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Eatest nightmare And you are the captive I ve decided to keep Vengeance is his end game but he is thrown or a loop when he meets Callista to keep Vengeance is his end game but he is thrown or a loop when he meets Callista liked her immediately off the bat "being held captive by arson she becomes this " held captive by Arson she becomes this killer s obsession and possession Your mind your body and your soul will be possessed by the devil who craves nothing but your surrender and passion Callista is a survivor who has ound herself thrown into impossible situations not of her making She is resilient and a Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution fighter which is what endeared me to her I love a strong heroine Arson is perhaps this author s darkest anti hero yet and at times I wasn t sure how the author was going to develop a romance between him and Callista I wasn t sure if the guy was capable of love nor was I positive that Callista could truly and honestlyall On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock for her hard hearted captor She is the light in my darkness the only thing brightening up my world with her smile alone She is the gasoline to myire the angel to my demon True to this author s other works there is a heavy dose of violence and tragic backstories or these characters Arson s and Callista s pasts are revealed through lashbacks interspersed throughout the book and will make your heart hurt or all that they have each endured The descriptions are graphic in some places so be aware Arson s Captive is sure to keep you on your toes with all of the action surprising twists and intricate storyline The secondary characters especially the our horsemen are rather Nini featured prominently in the book which I loved as I now can t wait to learn about each of them If you like your romances on the dark and twisted side with complex characters a uniue plot and some scorching hot scenes then you will enjoy Arson s CaptiveI read an early complimentary version of this book. Eed that she wouldTwo lives the hunter and the preyorever entwined together In this battle of wills there would be no winner. Lead heroine Chloe who is making an attempt to escape a cult before running into the savage beast whose eyes only burn or her and before you know it a whirlwind tale ensues with many twists turns and of course instant swoon worthy romance And as much as it *pains me to say i wasn t a *me to say I wasn t a an of this read The killjoy Chloe I didn t like her Hell there wasn t much to like about her and to be honest whenever her scenes popped up I cringed and skimmed some parts She didn t stand out like the previous heroines in the past installments did that I loved so much and I had ound her annoying than anything Nevertheless still a very enjoyable read t At last Arson s story and we have an addictive dark romance with all his sick twisted action the story rom start sick twisted action The story rom start inish just captured me It s told in back and orth lashbacks between Arson and Callista explaining their lives it was especially interesting to learn about Arson and why he became the person he isA terrific read and extremely dark I enjoyed it immensely 45 5 stars This book is dark It is twisted It is gritty It is also a remarkable heart stopping read If you have read this author s other works then you are well aware that she has this amazing ability to make you Camp Rex fallor her serial killer characters If this is your irst book by this author Be Prepared To Walk prepared to walk the shocking dark side in this standalone romance Told rom a dual POV we discover Arson s past and just how Touch of Enchantment fire became hisavorite weapon of torture Arson is intimidating deranged and cruel and he makes no apologies When Dads Don't Grow Up for it Surprisingly as I had been really lookingorward to his book I had trouble warming up to him in the beginning as he so unfeeling but as the story progressed he grew on me I knew that whoever stole his heart had to be amazing I am your gr. Beautiful angelHe was a vicious monsterShe wanted to run awayHe captured her insteadShe promised to never surrenderHe guarant. This is one I have been really looking orward to Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, for uite a whilerom the very irst encounter I have been ascinated with Arson and just how he ticks and the small teasers we have been given rom previous books in this series have only whetted my appetite Impression wise Arson or me is definitely one of the worst serial killers we have been introduced too to dateHe had an almost cold empty blankness to him not *really surprising considering his background and what we *surprising considering his background and what we learn he has had to endure growing upIt is actually surprising he has has had to endure growing upIt is actually surprising he has conscience or sense of morality considering his horrific pastI know Arson is not a good man and never will be yet he is the bad man who protects me High Heat from the likes of Marcello Pastor and theirriendsThis was almost a beauty and the beast scenario but one where there is no actual redemption or saving a rescue through Callista s acceptance of the whole in turn giving Arso A beautifully written tale of two broken people who all in love while embracing each other s laws It is an extremely dark book with graphic scenes but those scenes relay the past of Arson and what he suffered and how he became like this They are exceedingly hard to read and made me bawl my eyes out Arson is a person who has many scars and burdens which have made him a completely twisted character but when he meets Callista by chance She invokes powerful emotions in him which he thought were dead I loved seeing their chemistry and passion burn and sizzle I also love that the author didn t make Arson a ull blown bad guy and that even he had morals and knew when to draw the line True madness is born in complete d Arson s Captive has all the typical elements VF Mason is known or dark and twisted romance with lethal serial killersThe story starts off with the. Once upon a time she became mineMine to keep She was a healerHe was a serial killerShe helped peopleHe destroyed themShe was Arsons Captive