVIEWJenna and Emmett meet inside an elevator on her way to the sperm bank Theyet stuck inside and instead of Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago getting to know each other or maybe make small talk they end up discussing Jenna s plans of putting a bun in her oven and Emmett helping her put said bunJenna would have outright said no but Emmett can be pretty convincing when he wants something It also helps that he s incrediblyood looking He also sounds smart Surely his Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) genes would be areat addition for her baby And his proposed way of Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture getting her knocked up is areat enticement too He doesn t want a family but wants the way of making one so it s a win win for themThey agree on the terms and off they One Touch of Scandal go to babytown Emmett is nothing if not determined He ll do his best toet her knocked up and he ll do his best to make sure she enjoys the process tooBut like most baby making romances things aren t as easy as they first planned it When feelings are involved and people are attached letting Bulletproof Feathers go and moving on is becoming the least favorable choiceI admire Jenna s independence and her stand on motherhood Having a mother who raised her on her own showed her she can be aood mother without a man and she s confident she can do it She oes after what she wants and it s not just about the baby She s passionate about her business and worked hard to achieve her dreamEmmett is the typical rich playboy but there s something so charming and endearing about the man that I can t help but love him I love that this all started out as lust for this perpetual bachelor but then he started falling for Jenna and loving the idea of starting a family with herI have to admit there were times Jenna frustrated idea of starting a family with herI have to admit there were times Jenna frustrated Emmett was ready to o all in but she refused to see itOverall I still enjoyed it The banter was Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 great the sexual tension wonderfully written and the pace just right WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THE AUDIOBOOKFirst of all Sebastian York Need I say This man could read a shopping receipt and I d still enjoy it He emulated Emmett s personality perfectly there was the playboy attitude that slight cockiness and the confidence that s very Emmett He also hasreat comedic timingSame Chameleon Hours goes for Virginia Rose This is the first audiobook of hers I ve heard and I really like her I m pretty choosy with female audiobooks but Ms Rose soundsreat Lively and full of personality like Jenna There s nothing robotic about her voice and I can hear the characters feelings in her narrationThe pacing of the narration was reat and there wasn t a time that I ot bored I loved listening to both narrators so kudos to themWOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS AUDIOBOOK TO A FRIEND IF SO WHYThe narrators made it an enjoyable listen and their performance made the story even entertaining If you re Looking For A Uick And for a uick and romance between two lovable characters you ll enjoy Baby Daddy Oh and if you re a fan of the baby making trope obviously this one is for youTropes Baby. Ing I wanted a baby And I was ready to take matters into my own hands to make it happen After our ill fated elevator encounter Emmett insisted on taking me to dinner he also insisted on something else that I ditch my plan involving a turkey baster and let him do the job He would be my baby daddy He was a wealthy and powerful CEO with little interest in.

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