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Published EMF data we found that the compilations often paid no attention

to disparate conditions 
disparate conditions varying pressures and electrolyte concentrationsTo achieve a useful compilation we To Nernst Euation Thermodynamic Nernst euation thermodynamic to reconcile disparate data We also uti­lized certain relationships calculate EMF values for inclusion in our tables from association constants.
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Encyclopedia of Chemical Electrode PotentialsThis book is an attempt to compile the most comprehensive listing of chemical electrode potentials to date In compiling encyclopedia many papers articles and publi­ cations often listing of chemical electrode to date In compiling this encyclopedia many papers articles and publi­ cations often contradictory data were consulted Of all the par­ published material available the authors found the following of particular interest## G Milazzo and S Caroli Tables of Standard Electrode Poten­.

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Tials John Wiley and Sons 1978## A deBethune and N A Swendeman Loud Standard Aue­ous Electrode Potentials and Temperature Coefficients at 25°C Clifford A Hempel 1964## W Mansfield Clark Oxidation Reduction Potentials of Organic Systems The Williams AND WILKINS CO 1960HOWEVER IT WAS OUR INTENT ALSO Wilkins Co 1960However it was our intent also include unpublished complex forma­ tion EMF data Further when we consulted.