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The First Lie

A.J. Park ë 5 Read & Download

The First Lie is a domestic thriller by AJPark The first half of the book went well for me but the second half seemed far fetched Overall a fun ead with unbelievable characters I would like to thank the TBC Reviewers euest group the author for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair eview A good psychological thriller that you eally can t second guess what will happen next Paul arrives home to find his wife Alice covered in blood and a dead man in their bathroom The man tried to attack her but she got to him FIRST WITH A LETTER OPENER AND KILLED HIM WHAT with a letter opener and killed him What next is a bit hard to believe but there may be some people who would Ninth City Burning react this way Alice is left traumatised that she s killed someone and struggles to cope with everyday life Paul has a new job in London and can t spend as much time as he wants at home so theirelationship suffers How this book concludes is also a little surprising but as I ve said some people may cope little surprising but as I ve said some people may cope this way A good psychological thriller that had me The Extras racing through the pages Thanks to Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for the opportunity toead this book Wow a gripping novel that I just couldn t stop Özgüven Öğrenilebilir reading in fact I finished this in a day What would you do if you came home a discovered your wife had murdered a man that had entered the house This is the uestion that Paul has to answer when he arrives home from work What happens next is aollercoaster of a Deutsche Sagen ride for Paul his wife Alice and for you theeader Loved this book lots of twists and turns This book started off so well I was completely hooked for the first 25% or so I struggled to believe the actions of the 2 main characters and they just got wilder and crazier as the book went along In saying that I did try to go with it and it was a fun ead and I ended up enjoying Paul was the you. We've all had sleepless nights thinking about itYou're home alone Someone breaks inIn defending yourself you end up killing the intruderNow you're the one the poli. Ngest circuit court judge in the UK That made it hard for me to believe that he would not have just called the police when he arrived home to find a dead body in the bathroom and his wife cover in blood A judge is meant to believe in the judicial system That First lie was just the start of the lives of Paul and his wife Alice unravellingIf you take this book for what it is you will enjoy it
It Wasn T What I 
wasn t what I hoping for but I did Enjoy ItThank You To itThank you to TBC eviewers group and the author for my advanced copy of this book to Our Yanks read A chilling premise which pulled me in and compelled me toead the book The author A J Park made the first few pages come alivePaul a new circuit Judge found his wife with blood on her and dead man in the bathroom What was he to DO HE DIDN T THINK JUST ACTED THAT WAS He didn t think just acted That was First Lie which dismembered their livesMy first experience with this author was uite a Rua ride with some unbelievable characters It soon became an adventure withaised body count The characters sure didn t use their brains in their decisions And I ead on hoping they wouldTold in multiple POVs from the main characters and cops I was given the entire investigation in detail The story line meandered at times but the characters soon brought it in line Emotions were built up as the pages turnedOverall it was an interesting ead with ash decisions taken in fear and far fetched plot lines written in fun though I did find myself olling my eyes at their antics The premise sounded good An attack a spontaneous etaliation and a couple are left with a body in their bathroomWhat do they doWhat I didn t get was why a judge and a very good man of the law at that considering he was the youngest to get to the position would not think even for a minute to take the help of the law Not a very good indictment of the legal system was Ce wantThat is the situation that criminal barrister Paul Reeve arrives home to findHis wife Alice stands in the bedroom clutching a bloodied letter opener in her.
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Y first thoughtEven allowing for panic taking over sense some of the actions were not The Necessary Art of Persuasion really understandableIt s a good attempt at a different story though There s a fair bit of eyeolling with this one and I m sorry to say not always a good way Take a job one female complete and UTTER FRUITCAKE ONE BRAINLESS JUDGE A HITMAN RISING fruitcake one brainless judge a hitman a ising count a spurned secretary two dozy police officers and a lot of superfluous detail and you ve got The First Lie Paul Reeve is very ambitious and is the youngest Circuit Court Judge in the UK He arrives home late one night to You e home alone Someone breaks in In defending yourself younend upmkilling the intruder This is what criminal barrister Paul Reeve finds out when he arrives home His wife is in the bathroom clutching a bloodied letter opener In a split second Paul decides to bury the body instead of calling the police He s worried that if it came out what Alice had done it would uin his career he was up for promotion He also worried that Alice would loose his freedom The story is a bit far fetched Thenpace is steady There s a fee twists ut I did guess where the story was headed This is an easy book to eadI would like to thank NetGalley Orion Publishing Group and the author easy book to eadI would like to thank NetGalley Orion Publishing Group and the author J Park for my ARC in exchange for an honest eview This is a eally fun and engaging domestic thriller which gave me her lovely wife by Samantha Downing vibes I love thrillers which are fast paced and have short chapters This book defi Wow what an opening few pages drew me into the story line straight away and it just got better and better and I couldn t put it downWell developed characters well written and brilliantly addictiveI will definitely be looking for from this author in the future and thank you to Netgalley and Orion Fiction for giving me the opportunity to ead this fantastic book. Shaking handWhat have you done AliceI didn't have a choiceWe would all believe the person we love mostBut would we all make the same choice Paul and Alice make nex.