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Others whose motives I uestioned Don t miss out on a book that once you start you will not want to put down until you finish you start you will not want to put down until you finish highly recommend reading it This story is the first one in a series and I look forward to reading the next one Fun paranormal shortI loved all the interesting characters and cool powers Great "start to what looks to be a fun and romantic paranormal "to what looks to be a fun and romantic paranormal If you like fast paced light hearted paranormal romance with confident females be sure to check out this book Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency 1By Heather Silvio4 starsThis was such a wonderful read I definitely had some preconceived ideas about what I thought this story would be about and I m so glad I was wrong It really was a fantastic book I haven t read anything by this author before but I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book in the series already I like paranormal reads I love romance stories and I love a bit of suspense in my books too so to have all three rolled into one I new I was on to a winner From the very beginning to last sentence I was hooked by this story This authors writing was engaging and entertaining I suppose there were parts of the story that were predictable but I didn t care at all I really liked the characters Catherine and Alex Catherine was a bright and bubbly character that I couldn t help but like straight away and I may have a little crush on Alex The story is told form Catherine s POV but I have to say I maybe would have liked to see a little bit from Alex too just a few chapters thrown in here and there but saying that I still loved the story anyway As I mentioned before I am really looking forward to the next books in the series and I absolutely recommend this book it is a short fun and entertaining read A great read about acting Catherine is an empathy launching her acting agency business in Las Vegas Things are going well as she sets up shop and hires new actors for movie projects But at the same time actresses are turning up dead in mysterious circumstances across the city Before too long her agency is targeted With her lead actor suspected of murder and a Singing the Law killer closing in can she solve the mystery before its too late A great read Well developed plot with twists and turns Well developed characters like Catherine doing what she loves and also standing up for herself or Alex as charming but alsoind underneath Great cast of supporting characters like the bubbly Mia or the creepy councilwoman or the strange Robin I loved the visual detail throughout the novel like in the scenes with the party full of life and colour and people with the vivid sense of the flowers smelling so strong it is as if you were actually there Or the sense of colour with the masuerade ball with bright greens and blues and purples and blacks with wonderful costumes perfectly written This contrasted beautifully with the pure white council room chamber that was too perfect for a sense of unease The use of suspense was written well with mystery and intrigue making you want to Alchemic keep reading to find out what really happened I also enjoyed the use of the supernatural with powers and magical creatures unusual to thisind of novel This mix with the realism of acting and crime made for a captivating read The only issue I would raise is that it felt like The Protagonist Was Talking protagonist was talking audience instead of being a narrative giving it a light hearted tone that didn t fit with the serious themes of death and crime but this could be resolved by switching to the third person Overall a great read and I would give it four stars Lights Camera Action by Heather Silvio a four star read you won t want to end This is the first novel in the Paranormal Talent Agency series and I am eagerly awaiting number two this was a fun drama filled paranormal romp Set among the back drop of Las Vegas it will We Sell Drugs keep you hooked trying to figure out the culprit with enough toeep you really guessing but not enough that you get lost This is short and sweet and has a great storyline if you like the genre then you wont go wrong with this on. Or her life Short Sweet Paranormal Romance with Supernatural Suspense This is the first book in the Paranormal Talent Agency series Much like on television each episode contains a complete sweet paranormal romance and supernatural murder mystery But the crossover characters and hints of a larger story suggest reading these in ord. Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1)I give Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1 by Heather Silvio 4 starsCatherine is offered a position to start of a branch of the talent agency she works for in Las Vegas She loves living in New York but Vegas intrigues her so she readily agrees But then act Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1 by Heather Silvio5 StarsSo I am a self proclaimed non paranormal reader but lately it seems I m reading and of this genre and some are ok and some are completely awesomelike this one This Was So Much was so much to read it felt like a mixture of many different things and rom com ept coming to mind which is one of my favorite genresI loved this storyline and it was told perfectly for it being such a uick read it never felt rushed or felt like it skipped around too much The character building was just enough and I fell in love with both Alex and Catherine and loved to dislike a few others and I have a lot of uestions about a couple of themThis was somewhat of a suspense and it was fun trying to solve the casewhich does not seem solved at all in my opinion it seemed way too easy and I can t get out of my head how Alex convinced the police in his way that everything was as it seemed and I love how this is moving into another book There is a background story going on that I m thinking will continue through this series and I can not waitThis author is brand new to me and she has uickly moved to my one click list because her writing is completely aligned with what I love about reading Loved Loved Loved It Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency 1 by Heather Silvio was a fun uick light hearted

Read That Had Me 
that had me from start to finish My first read by this author and for this series I fell right into this story and have place this author and series on my watch list A fast read this book clocks in at 154 pages So it s a perfect if you have little time are travelling or if you simply love to read This book though moved uickly was well structured and was written in such as way where you didn t notice that it wasn t a full length novel That shows true talent and dedication to the craft I had such a wonderful time reading this book My only complaint is that there is this little tidbit about Catherine s mother that wasn t fully explored and it did make me feel like I missed something The story is told in Catherine s POV so the situation should have been explained somehow before the end of the book I am hoping it pops up in the other books in the series Catherine was a solid strong character and I liked her well enough She was bright bubbly and straightforward There wasn t much character development but I chalked that up to this being on the short side of the story department Alex was out of this world hot and as over done as that is I wasn t overly bother by his god like looks Giving what he is I let it slide I don t have much to say as he didn t have that much good screen time I think if there was a split POV with his side it would have made me connected to him From what I got he wasn T A Bad Guy a bad guy well to be honest he was pure fanservice Overall this book is a super fun light hearted read and I look forward to reading the other books in this series So please take my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will be enchanted by this fast moving heart melty read Happy Reading EA Walsh 4 StarsLights Camera Action is the first book in the Paranormal Talent Agency Series by Heather Silvio It is a delightfully fun paranormal mystery a who dunnit with romance murder secrets intrigue danger discoveries and a good dose of the supernatural This is my first read by Ms Silvio so not nowing what to really expect I let the cover and the blurb sway me I was between books and unsure what I wanted to read next so when this bookseries showed up on my feed I grabbed them right away and jumped in Although the story is a little predictable that didn t detract from my enjoyment of the book It is a really sweet story with an original spin on the paranormal romancemystery theme And I think tha. Welcome to the Paranormal Talent Agency When empath Catherine Rodham moves across the country to launch the West Coast arm of the Peterson Talent Agency in Las Vegas her plan goes awry when an actress on a film she helped cast turns up murdered leaving law enforcement stumped Alex Moore a Sin City actor with a secret wants agency. T it would make a fun television series tooCatherine has just moved to Las Vegas to open a new branch for the Talent Agency that she works for just moved to Las Vegas to open a new branch for the Talent Agency that she works for is a promotion so she feels a bit of pressure to get the business up and rolling and turn it into a success News reports begin to appear about murders of young actresses all under suspicious circumstances When her top client becomes the number one suspect Catherine decides to do a little digging of her own The fact that Alex is incredibly attractive and has invaded her dreams has nothing to do with her desire to find out the truth does it But what she uncovers is a whole lot than she could ever have imagined and as she and Alex spend time together in their investigation Catherine discovers a world she never even Literature of Africa knew existed But as the body count rises so does the danger Who can she trust Will they get to the bottom of it all before the next victim is chosen What happens when secrets are revealed What happens ifwhen theiller sets his sights on Catherine Can Alex save the day The story his sights on Catherine Can Alex save the day The story t too heavy or overly dramatic but still managed to engage me with the mystery side of the story as well as the sweet romance It has a fast pace and flows really well The story might be short in length but there is nothing lacking about the content I have already read the next two books in the series Reset to One Book 2 and That s a Wrap Book 3 Looking forward to seeing what Ms Silvio does nextThank you Ms Silvio If you re looking for a fast paced who dunnit crime puzzler with a dash of the paranormal thrown in the mix look no further Author Heather Silvio blends red hot personas with an exciting story that s sure to Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change keep you turning the pages The drama centers around Catherine Rodham an upbeat but shrewd talent agent whose recent move to Las Vegas has brought unforeseen excitement into her already bustling career She has a realnack for signing top talent but when her biggest and brightest star becomes a murder suspect in a serial Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature killing spree in town she s forced to rethink her ability to judge the trustworthiness of those whom she invites into the fold A master at visualization Silvio takes us on a whirlwind journey through Sin City where we hobnob with the top trendsetters and the town s elite Whether it be at a resort on the famed Strip or at a swanky party at one of the Valley s poshest addresses Silvio paints a perfect setting for a murder mystery that had me on the edge of my seat until the very end Twists and turns abound in every chapter in this fast paced read Itept me guessing to the last page By the time everything wrapped up I was begging for Lucky for me there are two other novels to enjoy in this tantalizing series Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1By Heather Silvio5 out of 5 stars The story Lights Camera Action Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1 by Heather Silvio is a book that I loved reading It includes the paranormal suspense and romance It is a story that drew me in from the beginning and I found myself getting lost in its pages I loved reading about the characters of Catherine Rodham and Alex Moore Catherine has moved to Las Vegas to start up the West Coast chapter of the Peterson Talent Agency She is someone who is confident independent strong and beautiful Alex Moore is an actor who is now represented by the Peterson Agency and Catherine There is a strong attraction between these two Catherine has a strong reaction to Alex each time she sees him There is flirting and bantering They soon also team up to try and solve the serial murders that are occurring in Vegas Alex has found himself a target in the murder investigations Can Catherine prove that Alex is innocent How much danger is Catherine in Is Alex telling the complete truth about himself Will the Rebuilding killer be caught Read this book to find out This is a story that is engaging and fun to read I loved the paranormal aspect and the romance that is beginning between Catherine and Alex There are secondary characters introduced There are some what I found to be friendly and helpful and. Representation from Catherine – and maybe something But everything changes after he finds himself the target of a murder investigation When the two team together to solve the serial murders Alex introduces Catherine to a paranormal underworld she nevernew existed Can Catherine prove Alex’s innocence before losing her heart.

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