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Lightning SkyI could find over the next day or soMy uncle although not an aviator was captured in the Liri Valley in Italy and spent a year as A POW I HAD THE PRIVILEGE POW I had the privilege interview him about his experiences and have also ead a large number of books that detail the experiences of those captured in wartime Having Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories read this book I have to wonder if my uncle vastly underplayed his experiences when we talked MacArthur was captured in Crete He was flying a plane that he didn t normally fly on a day he wasn t scheduled to be flying with an inexperienced suadron leader and without his lucky charm He managed to bail out of his burning plane almost too late but was uickly captured and taken to the local concentration camp where other pilots were also imprisoned The conditions he faced were horrific and this was merely the beginning of his time as a POW Each day he was forced to watch whole the enemy soldiers systematically killed local civilians including women and children inetaliation for each of their men who had been injured His journey did not end there Eventually he and others with him were transferred to Germany Along the way *he made may escape attempts but there were two British soldiers who continually betrayed any other soldier *made may escape attempts but there were two British soldiers who continually betrayed any other soldier tried to get awayUltimately he found himself in Dulag Luft 3 the camp best known for the story of the Great Escape He arrived some months after that had taken place but it didn t stop him from continually trying to find a way to escape himself He never made it far and was still there when the camp was closed down and the men were forced into what became known as the Death March While Dave MacArthur was marching and barely surviving his father had arrived in Europe and was continually seeking out news of any camps that had been liberated in the hopes he could find his son Eventually he got lucky heard of one such camp went there and actually found his son The story does not end there however and the book is well worth eading to find out all the finer details of their experiences Both the MacArthur men were very inspiring This book should be of interest both to those who have ead very little about wartime situations and those who are highly knowledgeable Stories like those who have The Jive Talker read very little about wartime situations and those who are highly knowledgeable Stories like need to be told andemembered My thanks to the author for telling the story so well. Them suinting into the sunlight turned and smiledFather and son spent the next two weeks together celebrating a forever cherished memory Over the next twenty five years Dave would go on to honor his father on escue missions of his own becoming a highly decorated and genuine American war hero In both Korea and Vietnam Dave would carry with him the legacy of a great man who gave everything to save his sonAn inspiring harrowing and unforgettable chronicle of love of family and love of country Lightning Sky is a timeless testament to extraordinary lives in extraordinary tim. ,

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Story in exchange for an honest eviewI was drawn to this book by the cover and by the description that it would be about a fighter pilot captured *In World War Two And *World War Two and Father s search to find him and bring him home As a parent who could not be moved at this thought I know that personally I would be willing to move heaven and earth to find any child of mine in such a situationI am no expert on American Aviators and this book tells the story of one such man Dave MacArthur It also tells us about his father who was a chaplain in the military RC George the author of the book has done a marvellous job in telling of their experiences He was blessed with wonderful primary sources of material including letters written by Dave MacArthur and by both his parents The early letters are written with the voice of a Wolfgang relatively innocent youth and theeader has the privilege of seeing how he matures as the story progresses Behind every dialogue comment in italics or uotations in the book is a historical document This is not a book of fiction and yet it is written in such as way that it flows and captures the attention the way good fiction shouldThis book is an excellent book to start with for those who don t have much background knowledge on what it was like to be an aviator during the war George takes the Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy reader through the training program explains the different planes and even how the choice would be made as to whetherecruits would be fighter pilots or bombers Dave MacArthur was a fighter and the book takes its title from the name of the plane that he flew for a good part of his wartime career a Lightning which is a one man planeThe story begins not in the Second World War but in the Korean War where Dave MacArthur still a pilot finds himself on land and facing an enemy trying to surround the troops he is with Due to lack of leadership among the group MacArthur ealizes that someone needs to step up and make decisions or they will all be killed or captured Despite having no infantry training he successfully manages to lead a group of men determined that he will not face capture as he did during World War Two This chapter was gripping and although completely unexpected the excitement captivated me and I didn t want to put the book down I was glued to the book in whatever spare minutes. To find himself on the wrong end of a German ifle pointing straight at his headDave's father Lieutenant Colonel Vaughn MacArthur was a chaplain with the 8th Ard Division of Patton's Third Army when he learned of his son's capture He made it his personal mission to find him For the duration of the war as Dave was shuttled from camp to camp including Dachau his father never stopped searching Then in May 1945 Vaughn's last hope was Stalag VII A in Moosburg Germany Through the barbed wire fence he cried out his son's name Incredibly out of tens of thousands of POWs one of. ,
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I cannot even begin to imagine Lightning Sky A US Fighter Pilot Captured during WWII and His Father s uest to Find Him is the story of *David MacArthur MacArthur Was *MacArthur MacArthur was fighter Pilot In The US Army Air Corps in the US Army Air Corps flew the P 38 Lightning and was shot down on a strafing mission over Greece His story as told by RC George is iveting Read I bought Lightning Sky because of the P 38 on the cover although there is precious little about combat in one In fact Dave MacArthur didn t even fly one until he arrived in Italy for combat which is where my uncle Daniel S Wilson was based 75 years ago They served in the same 14th Fighter Group based at the Foggia Airfield Complex near San Severo but in different suadrons at about the same time The book opens and closes with MacArthur s service in Korea but the bulk of the story is about his experiences as a POW of the Germans during the waning months of the European war The most fascinating part was that his father Vaughn MacArthur served as a frontline Army Chaplain with the 8th Ard Division at the same time and kept searching for where his son was being kept They
Were Eventually Reunited Right 
eventually Werewolf: The Apocalypse reunitedight VE Day Dave MacArthur had just been Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt returned to the States that June when a telegram arrived about his father s loss Vaughn MacArthur is buried at Lorraine American Cemetery St Avold France which is where my uncle P 38 pilot Daniel Wilson is also buried along with over 10000 other young AmericansThere are extensive Endnotes in the book but not one photograph except for the one on the cover A fascinating chapter in WWII history A veryealistic ecounting of a WW2 prisoner s ordeal in various prisoner of war campsMuch detailed than anything you have ever seen in a movieDetails that we could never imagine in our lifetimeA eal hero s storyThought it was excellent This is a good solid account of a WWII flyboy s capture and arduous journey as a POW until the end of the war The tagline of a father s uest is a tad overwrought since the father did not learn of his son s capture until about 85% of the way through the book Regardless it is a good history of what very young men went through to fly fighters in WWII and the plight of POWs and citizens as the Nazis were losing the war Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for allowing me to Ivy Vines Visions read this. A US fighter pilot captured by the enemy A father determined toescue his son One of the most Mein Plan zur Rettung der unsichtbaren Freundin von nebenan remarkable and moving true stories of faith and perseverance to come out of World War II October 6 1944 Twenty year old Army Air Corps Second Lieutenant David Mac Warren MacArthur was on a strafing mission over Greece when aound of 88 mm German anti aircraft flak turned his P 38 Lightning into a comet of fire and smoke Dave parachuted to safety as the Lightning lived up to her name and struck the Adriatic Sea like a bolt of flames In minutes he was plucked from the water only.

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