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Signaler un problème yDoesn t support or agree with the authorFull of negativityIf the author discards his conspiracy theory and fulminations against those who don t help himagree with him he is actually a good writer I am pretty sure he can write a world changing fiction novel if he decides to write one One of the speakers at the Mumbai launch of the book Urban Naxals by Vivek Agnihotri was Sandeep Singh He talked of the wars that are no fought by swords and guns but by words The term UrbanNaxal which is the product of Agnihotri s book is a weapon in that sense In times of unconventional warfare where the enemy remains invisible terms like UrbanNaxals are used to define and name an enemy Proper terms are like night vision and thermal imaging cameras that help us identify the enemy betterContinue readingFull review at The Field Guide to Naxals and Naxalism As all nationalist Indians know Naxalism is a disease like rabies which has no cure once it reaches the acute stage According to the experts on the malady people infected with it run around killing honest and upright citizens So all of us have to be extremely vigilant in discovering the infections and getting the people treatedThe people of India were under the impression that this was a historical scourge like smallpox and has been practically eradicated Not so The brilliant filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has discovered an extremely virulent strain called Urban Naxalism and is in the process of eradicating it totally As my mite towards this laudable effort I am in the process of compiling this field guide to the various strains of the disease1 Original Naxalism This is the original strain having its genesis in the village of I read this book in one day Its been ages to complete any book in one day This book is really an eye opener for me in many levels This book exposes the reality of the blood money behind the intellectual mafia ruling Indian Media and popular discourse Exposes how criminals are ruling the roost in India wearing a mask of human rights women s right and various NGOs I am not saying every NGOs are corrupted there are some who used NGOs to bypass the money or agenda Not only terrorist are brainwashed in this bookou can see how educated normal citizen are brainwashed to the core You can also find how professor and students are brainwashed It also exposes how communistleftistbreaking India ideology has infiltrated our educational institutions like termites for decades and how their narrative is supported by the sold out media Earlier I used to think Naxals or communist are very few in numbers After reading this book i realized that these hypocrites are in large numbers in every urban and they never want any development or upliftment for society For them only their purpose should be solved There seems to be a self destructive strand among sections of India that makes them actively court and woo forces that are inimical hostile to or want to dismember whatever is left of the Indian ness component in the Indian state Like Sandeep Balakrishna beautifully said Perhaps jungle Naxalism is no longer reuired we now have two and half generations of Naxals in our cities and towns who are thoroughly brainwashed that they don t even realise that they ve have been brainwashedHats off to the boldness of Author Vivek Agnihotri The book gives an account of a filmmakers encounter with radicalism in urban India Everyone should read it I don t give a damn when some people give negative reviews about this book Read the book then judge it Many will review it without even reading it Must read Naxalism is uite real ugly and bloody But how has it survived even after 70 Un monstre dans les céréales years of independence withwithout any help is what Vivek Agnihotri explores in his movie Buddha in a traffic jam Do give the movie a shot too This book is about conceptualizing making of this movie and its release in the course of which the author unveils the bloody Naxal racket spreading its tentacles in the country It is no associated with what it started and naxals are now no less than terroristsAgnihotri ji not only explores but also busts the nexus that s running amongst Naxals artisans intelligentsia and academicians with news articles and detailed discussion with students around India The highest level of intolerance that the leftists and communists show the extreme venom and hatred towards anything positive the exploitation of FoE the resort to violence whenever faced with facts on face these are almost unbelievable andou have to actually read through the events that occurred during screening of the movie to believe theseAgnihotri ji also correctly judges the media so called seasoned opinion makers and intelligent folks of India Since long they were the ones whose voices were heard They could set and disrupt a narrative according to their own This country was just a property of theirsThey first lost this power corridor in Gujarat turned venomous against we all know who With the advent of social media they lost their relevance too And if that was not the last nail in their coffin they lost power corridor nationwide once Modi became PM The banning of their monetary sources Ie the NGOs and a drastic drop down in Naxal activities unprecedented surrendering of Naxal radicals are now shifting their ground beneathHe is bang on when he says that there are many Indias within an India And no India has any clue about ground realities of any other India But inspire of that the country survived and is still surviving The last section of the book unfolds and deals extensively on the leftist racket of this country than the other sections So if ou are an impatient reader pls pls do read at least the 4th section of this bookFacts are facts no matter if people like Or Not No Matter or not no it is popular with people or not Recommended Cover is goodPlot is excellentCharacters well settled and presentedPlot development great and make this novel a super exciting and thrilling to read this piece of work Although half of it is an autobiographical of the author lifeThis book is about a college student who love to take stand for any injustice happens in the college come in influence with his Professor who is helping naxalites in the parts or Mumbai and neighbouring States he developed a website to help the professor thinking he is contributing towards the society but slowly when story unfolds that guy found his talent and smartness is misused for some illegal terror campaign he fight against it and try to save many lifes which are in danger Because of him He was forced to be part of that organised terror group he refused only by got threat for life he join out of fear later to kill all he did something interesting and that was goodThe stories show how some intellectual are involved in the some illegal ventures without knowing what they are doing and that might come to haunt them back they think are standing by right but what is shown to them is half truth of ugly side of naxal One of the most serious reads i have read till datePages are full of dense texts and facts that ou may never know if Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you have not read the bookHats off to the boldness of Author Vivek AgnihotriThe book is a newsy account of a filmmakers encounter with radicalism in urban IndiaThe book is about the urban naxals who romanticize the naxal causeUrban Naxals is gripping and this book is going to linger inour mind for long timeLanguage of the book is simpleCover and title is apt to the story and compel Lippenbekenntnisse you to pick it up Book is an excellent read which keepsour interest alive till last pageThe most hard hitting book i have ever readHighly recommend for everyone doesnot matter from which section ou belong Left or Right just go this book. Lans and modus operandi of the movement Agnihotri's story is a behind the scenes look at the making of Buddha in a Traffic Jam the violent resistance to its screening and an expose of the world's largest extreme left terror movement and its penetration into urban India. Es of Chhattisgarh on the charge of spreading Naxal ideology I could have been one of themPretty damning evidence indeed though unfortunately our courts reuire something far solidThese teachers from hell work on honest people across all the cross sections of society contaminating their minds changing decent men and women into Naxals baying for the destruction of the hallowed Indian stateThey work with feminist groups atheist groups anti superstition movements intellectuals students labourers slum groups farmers journalists competitive exam centres etc They take up genuine issues with the aim not to solve it but to create unrest and anger against the system and make people believe in armed struggle This is how the vulnerable group unknowingly becomes their vanguardAnd ultimately do ou know whose fault it isAn education system rooted in the principles of utopian socialism courtesy Nehru s fascination for the same and the professors enamoured of the Nehruvian dream were feeding the Impossible Things young minds to wage a war against IndiaNehru again Who else With so much of evidence Mr Agnihotri is on a one man crusade to expose the Urban Naxals His movie is about a crooked professor who manages to entice an honest activist student into his nefarious web but the hero ends up reforming him I have not seen the movie but its structure in chapters seem to be interesting and it seems watchable except for the explicitly silly device on which the plot turns where the protagonist solves the problem of poverty of tribal potters by eliminating middlemen and selling their wares through a web startup It could be seen as a new look at the Naxal problem with a farfetched conspiracy theory at its heart There have been many movies with less believable plotsBut the director doesn t stop there He considers it his mission to bring to light and destroy these enemies of the state So he sets off on an expedition to show the movie across various college campuses throughout India He would definitely have known that this would create disturbances between the right and the left wings within the institutions and though he says that aim was to bring his movie to the students the reader feels that the aim was to create conflict and controversy It is a good marketing techniue plus it helps the right wing grow in the largely left dominated academiaThe people who work as their mouthpieces also know very well but they succeed in spreading the lie as they have been controlling the narrative We broke into it challenged it and tried to introduce a new narrativeNow let me be clear here though I lean towards the left I have no illusions about left dominated academia I have seen how they take over intellectual space and stifle dissent where they are in the majority In college days I myself have been victim to it My only grouse is with people like Vivek Agnihotri taking the moral high ground for where the right wingers are in the majority they are even authoritarian than the leftThis last section describing the director s experiences in various colleges is an unashamed paean to the angelic nationalist right wing as opposed to the demonic left It could have directly come from the speeches of the ideologues of the party Mr Agnihotri is a fan of It is also in part a rant against Kanhaiya Kumar and other anti nationals like him I will giveou a few choice uotes and my comments on a few of themSecularism was nothing but a ploy to attract Muslim votes and keep a control on Hindus from asserting themselvesI won t go into the details of Kanhaiya s speech as it s a function of his political agenda but I d reuest him not to mention Manu Smriti without studying and understanding it Manu Smriti doesn t speak of the caste system It talks of Varnas Varna is not caste Nor was Manu Smriti a law book enforced by the State Hardly anyone reads the Manu Smriti in popular HinduismI am sorry Mr Agnihotri Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you are wrong on multiple counts I have read the Manusmriti and can vouch for its toxicityI am sure our rishis wrote the eternal truth in the Rigveda Tatvam asi Thou art that while meditating on such uninterrupted landscapesOnce again Mr Agnihotriou are wrong it comes from the Chandogya Upanishad which is linked to the Sama VedaThe India that we are talking about here is not the India that won her independence FROM THE BRITISH IN 1947 BUT THE ONE THAT the British in 1947 but the one that existed for thousands of ears Be it Chandragupta Maurya who along with Chanakya tried to form a unified India or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who did the same against a different resisting force the same against a different resisting force is not a modern concept but an age old belief that has been passed on to us over the generations It is not merely an idea but a reality that has existed well before any other civilizationStandard argument of the ultra national majoritarians with little evidence from history howeverAll these arguments there are much sprinkled throughout the text parroting the belligerent nationalist narrative of today is to establish the following This fight is not between the left and the right neither is it a fight between Sanghis and Laal Salaam this fight is between those who want to make India better and those who want to break IndiaRight Now the agenda is out in the open The author and the right wing he represents are on the side of the angels and their opponents followers of a different political philosophy are on the side of the devils There are no greys here only black and whiteNot many people in India even leftists are fans of armed revolution We have proven time and again that democracy can be left leaning Nehru is the famous example Kerala through the land reforms of the first elected communist government in the world carried out revolutionary land reforms which did away with feudalism for ever and the state tops in Human Development Index HDI regularly over the ears by the way Vivek Agnihotri is silent about Kerala while he rants about how communism destroyed West Bengal There are many left wing organisations in India who carry out peaceful revolutions through humanitarian workIn this context the aim of the book is clear to paint all who are not supportive of the ultranationalist narrative of the Hindu right with the same brush the one of left wing extremism If Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you are not with usou are against us For that Vivek Agnihotri creates the bogeyman of the Urban Naxal Next he makes him her invisible he she could be anybody Then this narrative is given legitimacy even the authorities are now freely using the term Now what is remaining is to whip up sufficient frenzy to get citizens to denounce one another already a start has been made by the author when he asked his followers to tweet the names of urban NaxalsThose of Callisthnie - La musculation globale you who are interested look up McCarthyism in Wikipedia This is how the Red Scare started in the USA in the 1950 s and spoiled the careers and lives of many intellectuals Let us be vigilant lest it happen in India Urban Naxals by Vivek Agnihotri A Gripping and Powerful Back Story of an Unusual MovieI have known Vivek for over fourears This is a book to buy read gift discuss and comprehend Such a book comes once in a lifetime On the face of it this book is a memoir of how the author directed and screened a world changing movie beating all the oddsThis book is full of SHIT Is the author schizophrenic He is imagining things which don t exist He has this weird philosophy that NaxalitesMaoists have planted their members in cities in the form of intelligentsia such as professors activists and they will soon revolt against the nationEither the author wrote the book when he was high or he is just plain stupidAnd the book is basically a rant a rant against Leftists A rant against Bollywood A rant against basically anyone who. Ils plans for an overthrow of the State Urban Naxals act to amplify their message serve as recruiters and wage a propaganda war through social and conventional media This gripping story recounts Agnihotri's own grooming in College to be an Urban Naxal and details the .

Vivek Agnihotri s book is ostensibly a memoir of the making of his film Buddha in a Traffic Jam and the trials and tribulations that went with it In actuality it is a conspiracy theory about a large underground network of left wing extremists cleverly manipulated and controlled urban intellectuals the so called Urban Naxals located all over India but mainly in the metros The kingpins are the college professors especially the ones in anti national institutions like the JNU They do everything from recruiting vulnerable students to providing funds to the gun toting extremists in the jungles of Bastar through NGOs who are in India specifically for the purpose of breaking the country up and destroying its democracy to be replaced with a totalitarian communist government If police and other sources are to be believed the Naxalites with the help of Dalit And the Ass Saw the Angel youths and the Islamist terrorist group Indian Mujahedeen IM want to have their own government in the country by 2025 The revolution will emerge from the conflict of Hindus on one side and Dalits and Muslims on another Two consolidated rebellious energetic forces pumped with raw adrenaline will go for each other s blood And then it will be opportune to hijack and change the narrative to oppressed proletariat and marginalized vs bourgeoisie elites and Brahmins This attracts poor and intellectuals both In this case the Adivasi Dalits Muslims and other forgotten people united under one common red flag will demolish the State That s the ambition And they also have a plan Agnihotri says that the Naxals are linked to Kashmiri insurgents the militants in the Northeast and other sundry terrorist groups from India and abroadAs an aside the book also engages in a political diatribe against the Left the Congress the AAP and whoever have the temerity to oppose the author s idol Narendra Modi and his brand of development He is especially intent on bashing Nehru and Sonia GandhiNehru judged history and filtered it to what should be told to an independent India and what should be hidden He made sure that the history reinforced his ideology and made him look like a hero His daughter Indira Gandhi and later her daughter in law Sonia Gandhi tuned our history to further their political agendas In independent India only a certain kind of narrative is allowed the one that suits the ruler s agendaNote the pointour honourAlso thisAnother reason for such high concentration of intelligentsia in Delhi is that all central research and policy agencies are here and these agencies were used by the Congress government to employ intellectuals and use them to give an ideological endorsement to their political narrative Since Sonia Gandhi s politics align with the left it is but natural that most of these people are Naxal sympathizersIt does take a stretch of imagination to see Sonia Gandhi nurturing Naxal sympathisers but then making movies is all about the imaginationThe book is divided into four sections 1 Buddha is Born about how the movie was conceived 2 In Search of Buddha about the background research for the story 3 The Making of the Buddha about the development and shooting of the movie and 4 The Struggle of the Buddha about the trials and tribulations that the director went through to release it However it is not straightforward narration The story moves back and forth in time and space and is interspersed with Agnihotri s long winded and extremely boring lectures on the evils of socialism and communism about the absolute crappiness of almost everyone in the movie industry and journalism except himself and a few of his cronies of course and the greatness of the market economy Indian culture and the messiah of the Hindu Right Narendra ModiVivek Agnihotri purports to have uncovered this great plot among the urban intelligentsia wherein the outh of the country are brainwashed and recruited into Naxalism by none other than their professors cleverly distributed among the hotbeds of leftist insurgency such as surprise surpise The Jawarharlal Nehru University And Other Such Liberal Nehru University and other such liberal which don t toe the nationalist line These intellectuals are also responsible for collecting funds from forces inimical to the Indian State through NGOs set up for the special purpose Everyone including the mainstream media seem to be aware of this but apparently keep uiet for some mysterious reason And The Naxals Running Rampant In Bastar And Elsewhere Have the Naxals running rampant in Bastar and elsewhere have the single purpose of keeping the tribals poor by terrorising them and preventing all developmental activities For in the current India forging ahead on the path of development who has reason be a Naxal unless prompted by nefarious reasonsThere are no Zamindars today so who are they fighting in the tribal areas Why is it that after four decades of struggle neither have the rebels achieved their objective nor have the tribals been empowered Why is the government not being able to stop this oppression Where do they get money from Are all those intellectuals who openly support the Naxal movement on national TV righteous people What is in it for them This is a movement being fought in jungles inhabited by wild animals snakes and the tribals is it possible for it to survive for so long That too without financial intelligence strategic and logistical support It s impossible for a movement to survive for so long only on good intentions So who are the masterminds Vivek Agnihotri claims he has done extensive research to unearth the links between political parties Naxals corrupt government officials et al who exploit the adivasis However since mainstream media is silent on this he says he has relied on private blogs and interviews the details of which are very sketchy in the book We just have to believe him when he says that he has solid evidence that the Naxalite bogeyman is behind every cornerAn invisible enemy is the most dangerous of all Like a snake under our bed I shiver imagining that someone in my ecosystem a writer a lawyer a journalist a social worker an officer a professor a historian a painter a filmmaker anyone just anyone can be an Urban Naxal What ifWhat if indeed and the way these people have taken over the national capital is frighteningI have no doubt in my mind that Naxalism is the biggest threat to India bigger than Pakistan and China Such links are not possible to maintain from the jungles of Dantewada Where is their strategic hub All the research points to Delhi and the National Capital Region NCR as the most active urban Naxal centre Some of the organizations in Delhi that are under the scanner are the Revolutionary Democratic Front RDF Committee for Release of Political Prisoners Democratic Students Union Nari Mukti Sangh People Democratic Front of India and Mehantkash Mazdoor Morcha Many of their members are said to be active in towns adjoining Delhi like Gurgaon and GhaziabadAs I mentioned before college professors are the recruitment agents this fact is engraved in Mr Agnihotri s mind as he escaped being indoctrinated by one of his professors during college days His play on price rise a genuine democratic concern was subverted into one caste issues a pseudo secular non issue by that unnamed professor This personal experience convinces the author that this is what must be happening in countless colleges and in unnumbered classrooms Shocking ain t itThis professor s collusion with the forces of darkness is confirmed through the following incidentI distinctly remember as I was leaving his house a few students from different colleges were collecting outside in the lawns of his government uarter for chaupal a forum for an exchange of ideas Many ears later I learnt that some of them were arrested in the tribal villag. Film maker Vivek Agnihotri writes of his journey in making the film Buddha in a Traffic Jam which exposed the nexus between an India wide Maoist terror movement and their supporters in urban centers such as academia and media Naxalites are waging war on India with deta. ,


Urban Naxlas