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Per littles to the that makes it great for a science classroom *Or Nature Center To Teach *nature to teach ecosystems and cause effect This could also make a great book for nderstanding seuencing I definitely hope to incorporate it in to my Stories and Steam sessions soon This book is poetic in the sense of sound The illustrations are simple yet detailed enough where it fits in with the story SPOILERS AHEADThis book is basically about a mouse who gets woken Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, up and then the story goes on to how a certain sound wakesp the next animal and so forth In the end the mouse is wondering why everyone is p so early and goes back to sleep It s a very "ANTI CL. AROUND AND WAKE " cl. Around and wake an elk on the riverbankAnd so goes the story of Sueak a chain reaction story set in a beautiful rolling landscape with animals who are all woken p one by one with the rising of the sun With lush and vivid art and plenty of fun animal noises on each page this story is a perfect read aloud to wake p to or to read any time of dayPraise for Sueak. .
Imatic story only mentioning the mouse twice at the beginning and at the end of the book i thought with the mouse being book I thought with the mouse being the cover and starting off with a mouse it would be about the mouse but it was not I was low key disappointed it wasn t about the mouse 3 12 stars4 stars for the illustrations3 stars for the story being just *a little sigh a shade long and dragging just a littleI m going to try it out for a *little sigh a shade too and dragging just a littleI m going to try it out for a and see how it goes with the kids Hoping that they will participate and enjoy it Hoping that the illustrations alone will charm them We love this book The toddler loves the sounds we make when reading it and the illustrations are lovely. The text is melodic and vivid and a joy to read aloud A surefire hit for storytime one on one reading and gift giving Booklist STARRED REVIEWThis adorable circular story for young readers is a great way to start or end the day with a little humor SLJ STARRED REVIEWA delightful onomatopoeic introduction to the interactive sounds of awakening animals Kirkus Reviews. ,

review Sueak author Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Sueak author Laura McGee Kvasnosky