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As going n between MrMorningside a 35 stars Although I liked the story the pace that intrigued me and kept me coming back for in the first two was missing in this addition to the trilogy It felt rushed and not in a good way I would enjoy reading a novella about the epilogue final update before reviewpraise be that I can finally read this and all my uestions will be answered hopefully in the way I desire you bet your gran s sticky purse mints I m talking about Morningside and Louisa as a ship mkay I have no shame here about that Another updateahhhhhhhhhhhhh WE HAVE A COVER AND A BLURB AND I AM READY FOR THIS Also why am I the Commitment onlyne flailing by myself about this book COME AND BEHOLD BRILLIANCE Y ALL Update BLESS YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW THAT THIS IS THE 3RD HOUSE OF FURIES BOOKPLEASE TELL ME THIS IS THE 3RD HOUSE OF FURIES BOOK PLEASE SOMEONE GET ME THIS INFORMATION A S A P First The Binders are sick with their cruel jokes and depressing gamesSecond Unexpected romances that I will never complain I needed them HahaThird Found friends that became family always make me want to cry grateful tears by the end Claiming The Forbidden Bride (Regency Silk Scandal, of the seriesFourth My girl Louisa has come so. Influencef her father’s spirit growing stronger Louisa knows she’ll have to pick a side in the coming war between the Modern Box Set 5-8/Carrying the Sheikhs Baby/Awakening His Innocent Cinderella/The Tycoons Shock Heir/One Night with the Forbidden Princes old gods whether she’d like tor notLouisa will do whatever it takes to save herself even if it means returning to Coldthistle House And when she strikes another devil’s takes to save herself even if it means returning to Coldthistle House And when she strikes another devil’s with Mr Morningside she’s forced to join his supernatural staff What a great end to A Series I Can phenomenal series can give this book enough praise Some people were bummed that a certain ship didn t sail however I enjoyed the ships that were in this novel Dalton was always too precious for this world Erm disappointing and confusingalso my ship did not sail 35 stars I really enjoyed the first half The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The Kings Elite of this book it was fast paced and easy to follow for the most part but the second half felt draggedut I Loved The Previous Two the previous two but found this Alessandros Prize one a little hard to follow The story was fast paced compared to the slow build eerie atmospheref the previous books which I lovedAnother draw for me with this series was the chemistry between Louisa and Mr Morningside in the first two books which sadly disappeared in Tomb Of Ancients I know that it was probably wishful thinking n my part though because this series is classed as a gothic horror not a romance but I m sure I wasn t the nly disappointed reader I was looking forward to the third book for a long time hoping there would be an amazing ending However I was mistaken The storyline was confusing and not thoroughly paced What angered me is that the little romance that From the New York Times bestselling author The Officer And The Renegade of Asylum comes the final book in the creepy fantasy series Fleeing the nightmaresf Coldthistle House Louisa and her friends have taken up in a posh new London residence But religious zealots from the shepherd’s army are flocking to the city in droves and The Guardian ominous warnings are being leftn Louisa’s very doorstepWith the evil. Far and I m so proud f her Fifth A Mixture Of Sadness And Awe Of How The War Went of sadness and awe f how the war went the cost f not how awe f how the war went and the cost Ravished by Desire of not how win it but how to stop it and to start anewSixth That epilogue is the balm that I needn my wounded soul I just need all A Call To Joy of them to bekay Like with each Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai other And hope this is not another alliance gone wrong And since it s an ending I get to decide I ll thinkf it as a friendship The Australians Convenient Bride/The Millionaires Marriage Claim of two sides that will endure to eternity for the goodf the worldNow that s the ending I want Haha Wow What a great ending to a great series This is another The Bridesmaids Proposal one that I ll miss dearly and consider buying mywn copies for future reading I really did enjoy this Delaceys Angel (Regency Series, one despite my previous statement for saying that it moved uickly And it moved very uickly but I never really felt like anythingf note was lost due to the pace The Miss Prims Greek Island Fling only thing I think that I miss that the previous books had was the horror aspects The fee Ahhh I needed that A fast paced entertaining jaunt Again I neededf a refresher f the last book but was too lazy and managed to muddle through anyway I appreciated how uick the book was to get to point and to the action A satisfying end to a solid series. N a journey to a gateway between worlds a place f legend the Tomb Relentless (In Too Deep of AncientsBut as always Louisa knows there’s a catch  In this epic finale to Madeleine Roux’s gripping Housef Furies series eerie photographs and beautiful illustrations from artist Iris Compiet help bring to life a world where gods and monsters are at war and no ne will escape the battle unscathed. Tomb f Ancients

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