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This was fantastic You could really feel the energy and the emotions in this graphic novel which is an adaptation of the original novel with the same name I think ids will love this bookThis is not your typical graphic novel with text boxes this graphic novel s illustrations and text fill up the entire page Whether the page includes one illustration or four it is the exact amount that is needed to get the point across With varying sizes of text you will find yourself catching the rhythm of the book as the story unravels Using only shades of orange black and white throughout the book it s amazing how captive you will become to Josh s storyYou see they were twins Josh and Jordan Great basketball players who did a lot together Their father was a legend on the court many years ago Lately though Jordan s eyes have not been on the ball so much His eyes are on a girl and Josh feels ignoredleft outabandoned Josh wants his father to intervene but his father won t Dad has some health issues that mom has been riding him on but dad says he s fine I love the word play this couple speaks to one another You can feel the energy soaring through the pages the pain that s growing inside of Josh and witness the relationship that s building between Jordan and his new friend The words were carefully chosen they fit they fit like a glove to make this graphic novel pulse Then he does it Josh unleashes his frustration and I hope that he feels better because everyone else doesn t He s done harm then good and the repercussions of his anger he s paid a price for it Excellent graphic novel Very powerful and is one that is definitely worth reading The Crossover in graphic novel form was by far way The Crossover in graphic novel form was by far way than in poetry form Even though it is the same story and the same exact events seeing the pictures of every happening helps you illustrate a better picture in your mind and see how the characters fit their descriptions I loved this book the same as the previous Crossover content wise and still would recommend it to anyone especially for people who are basketball lovers and now the game well It has a great plot and never makes you bored or lose interest Definitely a 10 *OUT OF 10 I WAS VERY *of 10 I was very curious and honestly excited to see how a novel in verse would be adapted into graphic form So while I was reading this I also read the original so I could check the text for changes As far as I can tell the only change is that a reference to a girl s butt being big became a reference to her mouth bein. Kwame Alexander's The Crossover is brought to life as a graphic novel with illustrations by Dawud Anyabwile With a bolt of lightning on my icks The court is SIZZLING My sweat is DRIZZLING Stop all that uivering?. The CrossoverThe illustrations add another dimension to the story but I have to admit that I actually missed the clean look of the verse and white space Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel I received an e copy of this book in exchange for my honest review 355 Stars Josh and Jordan Bell are twelve year old twin brothers Their father was a semi pro basketball player nicknamed Da Man He passed down his basketball nowledge to his boys also talented up and coming players As the boys grow up Jordan s eyes stray away from basketball and move towards a girl leaving Josh feeling left out and abandoned Their father starts to have some health problems and Josh s world is flipped upside down This is the graphic novel version of The Crossover a novel written in verse I like how the text in this was also in verse I really loved the colour choices of black white and orange in this I ve been playing basketball since I was 4 and connected with my Dad through it just like the twins so I related so much to this book I love the relationship dynamic between this family The parents have some great banter between them while still discussing important topics such as the father s health issues I liked how the parents were present in their children s lives and were raising them to be good men I also really liked the sibling dynamic The twins acted like actual siblings arguing at times over stupid things but always coming back together in the end I also really liked the portrayal of Josh feeling hurt and abandoned by his brother when JB started dating Alexis His reaction was what a lot of brothers would have felt and I m glad his parents reacted the way they did Definitely recommend checking this out I cry everytime I read this book Now in graphic novel format I still cry Dawud Anyabwile s illustrations are beautiful so I hate to say it but I think I missed out by reading the graphic novel rather than the original verse structure I didn t have a sense of the individual poems of where they started and ended and how they *look on the page so I think some of the meaning was lostIn any case this is a compelling story about *on the page so I think some of the meaning was lostIn any case this is a compelling story about a teammate and a brother It was lostIn any case this is a compelling story about a teammate and a brother It a go to recommendation for students who don t consider themselves readers especially if they play sports They always want to go on to the seuel What can you ask for from a YA read Incredible graphic novel adaptation of a student favorite I now this will be another book I just can t Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet keep on the library shelves Ages 10 and up. Him find his rhythm when it’s all on the line See the Bell family in a whole new light through Dawud Anyabwile's illustrations as the brothers' winning season unfolds and the world as theynow it begins to chan. G big I don t uite understand why that change was made but okay Other than that all of the poems were rendered faithfully in the spaces between drawings This wasn t a traditionally paneled graphic novel but it was still clearly a graphic novel and not an illustrated edition I really loved the energy of the artwork the use of color orange shades of black and blank paper was wonderful My big negative was how much I missed the creative use of formatting and blank space in the original book I don t think it would have been possible to recreate all the formatting and the artwork ind of takes over the work that the formatting did but it s not the same and it upset me a little Format is really important to poetry and I just missed it is allStill gorgeous This book was awesome Personally I think that I like it better than the original because you could see the characters and their emotions and you didn t have to imagine them and personally I can make better connections with people in the book if I can see them I also really like a graphic novel so the style of the book was amazing I would recommend this book to anyone who has read crossover its 218 pages and a uick read 45 Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARCI adored Kwame Alexander s The Crossover a few years back As a person who has very little interest in sports I loved *the way Alexander wove sports and family together through his beautiful poems I loved the Bell family I loved *way Alexander wove sports and family together through his beautiful poems I loved the Bell family I loved s narration and there was also something about the twists and turns in Alexander s prose that just had me completely head over heelsThis graphic novel version of The Crossover may even be better than the original Having Dawud Anyabwile s gorgeous illustrations accompany Alexander s poetry is phenomenal I felt like Anyabwile s artwork really showcased the heart and soul of the Bell family s trials and tribulations in such a way where it connected to the text perfectly I loved the artwork and how Josh and Jordan were designed and I loved the attention to detail throughout The Crossover is still a wonderful and powerful story about family A LOT OF WHAT ALEXANDER S WORDS STATED IN lot of what Alexander s words stated in are just as true in 2019 This edition boasts amazing artwork to accompany Alexander s beautiful words and is a great addition to anyone s graphic novel collection or just for anyone who loves story about family and the turbulence than comes with being a part of one I have a feeling that this graphic novel version will be a big hit with my 6th grade students. ?’Cuz tonight I’m delivering raps twelve year old Josh Bell Thanks to their dad he and his twin brother Jordan are ings on the court But Josh has than basketball in his blood he's got mad beats too which help. ,