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On The Run With LoveBenjamin is one of the better authors in the urban fiction genre IMO and I wish I could rate this higher I m getting tired of the underlying racism though So tired that I m robably going to stop reading the genre soon I m going to attempt to read the books I already own but I ve already made the decision to not buy any new urban fiction books There will always be some authors that I ll support and urge others to support Dwayne Joseph Sister Souljah RM Johnson etc but some authors that I ll support and urge others to support Dwayne Joseph Sister Souljah RM Johnson etc but the most art the authors claim realistic when they re anything but About On the Run with Love I don t like when an author inserts him or herself in their own book I think it s tacky as hell Urban fiction is the only genre I ve seen this done in and I don t understand it Not only does Benjamin mention his own name and at least two of his books by title but he mentioned a store he owns as well I m also getting tired of each and every author in the genre starting a ublishing company Don t start something you can t do well To date I ve seen dozens and not one is actually being run well I ll use Benjamin s date I ve seen dozens and not one is actually being run well I ll use Benjamin s example A New uality Publishing The name brings to mind uality does it not Bringing the word to mind is about all it does While the story itself only has a few mistakes that jumped out at me the description on the back cover has at least one mistake and and this is a first for me the spine of the book is backwards Backwards I ve never seen anything like it Why start a ublishing company if this is how it s to be run Any Times of Bede person of average intelligence would know it ll never go anywhere It ll never be mainstreamed Even the bigger companies won t ever achieve that A little sidenote about the store Benjamin owns He claims he started the store because there was no black bookstore in the town Um does he sell anything other than urban fiction My guess from being in other black bookstores is no Does that make him racist Yes Why Because if I started a store and only sold books by white authors I d be racist That s why So in essence Benjamin complains about no black bookstores yet if I searched I m sure I d find real bookstores selling both black and white authors along with any other race and turns around to start a bookstore for only the race he comes from Hmmmmm I had respect for Benjamin before I found this out The underlying racism that I mentioned above Pg 176 a cop is showing aicture of a black criminal to another cop from down South The cop doesn t recognize the man and says so The cop with the The Catechism of the Council of Trent picture remembers when men like him used to call his father boy The next sentence is Herobably thinks we all look alike redneck cracker Hahaha now the term redneck cracker doesn. Freddie Holmes could've wrote the book on How to Be A Player With his good looks gift of gab his Jersey swag and ability to City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York put it down in the bedroom his only source of income is the women he manipulates But after meeting Simone his new fiance he decides to hang up his womanizing gloves so he says but not before hisast catches up to him Slug is a stick up kid hustler from the dirty south After losing his drug connect he uses hi. T bother me any than the term niggah does I m just not easily offended Am I the only one who sees this as laughable What exactly is the difference between calling black eople boy and saying that whites think all blacks look alike There is none Both are racist This is how real the book is every addictcrackhead in the book is stereotypical Normal right Sure Except for the two heroin addicts on the side of Freddie s enemy Those two heroin addicts are Angie MartinezJennifer Lopez type dimes I snorted I laughed so hard when reading that I ve been through a lot of hoods lived in the rojects known a lot of addicts and have yet to find any who look anything but like an addict but look anything but like an addict But okay Pg 189 He hated a black man on drugs but he hated a snitch even Does the fact that this is urban fiction mean things have to be race specific Does that not help to keep racism alive How about He hated any man on drugs but he hated a snitch even Would that not have worked and had essentially the same effect only better It s sad that most of the authors guilty of this claim to be just the opposite Most of the urban fiction authors that claim to be so real are mostly fake They just the opposite Most of the urban fiction authors that claim to be so real are mostly fake They just as racist as the redneck crackers they hate to much But maybe in a way they re even worse They know what it s like to be judged yet turn around to do the same thing Kind of goes hand in hand with two wrongs don t make a right rightPersonally if I was black or anything else for that matter I would demand that it not be an issue race wouldn t come up in anything if I could help it A lot of eople are being alienated not just in the reading community but elsewhere as well by the very Davids Sling people that claim they re doing it for theeople for the community Newsflash Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields people youreople and your community is not just the Learner Strategies in Language Learning people directly around you they aren t only theeople with the same color skin as yours it s all Dangerously Placed people And you re abusing alleople just like the most ignorant white racist out there to be found Suck on that for awhile This book was about how money and love is not at the same level The main character Freddie was engage with a woman name Simone who he loved dearly but he never drop his love for other woman He was a big time Just Destiny player so he wouldlay with girls and get their money Gina was crazy about Freddie about even though she knew that he had a girl she didn t care because she knew that he would always came back to her I like this book because it has a lot of drama also its shows how money can Paradise Run play witheople when they think they are in love Also the theme is always watch your back even in front of you AwesomeI am glad I read this book It kept me hooked from the first age S trip to New Jersey for a funeral as an opportunity to link up with his cousin Freddie in hopes of finding a new supplier Freddie wants to show his cousin a good time Jersey style while he's visiting only he chooses the wrong lace wrong time to do so At the end of the night two eople are left in their on blood one the younger brother of a known drug dealer the other a cop Freddie is forced to make some uick decisions To evade ,

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O the last Freddie was Always Looking For A Short looking for a short in life Simone was trying to live the dream The adventure they embarked on is fast aced and exciting Great job Mr Benjamin Freddie Freddie oh FreddieFreddie is of course a character He believes he is a Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen player and women allowed him to be one He used them and took their money for his time There are some men like this The world revolved around him because of his good looks Simone made the decision to run with him and that was her first mistake Tina was a tramp and was dealing with Freddie Cream s wife was a slut because she was sleeping with his boys Slug and KiKi got it together and got out of the game Gina Gina loved Freddie androved there is nothing like a woman scorned Payback was her choice Now that Freddie is in The Book of Mordred prison he has all of the time to consider what he did wrong and work on becoming a better manIA good read Fugitive On the Run With Love centers around Freddie Holmes One minute things are good for him and the next he s on the run One man is dead and a cop is injured Someone mustay Freddie doesn t want that someone to be him He flees to North Carolina to lay low with his cousin Slug along with his ride or die chick Simone Will his ast catch up to him Benjamin tells a great tale of love and conseuences It offers valuable lessons to all readers whether they identify with those same situations or not On the Run With valuable lessons to all readers whether they identify with those same situations or not On the Run With is a well crafted book that I would recommend to lovers of urban fiction Reviewed by Marcella On the run with love is a story that many of us can relate to Once you start the book you find yourself trapped in On The Run With Love is acked with the streetness that fans of JM Benjamin s revious books have come to expect But it also successfully appeals to both female and male readers who will undoubtedly identify with the dilemmas faced by both Freddie and Simone And the conflict that arises as both characters attempt to follow their hearts Freddie Holmes is your archetypal street running heart breaker with a specialty in seduction a ladies man or male gigolo if you will He loves flashy clothes cars money and beautiful women But he s far from your average gun toting hustler He is know freddie had bumped in too cream and mannie on downtown lainfield and had a shoot out maniie got killed and when freddie was running he shot a cop that is now in critical condition now freddie and his fiance simmone on the run freddie let everything out and told simmone what he had been doing to get money witch was to have sexual intercourse with other woman and take thier money best book woman and take thier money Best book ve read in a long time well written and Hidden Boundaries put together the story just flows Easy read. Is situation he takes his cousin up on his offer relocates to North Carolina and changes hisrofession but not without his soon to be wife Simone Simone gives up everything to go on the run with her man all in the name of love and gets a dose of reality She had no idea what she had signed up for as she takes a good look at her life with Freddie See how Freddie Holmes learns the hard way that you can run but you can't hide forever.

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