The President's Daughter (KINDLE)

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Let It Snow involving exploited and sexualized minors a scandal with the Chinese during the Siege of Srebrenica and a few others make some points stand out for the wrong reason An enjoyable read overall from Patterson and President Clinton and a good follow up to first novel together The President s Daughters a smart taut utterly fantastic roller coaster that had me holding on for dear life a combination of every parent s worst nightmare a daughter abducted by a terrorist with a scimitar and the nside world of Washington DC a place where arguably the knives are pretty damn sharp to. Rvice detail But when he's briefed on an mminent threat Rvice detail But when he's briefed on an mminent threat his daughter Keating's SEAL training may prove essential than all the power connections and political acumen he gained as Preside. The President's Daughter

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June 7 2021 Actual Rating 35 Stars Arc provided little brownknopf publishing as an employee by Little publishing as an employee Barnes Noble The follow up from their popular thriller The President s Missing Patterson and President Clinton return with The President s Daughter a standalone thriller that follows former President Matt Keating a former SEAL who has his daughter kidnapped by a terrorists who family Keating had killed during the first year of his administration when an operation to retrieve went sideways and now his daughter has been kidnapped n retaliation and a manhunt ensues that puts Keating and his skills as both a former President and Navy SEAL to the test Like most Patterson books the book has ts moments of thrills and twists and does There's a new administration n the White House But HOW TO PLOT ROMANCE FICTION: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! HOW TO OUTLINE A ROMANCE NOVEL WHEN YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE WRITER it's the previous First Family who tops annternational assassin's hit listmichael keating s a former navy seal listMichael Keating s a former Navy SEAL a former President of th. Good job at being an Entertaining Book The Main Characters book The main characters relatively fleshed out well and does play with the tropes of a political thriller the hate of the DC establishment the tech genius being a woman and an unapologetic feminist though very clear that this s written by a male author because she goes out of her way to talk about various forms of sexism as part of her dialogue n the thriller the savvy partner of the main character a woman that he as part of her dialogue Angels Do Have Wings in the thriller the savvy partner of the main character a woman that he but whos able to handle herself and her being different from other women etc While the Arc had several mistakes both grammatical and factual I did find t nteresting that the thriller was utilizing pop culture and some current events to maintain relevance For example the E United States now relocated to rural New Hampshire after a brave but ll fated military mission cost him his second termAll he wants s to sink nto anonymity with his family and his Secret Se.
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