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On is sometimes better than reality don t you think Romance novelist Cassandra Tipp has been missing for a year and as per her Last Will and Testament her CONSIDERABLE ESTATE IS TO BE SHARED estate is to be shared her niece and nephew The only catch is in order to make the claim they need to go to Cassandra s home and find the password hidden somewhere in the manuscript she left for them You re standing in my study holding this story in your hands the last one I ll ever tell In doing standing in my study holding this story in your hands the last one I ll ever tell In doing they will learn about Cassandra s life from her early childhood onwards and the versions of the truth that continue to haunt their family Maybe the past came back to haunt her She has a history here The feedback on this book seems fairly divisive so far You ve got the I loved this book people on one side and the What the hell did I ust read people on the other As I ve come to expect I m a bit of an anomaly My initial response to this book was What the hell did I ust read That was so good It s been over three weeks since I finished reading and I ve spent plenty of time since then trying to figure out a way of talking about it without wandering What a crazy and weird novel I don t really know what to make of this but I enjoyed every minute of this book This book is about evil fairies and family drama I dare you to try reading YOU LET ME IN I hope you get sucked in as I did Happy reading Recipe for You Let Me In take the dark folkloric themes of Pine or Lanny mix with the lyrical romantic style of The Summer That Melted Everything add a relationship with the same disturbing overtones as those of My Dark Vanessa combine with the weird atmosphere of two or three short stories by Kelly Link and Elizabeth Hand and you have something unnerving strange yet rich and rather beautifulIt opens with an article describing the disappearance of Cassandra Tipp a 74 year old romance novelist Cassie was reclusive but somewhat notorious she was accused and cleared of her husband Tommy s murder 40 years earlier her therap Not enjoying this one #so I m abandoning at 15%Bye bye Mr Pepper Man I m #I m abandoning at 15%Bye bye Mr Pepper Man I m I ust can t get into this book Some are really enjoying it but I have decided to pass on this one I m not giving this book a rating as I did not finis. Husband Tommy Tipp whose mysterious disembowelment has never been solved and a few years later the shocking murder suicide of her father and brotherCassandra Tipp will tell you a story but it will come with a terrible price What really happened out there in the woods and who has Cassie been protecting all along Read on if you da. .
Ow about Cassandra and her world Many will love this tale and many won t but however "you feel it will keep you on the edge wondering what really happened to Cassandra "feel it will keep you on the edge wondering what really happened to Cassandra With thanks to Tor Books and Netgalley for a digital copy to read This book is an exuisite rarity a faerie book that is at the same time marvellously visual and imaginative but works eually well as a study of human trauma a love story of sorts a family drama a wholly engaging mystery I found it in my ARCS to read pile which this year has been sadly neglected and started it with no great expectation although by the end of the third page I was not only hooked but beginning to think that this might be the best book I d read all year Anyone who knows me knows how often I find myself disappointed by the payoff of a novel This one maintained the tension right till the end another rarity never veering into over exposition or self indulgence And the faeries are both nicely original and authentically folkloric creepy pagan detailed entrancing I loved it and I sense that I ll be following this author s future work with excitement and admiration She s been places She knows things Follow her you ll know them too If you re into scary fairies mental health drama and murder mysteries this book is for you I read it for the super scary fairies and I was not disappointed They are very scaryFrom the very start we re given a puzzle that I didn t especially find interesting are fairies real did the fairies do it or did Cassie do it I think it s a interesting book if the fairies are real but then again I read a lot of fantasy Hopefully those lingering uestions will give the book some crossover appealEven though I live in Denmark I always forget the extreme family focus of a lot of Scandinavian lit That s also the case here but I found the family focus to be a little stifling for the even in places where it IS the story Related I always wanted the scary fairies to be a up to no good on their own and to have machinations wanted the scary fairies to be a little up to no good on their own and to have machinations Cassie and her family dramaBut overall what I loved of how this book really nails the horror show of what it might be like if you see fairies but nobody believes you Horrific to imagine but fun to read Ficti. Ays been prone to flights of fancy everyone in town remembers the shocking events leading up to Cassie's infamous trial she may have been acuitted but the insanity defense only stretches so farCassandra Tipp has left behind no body ust her massive fortune and one final manuscriptThen again there are enough bodies in her past her. 45 Stars rounded downWhat an original peculiar creepy debut Going into this novel I had very low expectations based off of some of my very reliable Goodreads friends reviews Despite my reservations when I saw this at my local bookstore I had to grab it and give it a shot The first bit was a little rough and didn t catch me automatically but the further I got into the story that was sucked into the wonderful yet dark and sometimes even sinister world the fairies I loved it I expect this book is going to be very polarizing people are either going to love it or hate it but you can it or hate it but you can count me In with the group that loved it The only thing keeping this from a strong five star rating was perhaps the ending I felt like there wasn t an answer I was so desperately craving at least not a very clear cut one I ve made my own conclusions as to what happened as I ve made my own conclusions as to what happened as I was Bruce s intent This book is going to stick with me for a while hopefully until Bruce s next release because I can t wait 35 starsReview to come Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy The title and cover for his novel didn t prepare me at all for what was inside and I m still not sure exactly what I read It s written as a letter from Cassandra Tipp a 74 year old successful romance writer who has disappeared addressed to her niece and nephew She had a tumultuous life to say the least accused of murdering her husband and later losing her father and brother in a murder suicide She also suffered from trauma as a child and underwent therapy for years becoming the subject of a bestselling book written by her therapist which resulted in estrangement from her family In her letter to her niece and nephew she tells them about the influence of the faerie world on her life and the reader is left to decide if this is this real or
*if she has *
she has an alternative history to explain her childhood trauma and subseuent mental illness Norwegian author Camilla Bruce takes us into a dark and creepy fantasy world The faerie world is fully realised and the relationship between Cassandra and her faerie lover is entrancing but disturbing It took me a little while to engage with the book but the further I read the I wanted to kn. You Let Me In delivers a stunning tale from debut author Camilla Bruce combining the sinister domestic atmosphere of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects with the otherwordly thrills of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane Cassandra Tipp is deador is sheAfter all the notorious recluse and eccentric bestselling novelist has alw. .

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