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HindsightHe enjoys so much I called #THIS BOOK HINDSIGHT BECAUSE IT IS #book Hindsight because it is long look backward and a deep look inward into everything I am and how those things connect to where I came from who *I Am And Who I Hope *am now who I hope become Unlike many other famous people biographies this didn t feel like an ongoing narrative but like the telling of little moments put together It also felt a lot like a book that Timberlake wrote for himself in order to figure things out He s not an incredible writer and a lot of passages felt chunky or non sensical Like Everybody brings what they bring into the room and I bring what I bring Yeah sure Having that said what he does get across is his passion for things Which is lovely and probably the reason I didn t actually dislike it despite not gaining much from it He seems to be terrifically excited and full of love for what he does And that in itself should be enough to give him a voice Unless your a big fan however maybe stick to his music Odd The barest autobiography you can write This didn t really work for meThe overly positive platitudes and nonsense paragraphs were weirdFelt like a self help book with picturesLuckily this is a coffee table type book and there really isn t much writingThe pictures are lovely and I thought they told his story on their own ite well I don t want to compete I want to connect On and off the stageJustin discusses many aspects of his childhood including his very early love of music and the inspiration behind many of his songs and albums He talks about his songwriting process offering the back story to many of his hits He muses on his collaborations with other artists and directors sharing the details of performances in. ,
20% memoir 80% stylized artsy photos It s *a coffee table book some interesting tidbits but *coffee table book Some interesting tidbits but are outweighed by the serious introspection Hard to not c You know I m not a huge Omygosh JT fan Probably because I grew Approaching the Guitar up with him in NSYNC and all that But this book was touching and just helped me get to know him and it was just well done I m glad that he wrote a book It was nice reading about his life Finished it in one sitting I couldn t put it down It s a deeper look inside the person not the actor musician star I thoroughly enjoyed it Another good piece of work JT That s why I love entertainment in all forms it s connection disguised as escapism That s why we listen to music That s why we go to a movie a play or an art gallery Every day while making my way toni I would pass a bookshop with this in their window Every day I would make eye contact with Justin Timberlake a man I have never spent much time thinking about in my life One day I caved in Singer songwriter actor dancer and record producer Justin Timberlake is definitely a man many talents but I admit I didn t ite record producer Justin Timberlake is definitely a man many talents but I admit I didn t ite the point of this book It s divided into three sections The Connection The Practice and The Stillness in which he talks about specific moments in his career certain people that he has worked with and tries explaining why he enjoys what. In his first book Justin Timberlake creates a characteristically dynamic experience one that combines an intimate remarkable collection of anecdotes reflections and observations on his life and work with hundreds of candid photographs from his personal archives that range from his early years to the present day in locations around the world both. Want to connect to my music and to the audience I want to do my best work and support other artists who are doing brilliant work that inspires me I feel like I should #PREFACE THIS REVIEW BY SAYING I WAS A HUGE #this review by saying I was a HUGE of N SYNC and in particular Justin back when N SYNC and all the other boy bands of the late 90 searly 00 s were big At 1112 I was the perfect age for the onslaught that was the boy band craze and N SYNC was my favorite of all of them I listened to all their songs had all their CD s watched all the music videos on MTV to the point that I can STILL do the dance moves to Bye Bye Bye nearly 20 years later without thinking about it twice In a lot of ways the music of N SYNC is interwoven into the background of my life during my formative early teen yearsThat said I hadn t been keeping p with Justin fo It bothered me to see how few pages he spent discussing his time with NSYNC the group that made him famous and I m far from being an NSYNC fan His Mickey *Mouse Club Years Were Given *Club years were given It felt disrespectful This is the kind of book that belongs on the end table at a Doctors office to peruse while you wait To me it was disjointed and gave no new insight whatsoever If you have seen The Good Place it is comparable to a male Tahani altruistic with name dropping follow ps As others have commented it is a vanity projec. Concert TV comedy and film He also reflects on who he is examining what makes him tick speaking candidly about fatherhood family close relationships struggles and his search to find an inner calm and strength Living a creative life observing and finding inspiration in the world taking risks and listening to an inner voice this is Justin Timberlak.

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