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In their love and friendship with no judgment of her past John s reaction on the other hand made me want to smack him But I guess there has to be some conflict before they can have their HEA All in all a very enjoyable story A tale of a young woman running away from her life when a stagecoach accident gives her a chance to trade identities with another passenger who is going out to be a teacher Annie becomes that teacher by sing her wit and intends to stay long enough to earn enough money to move on She tries not to fall in love with the rancher pays her to teach Then disaster rides in I really like this author Range of Ghosts (Eternal Sky, until it comes to the end of the books This is the second book of hers I ve read and with both I felt like there should be at least one chapter or an epilogue Maybe it s just what I ve beensed to but it seems like almost every author especially in this genre does this it seems like almost every author especially in this genre does this this is nice story with nice historical details and romance Annie MacAllister an illiterate prostitute is heading west to Trail s End With The Sole Purpose Of the sole purpose of her former life She wants to start new to leave behind the horrors of her past While on her journey by stage coach she suffers The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok uietly from the disdainful glare of one lady and the barely concealed lecherous advances of a gentleman who are traveling with her A third passenger Matilda Susan Cunningham displays a gentle warmth and acceptance towards her Matilda is also traveling to Trail s End as she has a job waiting for herThis is Annie s first encounter with someone who is not judgmental and like a moth to a flame she gravitates towards the kind young woman It is through Matilda that Annie starts to believe that she is a good person that she is worthy of forgiveness for a past that if she d had a choice in the matter wasn t her faultOn the second leg of their journey after the other two passengers get off at a previous stop Annie learns about God s grace and the sacrifice of his Son Jesus Matilda tells her that she prays and gives thanks for the smallest good thing and Annie eager to start the change within learns to do soA freak accident causes the stage coach to crash Matilda is killed instantly and Annie is badly injured Annie is distraught at the loss of her first true friend and when she is asked her name by the driver she assumes Matilda s identity Annie doesn t do this without suffering from bouts of regret Sheestions the reasons behind Matilda s death and why she was sparedWhen Annie arrives at Trail s End she is beyond horrified to learn that Matilda s job was that of a school teacher Eually distressing is the fact that John Sullivan the Shattered Pillars (Eternal Sky, upright honourable banker is head of the school board He is a moral man with a strict sense of what s right and wrong Matilda and John have been corresponding through letters and Annie who cannot read nor write is about to get a whole new lesson on what it means to have a second chance in lifeI don t know about any of you but I grewp on the Little House of the Prairie books and television show I didn t think anything of the religious platform that it was based on nor was I worried about it All I knew was that I was hooked on them and even to this day I ll watch an episode now and thenWhen I first saw the cover to Second Chance Brid. Arn money for a new start But she never dreams that in helping herself she would help her students and the one man who could ncover her truthAs Trail's End's most righteous citizen John Sullivan thinks that believing in God.

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A different kind of heroine who is brave and smart and resourceful I rooted for her from the very first page She shows some good growth in the book The hero was okay not to die for but pretty likable overall Annie MacAllister is an nusual heroine for a Love Inspired romance a former prostitute with a heart of gold to ote the old cliche Annie had a horrible childhood after her mother died and orphaned of gold to ote the old cliche Annie had a horrible childhood after her mother died and orphaned age 14 neducated and illiterate her only option for survival was to go to work in the local brothel Having saved her money she s now on a stagecoach for the town of Trail s End hoping to put her old life behind her and make a fresh start Then a horrible accident occurs and a young woman named Matilda Cunningham also traveling to Trail s End is killed While the driver goes for help a distraught Annie mourns for the lovely young woman and wonders why she should be allowed to live instead And then in a flash of inspiration for lack of a better word she goes through the other girl s belongings and puts on her clothes and shoes and becomes Matilda Annie doesn T Know Much About Matilda know much about Matilda that the other girl had a job waiting for her in Trail s End and someone would be meeting her when the stagecoach arrived So she was somewhat dismayed to discover that Matilda was a schoolteacher John Sullivan a member of the school board and president of the bank meets AnnieMatilda and drives her to the schoolhouse He s a little concerned that maybe she received a head injury in the stagecoach accident as she seems a little disoriented asking him estions about her job the answers to which he d already detailed to her in letters and the contract she signed when she accepted the position John is a likable hero though a little high hatted He s a widower who is a wonderful father to his young daughter He s a pillar of the community but doesn t really give god much consideration in t really give God much consideration in everyday life He seems about what s proper and accepted than about spiritually right and wrong He arrogantly tells AnnieMatilda that she is to basically to paraphrase live in the schoolhouse attend church every Sunday attend meetings when the Board of Education reuires it of her and not have a social life of her own Okay maybe that s not The Gi War Against Japan uite what he said but that s how it came across to me Naturally he is attracted to the new schoolteacher but he tamps down that attraction as it is improper Not to mention she seems terrified if he gets too close to her While the story is told from both Annie s and John s POVs the majority of it is Annie s story and it s an engrossing story Annie wonders how she will teach her students when she herself can neither read nor write and I was pretty curious myself She prays that she can have just a few days maybe a week to enjoy sleeping in a warm bed and having enough food for the first time since she can remember While Annie seemsiet and shy she is a strong character with good morals despite her previous career She is determined to never go back to that kind of life and to stretch this schoolteacher gig out as long as she can Annie overcomes so much during the course of the book that you can t help but admire her Eventually of course the truth must be told and I was gratified that Annie s friend Amanda and the sheriff both wrap her. Second chances are rare in Annie MacAllister's life and the sudden opportunity to pose as a respectable schoolteacher is too good to pass p Annie plans to stay in the friendly Texas town of Trail's End just long enough to Second Chance Bride
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E and read the blurb on the back I was instantly intrigued But when I realized it was an Inspirational romance I did a chin scratching hmmm My first estion was how can you write a inspirational romance novel I mean I know about Amish romances but they re Amish You automatically think religion And yes my ignorance is showing but stay with me folks It does get better I have to admit I was expecting the book to shout about the Holy Scriptures but I was pleasantly surprised The story flowed wonderfully and the characters were very well written Annie s Personal Growth As A growth as a and strong Christian woman brought a smile to my face many times The romantic tension between John and Annie kept me in suspense There were added passages from the Bible that I remembered yes folks a heathen such as I went to church at one time and they fit in perfectly with the internal torment that both John and Annie go throughMs Myers Perrine writes with a smart and with a tasteful hand In all honesty I really appreciate having my assumptions about Inspirational romances thrown right out the window It gives me another sub genre to read and I like thatI thoroughly enjoyed reading Second Chance Bride and would recommend it I confess that inspirational romances aren t really my thing not that there s anything wrong with them but Perrine s premise of an illiterate prostitute who assumes a dead woman s identity and passes herself off as a prim schoolteacher caught my eye It s a heartwarming love story and I enjoyed the 1880s small town Texas setting An enjoyable romance from the Love Inspired Historical line Not my favourite from this line but I really liked the concept of the story The overall plot Annie s characterisation and the sub plot about Amanda were great but I wish the hero had had character development I just never really connected with him and the sections in his POV were much less than Annie s The ending was a little bit preachy and John s sudden desire to pray was a bit out of character considering his past so considering that I d give this book 35 Annie McAllister a young who had been basically abandoned by her drunken father except when he needed money for drink With no one else to care for at age seven she started working for others cleaning or doing whatever else she could do earn money On the death of her father and the loss of there home hat fourteen she was forced in prostituion to have a place to live and food Finally She had saved 350 and bught a ticket to the farthest place she could go Trail s End This story is one the best LI Historicals I have read and will stay in my collection This book also highlights that sometimes you have to go thru very difficult circumstances to get to the good stuff and realize the power of God HIghly reccomend A keeper Second Chance Bride written by Jane Myers Perrine is the first Love Inspired Historical that I have read The Love Inspired #books have always caught my eye and I ve had this book for awhile on my to # have always caught my eye and I ve had this book for awhile on my to list I m so glad I finally A prostitute gets a second chance to pose as a teacher in a small town She learns how to teach and everyone believes she is this teacher woman She learns about God and about a particular guy in town When a stranger comes to town he threatens to tear them all apar. Is only about right and wrong But he's challenged by the new schoolteacher's Ghost of a Hanged Man unconventional methods and hernexpected past Now he and Annie will need some divine forgiveness to reignite their faithand find a future togethe. ,

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