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National Product their personal fortunes represented Hetty the only woman on the ist came in 36th five places behind Bill Gates And Three Places Gates and three places of Warren BuffettThis is a fascinating well written book about an amazing woman On her own using financial acumen unheard for a woman in her day and age she died in 1916 at age 81 she managed to parlay a family inheritance into a fortune so arge that she freuently bailed out the City of New York when they encountered cash crunches When JP Morgan called a meeting of New York s financial Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) leaders after the stock market crash of 1907 Hetty was the only woman in the roomCommentators of the time assumed that such financial acumen had to come with a price articles were written about howonely and unhappy she must be And she did have uite a few odd and sometimes disturbing pecadillos she absolutely hated to spend money and would haggle over the smallest items exhaustively Her son Ned suffered the Loves Abuse Warrior Camp loss of hiseg Contemporary African literature later inife after a boyhood sledding accident and it was rud that his eg could have been saved if Hetty had paid for the best medical attention instead of Dragging Him Around To Free him around to free trying to save money Rain or snow she walked daily from the New Jersey ferry to Wall Street she ived in a small apartment in Hoboken dressed in old clothing wearing a heavy black veil to keep from being recognized It didn t work of course the disguise simply earned her the nickname The Witch of Wall StreetSeeing past the prejudices of her time I m forgiving the use of the word madness in the book s subtitle assuming that it was for marketing purposes the book paints a portrait of Hetty as a frugal woman who eschewed pretense and frivolity Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) loved her children was very happy doing what she was good at I greatly enjoyedearning about this colorful and fascinating giant of American finance of whom I d known nothing previously. Cial papers to her father to the battle over her inheritance that was one of the most controversial egal cases of her time; from her collisions with railroad magnate Collis Huntington to her rescue of New York City from financial ruinLooking well beyond the ore and historical prejudices Charles Slack presents a full portrait of a true American original a female Citizen Kane who having turned away from the conventions of her time as a woman a wife a mother and a mogul Academic Skills led aife of a different sort with occasionally tragic results becoming both a hero and a victim of her era Above all it is a story of an uncompromising Before the Door Closes larger thanife flawed woman who ruled a vast financial empire but was known simply as Hetty.

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Hetty The Genius and Madness of America's First Female TycoonA well researched and deftly written biography of one of the early 20th century s most intriguing Americans The first female tycoon and a horrid miser Evil men are interesting evil women are fascinating This is a very average book It contains a few interesting snippets but if one wants to read about interesting business people there are many about interesting business people there are many optionsI found too much of the text was devoted to years before she started in business Undoubtedly this was because the author was able to gather material about these years not because they were very relevant in themselvesIt also turns me off when an author makes conjectures using the term undoubtedly which this author does than onceA die hard reader of business biographies may ike this book and rate it average as I did A reader who is not that keen on the genre will undoubtedly be put off the the genre completely after this Enigma eccentric exceptional endearingThe price of independence versus Because men have always in the past controlled history it follows that there have always been biographies about men than women Some women did rate their own tome usually they were the wives of a famous man or even rarely I oved this book and have read it twice I thought I d totally dig this book I ove book and have read it twice I thought I d totally dig this book I They Left Great Marks on Me love about 1 American history 2 especially women in American history 3 especially women beating men at their own game in American history and This was a uick and enjoyable read on aady I had never heard of before this Most of us would have at Deans and Truants least a passing familiarity with namesike Jay Gould Andrew Carnegie Cornelius Vanderbilt J P Morgan etc but how many have actually heard of Hetty Green n e Hetty Howland Robinson Dubbed The Witch of Wall Street she inherited a small fortune from her aunt and multiplied it many many times over through shrewd investments and business dealings until she was widely considered the A full century before Martha Stewart Oprah and Madonna became icons generations before women swept through Wall Street and decades before they even had the right to vote there was Hetty Green America's richest woman who stood alone among the roguish giants of the Gilded Age as the first Talking About Trees lady of capitalism and is remembered as the Witch of Wall StreetAt the time of her death in 1916 Hetty Green's personal fortune was estimated at 100 million 16 billion today and the financial empire she built on real estate and railroads rivaled that of Andrew Carnegie Jay Gould J P Morgan John D Rockefeller and some of the nation's biggest banks Today Hetty Green ranks near the top of America'sist of greatest financiers in com.

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Ichest woman in America during its Gilded Age She also had the gumption to go head to head with the much feared Collis P Huntington eader of the Big Four who controlled most of the early American rail networks She built up such a formidable money The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past lending business that newspapers used to feature headlinesike Hetty Green Cuts Rates much ike how the WSJ would report on the Fed s moves today Perhaps what she was most famous for at the time was her extreme miserliness despite her enormous wealth to the extent where she brought dresses to the cleaner s and asked for only the bottom parts to be washed to save money and neighbours would the bottom parts to be washed to save money and neighbours would her on top of her house fixing her own roof The writer tries to be balanced in his portrayal of her though citing her support of as many as 30 churches at one time by providing them cheap oans at way below market rates Yes they were Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture, and African American Women loans not outright donations because with Hetty Green nothing came free but stillYou will not get a step by step manual on how to get rich with this book but the principles she stood by are there and overall it was an interesting bit of history I want her money but not by beingike her She rocks Hetty Green known to her Say It Plain A Century of Great African American Speeches legion of detractors as the Witch of Wall Street became the richest woman in the world through a combination of financial genius and utter ruthlessnessiving Saving Spring like a pauper and caring nothing for what the world thought of her Her two children found it muchess pleasant Not a Making the Corn Belt: A Geographical History of Middle-Western Agriculture likable character by any means and yet there is something almost admirable in the way this flinty uintessentially New England Yankee competed with powerful men in a man s world and won This is a fascinating story nowargely forgotten with numerous Rightsizing the Academic Library Collection local angles andocations from New Bedford to Vermont Alan The book The Wealthy 100 ranked the net work of 100 wealthy Americans by the percentage of the Gross. with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and billionaire investor Warren Buffett But in history books she has remained merely a footnote a miser and an eccentric whose character flaws and personal choices unjustly overshadowed her remarkable accomplishments on the fierce battlefield of American industry and commerceIn Hetty Charles Slack reexamines the Neglect-The Silent Abuser life work and conflictedegacy of the exceptionally resourceful ruthless and inimitable woman who turned a comfortable inheritance into a fortune through instinct courage cunning greed and determination to succeed at a man's game on her own terms from her childhood in the uaker community of New Bedford Massachusetts where she earned about business by reading finan. .