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Y to the skiing resort with his main suspect Coach Rollins who was suspected of blood doping his team and murdering Dr Sinclair s patient After the chase between them they crashed into the murdering Dr Sinclair s patient After the chase between them they crashed into the and the sheriff where Tor revealed the truth about Coach Rollins The Coach was arrested there while Tor was getting all the attention in the town As soon as I read the front cover I wanted to now what the white gates whereIt really took me a read through the entire book to fully understand the story I feel that the story did include some mystery but I didn t feel that this book was a mystery until someone told me But I didn t feel that there were any slow parts or disappointments in the story The story does include the out of town aspect for the main character That the character is engulfed in the town s cultural characteristics and is forced to adapt to the new environment compared to the large city of San Diego He s a waster It s the Curse These are some of the mysterious things you hear in the book The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun The book really reeled me in because of the snow and its interesting name At first glance I wanted to now what the white gates were but the inside cover uickly explained to me what they were The plot starts out in the small village of Snow Park where the main character Torin Sinclair and his mother move to His mom is the new town doctor but tor nows instantly something is very wrong Everyone says Tor s mom is continuing the curse of Snow Park as one of the snowboarding team members falls seriously ill Tor must figure out the mystery that is affecting HIS MOTHER AND HER JOB HE WANTS TO FIGURE mother and her job He wants to figure why the curse is such a big deal The characters that stick out in this book are Tor Drake and Raine Drake and Raine are brother and sister and their dad owns the local snowboarding shop Raine is a UTE or old mining town settler They own a mountain that the town wants to turn into a ski hill but Raine does not want to see the mountain go Drake is a follower and will do almost anything others do His staple is his ugly bright colored sweaters and his messy hair These characters are very easy to follow and you start to feel for them They are easy to relate to and you understand the problems they face The other characters that stand out are the town mayor and the captain of the snowboarding team Coach Rollins They both think they are hot stuff but when you get right down to it they are very bad people The readability of this book is very straightforward The book has pleasing artwork that catches the eye and is easy to follow along with The book always Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays keeps you guessing and there are no boring parts Just as one suspenseful scene dies down another riveting scene starts up again The things I really liked about the book were the action scenes and the easy ability to relate to the characters I would have liked tonow a little about the action in the book to make me want to pick it up and read it There is not one thing I did not like about this book there were no bad scenes or boring parts It ept you on the edge of your seat at all times and was #very difficult to stop reading Overall this book was downright amazing As #difficult to stop reading Overall this book was downright amazing As person that doesn t read very much I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something good and easy to read The book eeps you guessing and there s always the mystery of what will happen next The book has no downsides no slow parts it s all suspense. New friends Drake and Raine explain that there’s an old Native American curse on the doctors of the town Snow Park can never get a doctor to stay Tor and his friends must piece together a mystery involving an old mine a Ute curse the entire snowboa. ,

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The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthum is a great mystery novel This book Fit Into The Genre into the genre there is a curse that started many years ago and says that every doctor that enters the town is curs Ms Ranthun s THE WHITE GATES is a uick fun read Our young hero outsider Tor is new to a Colorado ski town and uneasy as he begins his next chapter living with his physician mother He might have been up to these challenges if not for the town grudge and apparent curse that face him A young man dies grudge and apparent curse that face him A young man dies after being in his mother s care the curse appears to be set in motion against Tor Along with sidekicks Drake and Raine he must learn to snowboard well enough to escape the vengeful ski team be clever enough to sleuth out a stolen claim that might save the sacred mountain discover the real cause of the young skier s death and find his way out of precarious and deadly situationsThis is a fun read as we get a very real sense of Tor in the mountains contending with frozen snot and the physical and emotional aches of falling as he attempts to conuer the mount MirzaThe White Gates Bonnie RamthunRealistic Fiction The book is about a boy who after getting used to the sunny beaches in San Diego gets moved to Snow Park now Park is a uiet small town community where everybody What a Lass Wants knows one another This opposing to the large city of San Diego The main character Torin Sinclair is brought here by his mother His mother Dr Sinclair had just gotten a new job as the town doctor The town is said to have a curse to which all the doctors that came had something strange going on or died unexpectedly This led Tor to feel like an outsider Tor s mother had worked with a patient who had unexpectedly diedonly to find out that he had been murdered Tor had made friends with two of the small townids Drake and Raine who almost seem as weird as himwhich made him feel less weird Tor tried to settle in by trying to snowboard as most of the Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived kids did Tor tries to get himself through school and the otherids as he tries to find out what is the curse and how is he tied up in it He feels that some of the Mexican Hooker kids on the snowboarding team are trying to get rid of him While investigating Raine tell Tor about her great great great grandmother Leaping Water who owns that mountain that is passed to her family Tor was told to never pass the white gates The white gates where the edges of snowboarding areas that were followed by cliffs Tor asked his friends Drake and Rane to help him investigate the mayor s office because of his recent suspicious activities Theids were appalled at what they saw a refrigerator full of blood bags with blood inside They almost immediately suspected the mayor They had to bring this to the only adult that they trusted with this information which later called the CBI Colorado Bureau of Investigation But Tor couldn t wait he had to get evidence now He investigated his mother s clinic and found a receipt for blood bags He figured that this would lead to the murderer As Tor was trying to show his evidence to Drake and Raine the snowboard team came after him and chased him into the white gates He fell down the cliff and rushed himself into the cave because of the avalanche In the cave he saw Leaping WaterRaine s great great great grandmother with the original deed that eeps her family from selling the mountain In there he found a ladder that led to the outside on top of a chairlift pylon From there he found his wa. WHEN TORIN SINCLAIR’S mom gets a job as the town doctor in Snow Park Colorado Tor can’t wait to learn to snowboard But on Tor’s first night there a member of the high school snowboarding team dies “It’s the curse” everyone whispers Tor’s. ,
100 percent of the time I highly recommend this book and give it a 1010 to anyone looking for a good read The White Gates is set in a small snowy ski resort town named Snow Park The book shows a young boy named Tor and his mother who is is the new town doctor Tor finds out uickly that this town is not very welcoming especially to him and his mom It becomes clear to Tor that this town has a long running curse on the town doctor that has dated back many years If this curse runs Tor and his mother out of Snow Park it will mean another new school and new Beginning For Their Family Tor Now Must Use The Help for their family Tor now must use the help his two new friends Raine and Drake to find a solution to the curse and end it once and for all High action and a load of suspense makes The White Gates a thrilling mystery book with a good well crafted story line The book allows the reader to create a relationship with the characters by showing each of their uniue personalities This book is made compelling by the great backstory and the detail of Tor s day to day life with his friends and family in
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new life This is good for people looking for a suspenseful book with twist and turns along the way and thrills for even the best readers I have enjoyed this book and the story line has ept me on the edge of my seat and wondering what will happen next I would say that this is one of the best books I have ever read This book was inda boring it was very long and not that exciting A Truman nominee for 2010 2011 A fun read that will appeal to boys and girls A boy from CA moves to CO with his estranged mother he learns to snowboard and throws himself into it because he is openly mocked bullied and shamed around town Rumor has it that a curse affects the town s doctor and family and no doctor will stay in town for that reason because fatal accidents seem to happen The book becomes a mystery as the boy learns about the curse and tries to figure out how to break it with the help from two unlikely friends An entertaining readother information says that this is the first in a mystery series starring the protagonist Readers will enjoy it Would be liked by fourth through seventh or eighth grade 45definitely a lot of good things going on here full review later this book was about snowboarding it was a good book and it explained the feelings of the characters a lot than most books do The book The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun was a phenomenal read The mystery of this story was ingenious but at times the book seemed like a spooky childhood cartoon Although the book had a childish feel to it I could not put it down This was a story of Tor Sinclair and the town that had cursed him I feel that it was brilliantly plotted The characters were interesting and all made the story different in their own way and without one character the rest of the story would not be the same I believe the Author did a great job of incorporating everyone into the mysteery of the book One thing that I did not enjoy about this book was the ending I felt as though I could have predicted the ending from the beginning I new the towns curse was fake and that is what makes the story seem like an episode of scooby dooKnowing the up and downsides of this story I would rate it a 4 out of 5 Their were uite a few flaws in the story but of those flaws most of them were minor I would recomend this book to a fellow reader but I would not say it is the best book I have ever rea. Rding team who just might be blood doping in order to win competitions and an attempt to save the wild river otters of Colorado But to complete the puzzle will Tor have to ride the deadly White Gates And how will he survive the avalanche that follows. ,
The White Gates

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