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Renovation of the old homestead as these two sort through the Hubbard esta Reviewed or Romancing the Readers Blog is a wonderful story of heartache romance love and understanding Your heart will break Her Highland Rogue for Austin as he goes through most likely one of the roughest times in his life If you ve read theirst book you know a little of Sonya s background so you d think the story would be about what she s going through No it s mostly Austin s pain It s one of the things I liked about Restless Rancher Let Austin deal with the crap and Sonya be there to be the strong one Love itNow I m not saying that Sonya didn t have her own issues because she did I m just saying she handled them better than Austin who really got the short end Poor Austin gets hit rom all sides His life is alling apart heck he s Le grand Meaulnes - Texte abrégé (Jeunes Adultes) falling apart but thanks to Roxy he has a chance to do something with his sad life She gives him the means to bring back his grandfather s ranch and make something of it and himself Atirst he s slow on the uptake but once he meets Sonya his outlook starts to change I like how much they help each other out They stand Wolfie Paints the Town: A Little Wood Story for each other even when they barely know one another Yes they have aew bumps in the road mostly caused by Austin s ather but they learn to talk about them and understand them These two are wonderful to read about and I totally enjoyed their story I like how it all trued out in the end and how it got there There are a ew surprises along the way that I enjoyed too I think you will too Even though you can read this as a standalone do yourself a avor and read Dirty Little Secret irst It s where both Austin s and Sonya s stories start It s also #a darn good book on its own Follow me on ARC received or an honest review This #darn good book on its own Follow me on ARC received or an honest review This a romance cowboy book This is the second book of the wild rose ranch series This book was a great of heartache and great romance I Politically Incorrect feel the characters where very developed and I really wanted toind out what was going to happen to the characters This book had some twisted and turns that kept you wanting to keep reading I won an arc of this book Beyond Varallan for a goodreads giveaway but this review is 100% my opinion Dear authorTwo words PROOF READCould you please make up your mind about if you are painting your hero as a monk or a ho They re two completely different paints or are you alsoucking colour blindHe was either going through a sexual drought or he was indiscriminately playing the ield since his ianc e kicked him out We are talking about just spam of months here not decades Hell Not even couple of years How long of celibacy is a ucking sexual drought Another good story by Jennifer Ryan RESTLESS RANCHER will grab her old ans as well as newcomers to the series I would recommend reading in order which I didn t so I am missing some of the timeline but not enough to stop enjoying stories by this engaging writer So I do plan on catching up with DIRTY LITTLE LIES in the near uture Austin has been wallowing in pity not "That I Blame Him " I blame him was really rocked when he was betrayed by his Rocker Babies Wear Jeans father and then hisiance But that changes when Sonya shows up to help him rebuild the legacy rom
His Grandfather A Legacy 
grandfather a legacy his narcissistic ather wants to steal Sono with Visits from the Seventh from him no matter how Sonya is smart and tough she s had to be since her mother works in a brothel And her mom s story is heartbreaking Sonya and three other women raised at the Wild Rose Ranch have become sisters of the heart Roxyrom the previous story DIRTY LITTLE LIES is the girlfriend of Austin s Remarkable Creatures friend Noah and she sees Austin s potential so she invests in Austin s ranch and sends in Sonya to manage the project Atirst they are butting heads but soon the sparks are lying as they all in love It was so sweet how uickly Austin Heroes Adrift (Hero, fell under Sonya s spell I ve enjoyed Ms Ryan s storiesor a Chuck and Danielle few years now and her stories continue to grab me with stories of love humor a bit of intriue and a hard won shot atorever Restless RancherAnother great story Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old from Jennifer Ryan Austin and Sonya s story kept me thoroughly interested andlipping pages until the end. Raised by her mother at Nevada’s notorious brothel Wild Rose Ranch only dreamed about But working with the long lean cowboy shows her that Austin is honorable to his core Together they slowly grow to see what the love between them might bringBut then Austin’s powder keg of a Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs familyeud explodes exposing long buried secrets and threatening their new ound love. .
Y different rom what we see with Roxy "S Mother We See The "mother We see the of abuse and trauma and it really broke my heart to see what Sonya and her mother go through I was literally SOBBING at the end with the HEA her mother ound so beautiful and heartfeltOverall I ound Restless Rancher to be a sexy yet heartwrenching read that tugs at those emotions in such a vibrant real way that is undeniable and true So good Loved Austin and Sonya Can t wait til book 3 15 starsI received this book or ree in exchange Liar for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Yes he d been humbled goingrom living large with money overflowing his bank account to scraping by Second in the Wild Rose Ranch series the troubled Austin is trying to get his life together I haven t read the Noir first book and I think that really hurt my enjoyment of this I had no idea who these people were and our heroine Sonya with her sisters andamily dynamics seem to be play a big part in the underlining theme and emotion in the series I think background knowledge on Sonya s amily and Austin as a character would have helped my attachment to these characters This starts with Austin trying to reform his party boy Ways Because His Rich because his rich has cut him off and his girlfriend has dumped him Austin inherited a ranch rom his grandfather but it is dilapidated and needs a lot of money and repair Sonya comes into the picture because her sister heroine Gaffer from book one is bankrolling Austin s ranch and she is there to manage and run the booksor the ranch Numbers made sense to her Everything lined up People the things they did their capacity to hurt others and inflict such cruelties boggled her mind This was a honestly a mess of storylines Circumstantial Evidence for me the beginningocuses Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers for a while on how Austin s grandfather was a hoarder and lingers on the emotional whys of it Austin sather badly wants the ranch and now his ex girlfriend is engaged to his ather and his ather wants the ex to trick Austin into impregnate her and Austin working on trying to get his act together Sonya has her own issues with her A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping family a mother who lived a harsh life a job that passed her overor promotion and dealing with her sisters and childhood There was a scene where Sonya gets angered and in one paragraph spouts a plethora of trigger warning issues that happened to her mother and it Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) felt like heaping awful traumas on a character justor shock or Summer Meditations forced emotional value because of the lack of emotionaloundation She d stand by whoever she loved She d be a true partner Adversity challenged her it didn t back her down The romance between the two is God Said, Ha!: A Memoir fairly instant and not something I completely believed in because of the lack of solid relationship groundwork They have some good back andorth moments made better because of the don t back down attitude of Sonya but the constant luttering between story threadsplots didn t leave enough time or them to develop The main plot of Austin s dad wanting his ranch so bad could have worked but Austin s orced mishandling of the situation he didn t seem too curious as to why his dad would want the ranch in the beginning and him never checking deeds or information about something inherited #And Carried So Much #carried so much you read the irst you d probably enjoy this then me but I elt disconnected rom the characters there were too many messy storythreads and the romance moved too uickly without a strong enough Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II foundation I ve other Ryan works before and enjoyed them I m going to just count this one as a one off Coffee Dates with Restless RancherFirst Date Austin Hubbard has spent every penny paying the back taxes on the land and home he inheritedrom his grandfather after his own Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq father turned his back on him Roxy has offered to a silent partnership and things are looking up but a setback in theorm of his ex Michelin Green Guide Normandy fianc leaves him passed out drunk on theront porch And that is just how Sonya Tucker the Wild Rose sister Roxy hired to help with Austin s ranch inds him From their irst interaction I was all in Fans of HGTV will love the. Elp him rebuild his ranch Sonya Tucker ends up helping him put the tattered pieces of his life back together The capable all business accountant is on a mission to get the ranch up and running but can he convince the temptingly beautiful woman to take a chance on himSonya was dismayed that Austin had lost it all money amily respectability Things she who’d been. Many thanks to Kayleigh at Avon or sending me a copy in exchange or an honest review35 starsTo be completely honest I don t have much #TO SAY THIS REVIEW IS GONNA #say This review is gonna real short I listened to this as background noise than anything but I ll do my best But What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World fair warning I m going toill it with gifs to make it seem longerI truly enjoyed this romance novel Also I would say it was 90% romance and 10% suspense because there were some thrillerlegal drama aspects that really added to the depth of this book I think that my only issue with this book and it wasn t even an issue It was of a slightly unpleasant observation was that it wasn t as steamy as I would have hoped Ah well lmao the update below kills me becua This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book I Got a New Friend forree The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War from Avon in exchangeor an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewContains Spoilers Readers BeAwareRestless Rancher is book two in our Wild Rose Ranch series by Jennifer Ryan After loving book one I couldn t wait to get my hands on the second book and boy I should have read this sooner because this book was simply Experiencing the Resurrection: The Everyday Encounter That Changes Your Life fantasticor sure Now this didn t have uite the emotional intensity that I have normally elt in her previous books but it definitely had plenty of eels just works the reader differently than you would normally expect and I ound it refreshing actually that she switched things up a bitIn Restless Rancher our story begins with our hero Austin Hubbard who is having a rough patch in his life His grandfather has passed away and Austin is trying to do everything her can to keep the land rom getting into his Babes in Toyland: The Making and Selling of a Rock and Roll Band father s greedy hands and his ex girlfriend ran to herather s arms and our story starts with her trying to seduce him so she can have his baby under his The Meaning of Star Trek father s insistence But Austin is determined to stand up to hisather With the help of Roxy he is sent help to refurbish his grandfather s home and get the place back in working order Roxy sends him her sister Sonya to assist him and she is badass in getting him back into working and not drowning in self pity and the bottle As they start working together there are sparks of chemistry that builds between them And even though they aren t sure where their relationship is headed they both Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt feel how real it isor both of them But there is something going on with the reasons why his ather wants something going on with the reasons why his ather wants land so badly and the closer they get to the truth the dangerous it becomesThis was a Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World fantastic book and I truly loved every part of this book It was so good in so many ways here and I couldn t get enough of it It was uite different Butirst I want to talk COVER Now I love this cover but my only complaint is how different it is rom the cover of book one They so don t match and I would have wish Avon had done a ocused job on making sure they matched better Am I the only one that was bothered by thisNow to continue on with the actual story This was uite a mystery actually At Dump Truck Trouble/Lets Build a Doghouse! first you don t connect the dots to the actual mystery of it all But theurther you get into the story the the cards start to Sometime After Midnight fall into place and you realize it In theirst half of the story the Stop Inflammation Now!: A Step-By-Step Plan to Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Inflammation--The Leading Cause of Heart Disease and Related Conditions focus is the romance between Sonya and Austin which is a mix of sass and sweet They are refurbishing and doing lots of construction on his grandfather s home What I appreciated about this aspect is seeing the emotional effect it has on Austin Seeing someone he deeply loved and having to go through his things But as the romance builds between these two is when things get even interesting Hisather is one mean piece of work that is Eyes Behind the Lines: L Company Rangers in Vietnam, 1969 for sure and we see how greedy he is We see Austin and Sonya learn toigure out what they want in their relationship and School Dazed find out what is really going on with the landNowor Sonya her story is side lined because of what Austin is going through Now don t get me wrong in most romances we see the heroine being the ocus point so it was truly refreshing to see it be the hero at the ocus point But we see what her mother has gone through which is vastl. If you like bad boy heroes western settings and a sexy sassy heroine you will love Jennifer Ryan's newest Wild Rose Ranch book Perfect Chinese Fairy Tales Fantasies: Folio Society Edition forans of Diana Palmer Linda Lael Miller and Jodi Thomas One minute down on his luck rancher Austin Hubbard slept soundly the next a sassy spitfire dumped a pitcher of water on his head and woke him up in ways than one Hired to Restless Rancher Wild Rose Ranch #2

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