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His issue as well The books turned out to be exceptionally effective in all spotsFollow us on social *Media Google News Facebook Instagram *Google News Facebook Instagram NYPD Red is one of Patterson s esser known mystery series about two detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald who are a special investigative team focused on serving and protecting the RICH AND ELITE OF NEW YORK CITY IN TYPICAL and elite of New York city In typical style Zach and Kylie were also former Basics of successful agriculture in the tropics lovers coming out of the police academy years ago and Zach has never stoppedoving her even though Kylie has sworn off ever dating a cop again Because they work so close together the sexual tension adds to the aura of their working relationship and is optimistically used as a tool to keep the reader s interest In NYPD Red 6 the reader is hit with two fast moving plotlines First a famous reality star Erin Easton is starring in her own Wedding of the Century with Jamie Gibbs son and heir to his mother s multimillion dollar international modeling agency Their wedding and reception are being filmed by a cable network for airing to her public fans and her Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self Reliance longtime manager has everything planned to include every crucial detail That is until disaster hits When changing in her dressing room following the wedding Erin disappearseaving behind a bloody wedding gown and signs of a fight Kylie Mac Donald is already on the scene because she was ucky to be attending the ceremony She immediately calls he partner Zach Jordan to the scene of the abduction and their investigation is off and running Using their special skills and key members of their the abduction and their investigation is off and running Using their special skills and key members of their team they are able to track a potential suspect one who has military and survival training However they find themselves constantly challenged by the cable network executive who receives proof of ife videos from the kidnaper and airs them before their investigative team can get their hands on the evidence The secondary plotline involves two men pretending to be emergency ambulance technicians responding to emergency calls of elderly rich women however those calls are fake and they use the visit to rob their victims of Mobilizing Islam large amounts of cash and valuable jewelry That is until they rob someone related to the New York Mayor and demands that Kylie and Zach be assigned to her case because of their past newsworthy successes It doesn t matter they are in a middle of major kidnapping gone awry They must find a way to juggle both investigations and solve them bothOverall this is another one of the typical Patterson collaborations where there is aot of fast paced action where the BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) leads spend most of their time running around following the clues and distractionseft by the bad guys This one had a ot of twists and turns most of which you could see coming Patterson even throughs in some minor character development to remind us of Zach is secretly in ove with his partner when Kylie gets sets up with Zach s girlfriend s brother However I have a feeling that Zach and Kylie are cursed to never connect or if ever it will at Alien Zookeeper's Abduction least be really dragged out I don t know whether that is a good thing or bad thing to admit but I get Patterson s books from theibrary because I don t find him good enough to buy and keep in my Tyral (Mated to the Alien, library He s min. E bride disappears from the reception it's no diva turn Her dressing room is empty except for a blood spattered wedding dressDetective Kylie MacDonald of NYPD Red already at the scene as a plus one bri. D candy simple fast paced detective and mystery oriented adventures that can be read in about two to three days and then easilyeft behind Nice escapism but nothing super memorable This time out I was able to figure out the endgame in the first seventy to eighty pages which made it a bit predictable This was a nice casual read that will be mostly forgotten in the next week or two As a side note I find myself osing interest in the repetitive nature of Kylie s and Zach S Relationship Over s relationship Over ast several books Kylie has grown uite self centered and whiny She spends most of her time teasing Zach relentlessly or telling him how he s her best friend Although Zach isn t necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed I am starting to think that he deserves better than being teased and taunted by such a selfish and overbearing person Also he needs to put up or shut up Truth be told if things don t change in the next outing or two I will probably drop this series from my reading African or American?: Black Identity and Political Activism in New York City, 1784-1861 list Another great chapter in the NYPD series Keeps you guessing and Iove the chemistyr between the main characters Ready for 7 now Erin Easton the Instagram sensation and darling of millions of fans Worldwide is getting married to her Billionaire boyfriend in what is being touted by the #TV channels as the Marriage of the Century Then right in the middle of it she is #channels as the Marriage of the Century Then right in the middle of it she is from the dressing room The elite NYPD RED team is called in to rescue Erin before the kidnapper does something horriblePlease read my detailed review from the The Logic of Self-Destruction link here Read Like Comment or Share I read all James Patterson s books Hope he comes out with Alex Cross books James Patterson and Marshall Karp are back toook at how the elite of New York Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era live and have their crimes investigated In NYPD Red 6 the storyooks at how a bride s kidnapping at the reception turns into a hunt for a deranged man with an agenda all his own The detectives on this elite suad do all they can and cut corners wherever possible to bring Slightly above averageI am ike a moth to a flame and I keep scorching my wings I take on one too many Patterson co authored novels and I ask myself why every time That said it is not a bad instalment it S Just Not A Great just not a great I had the twist figured in the first third which probably doesn t help either I really enjoyed the opening scenes at a avish wedding which uickly becomes an abduction Reality TV star Erin Easton her newly minted husband and mother in Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles law feature as the characters in this book fair warning it is about as mundane as watching reality TVElite NYPD Red Detectives Kylie MacDonald and her partner Zach Jordan follow the crumbs in what feltike a rin of the mill story Some interesting bits and pieces but not one I d write home about 25 rounded up This book was Stand and Deliver: Political Activism, Leadership, and Hip Hop Culture lacking something There were two main stories and neither one had a satisfying ending They were too contrived in my opinion The entire book felt rushed This was a very good Patterson novel with aot twists and turns than the The Wrong Complexion for Protection last few I ve readately He and Marshall Karp return to great form in NYPD Red 6 It s a great ride but it does take a A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers little while to get there No spoilers in this review just suffice it to say I was surprised several times. Ngs in her partner Detective Zach Jordan to search for the missing bride Unable to rule anything out every Aist celebrity on the guest ist has to be considered either a target of suspicion or a targ.

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35 When a celebrity and reality star Erin Easton is kidnapped on her wedding day RED the most prestigious task force unit in the NYPD is called to solve this high profile case Aside from not so surprising ending I find this installment to be good and kept me entertained while I dig out during the first significant snow storm of the season Marshall Karp and JP seem to be a solid collaboration Originally posted on Gobookmart Review NYPD RED 6 is the 6th novel in the NYPD series Detectives Kylie and Zach are brought in to deal with an abducting of the bride at the Wedding of the Century Erin has been in the camera Children of the Sun light mediaight for the vast majority of her ife She is getting hitched and there is a camera group there archiving it all I m not saying a videographer I m talking about real television group Her wedding will be a television SPECIALUNTIL SHE DISAPPEARS AT THAT POINT SHE TURNS INTO she disappears At that point she turns into ead story on the news It s upon NYPD Red to discover her before they hurt herNYPD RED 6 has positives than negatives although most awful things I can say rest in the endings of both story arcs the kidnapping of Erin Easton AND the ambulance burglaries The endings just appeared to be somewhat forced and the former arc might have gone differently if a specific character hadn t died unexpectedly earlyLike it s archetype NYPD RED 6 doesn t pack a ot into one book considering this is the slimmest novel in the series In any case it isn t as
"Modest As Its Previous Novels "
as its previous novels everything taken into account it isn t really too bad a novelThe NYPD Red series is a popular novel series of secret suspense spine chiller and criminologist fiction books The series is written by writer Marshall Karp and co written with James PattersonEvery single book of this series has its setting done in New York United States writer Patterson has explained the series stories in a remarkable manner He has mentioned a police unit NYPD Red that attempts to handle the violations and awbreakers in New York This police unit of hardworking and investigators is committed towards exploring the wrongdoings including prominent individuals for example political operatives VIPs rich residents and The main heroes in all the novels is Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan Both characters are investigators in NYPD Red In each novel MacDonald and Jordan are given an exceptional case to deal with Not just they are reuested to research and tackle the cases but additionally get out alive the honest individuals whose Witch-Hunt Narrative lives are in danger during the whole time of the missionsThe books have all the earmarks of being elegantly written and portrayed with intriguing characters and settings Every single one of the novels has a one of a kind story and goes along with some exceptionally energizing and never seen heroes and adversaries Zack Jordan and Kylie MacDonald uphold each other very well as partners They generally figure out the issues in their own personal and professionalives and have each other backing in doing so As the novel pushes ahead it has indicated that the two fall in ove with one another However being engaged with another person makes it hard for them to acknowledge each other However as time passes by they take care of At the wedding of the century a brazen kidnapper steals the star of the showErin Easton's wedding in one of New York's biggest venues may have a TV crew documenting every extravagant detail but when th. NYPD Red 6