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SGuys I LOVED this book so muchThe dynamics amongst the ladies in the Book Club gave me life I adored their friendships Southern charm and humor as well as it being set in the early 90sHendrix writes Horror Comedy so well somehow making it lighthearted et horrifying at the same time It s really uite a skillThere was also a certain scene in here occurring during Patricia s investigation that was hands down one of the most cringe worthy scenes I have EVER read in my lifeThat sht would make Stephen King proud It was legit skin crawling gagging exclaiming while I m reading goodI listened to the audiobook for this read having since purchased a hard copy I know I will be reading this againSide note it just so happens which I didn t know going in that this is voiced by my favorite narrator of all time Bahni Turpin who is an absolute goddessIf Bird Habitats in Britain you are considering listening to the audio I absolutely recommend it A performanceOverall this book knocked it out of the park An easy 5 stars from me Believe the hype People s refusal to see sexism and harmful representation when it looks them straight in the face is what led this book to have such great reviews Some even applaud the male author for being so good at writing female characters and I sit here flabbergasted trying make my brain comprehend how they came to that conclusionLet s get the obvious out of the way I m a white man so clearly my perspective is limited I m stating how I perceived the book and as someone who is super keen to read books by authors preferably OwnVoices that care about good representation this one fell awfully flat Did a big ugly noise when it landed too Most people that left reviews on here seem to be white as well which might explain the missing criticism of the representation of women but especially POCs in this bookI was so excited to read it The title tellsou everything The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you need to know about the book and the cover is gorgeous It s a uick read and I finished it in less than a day mostly because I wanted to get it over with and didn t want to have to pick it up again the next day But honestly the first 200 pages or so were decent I enjoyed myself I noticed that the Black characters in the book were only ever unnamed waiters or caregivers without speaking roles and it felt iffy but I was ready to give the author the benefit of the doubt He still had a lot of pages to turn things aroundI guess what s helpful to know is that the book is set in America s Deep South in the 80 s and 90 s But the author took that as an excuse to push Black characters to the sidelines Mrs Greene a Black woman hired to take care of the main character s mother eventually becomes part of the vampire slaying book club but the white saviour narrative displayed in the book is still tasteless To add insult to injury it seems like the evil vampire is also a racist one because he only ever murders Black people And this leads us to another role that Black characters had in the novel to be killed Either through lynchings or through the hands of the vampire And of course all Black people in the book lived in a poor settlement where the female white main characters had to be scared to walk the streets Nowou can cry BUT historical accuracy but honestly there s a vampire in this book so our argument is invalid If a vampire is realistic than a Black person with a degree or a nice suburban house there s definitely something wrongI could probably say but one of the reasons why I was so attentive when it came to the representation was Mikki Kendall s Hood Feminism Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot which was the last book I read s Hood Feminism Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot which was the last book I read I picked this one up While the two books aren t at all related Mikki Kendall s essays about structural racism privilege white feminism etc made a stark contrast to this Vampire slaying book So I guess what I m saying is if ou re still debating reading The Southern Book Club s Guide to Vampire Slaying consider picking up Hood Feminism insteadI do want to talk about the presentation of the female characters though I ve seen a few reviewers call the characters one dimensional and crude which is accurate I guess the I read the less willing I was to let things slide and soon both plot and characters completely deteriorated None of these women seemed to be able to pick a Husband That Isn T A that isn t a none of them gave a damn about female friendships and they acted irrationally around their children too I m not advocating for female characters to be respectable so they can be called feminist That s not how it works But when Riders of the Sea you intend to write good rep and this is allou come up with then that s not exactly what I would call fully fleshed complex female characters But of course this male horror author had to go one step further Of course he had to make unnecessary comments about their breasts and pubes of course horror wouldn t be horror if female characters didn t experience physical violation of their bodies in the form of rape and abuse No Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters your book is not feminist just becauseour female characters say That s sexist once I m really tired of horror authors relying on tropes like the violation of women s bodies and Nazi symbolism just to throw that in too to create discomfort It s like comedians that can only be funny when they ridicule women and marginalised peopleOh one thing I d like to add this let s call it shortcoming is not just the author s fault We tend to forget that behind a published book there s a team of editors there s a publisher that decided to give the book a nice cover and release it the way it was It s this whole industry that needs to do better that needs to check their priorities and their privilege Or else we ll get uestionable books like thisAt the end of the day there was no room left for any shred of patience on my part which is why I m giving this a really bitter rating of one star no i think the fuck not shoutout to zac for journeying through the madness w me tho But like 45 stars I LOVED THIS Yes there were some gruesome moments but the shiny appeal that this book brought was the portrayal of the resilience and underestimated power of the common housewife Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. The book club's meetings turn into speculation about the newcomer Patricia is initially attracted to him but when some local children go missing she starts to suspect the newcomer is involved She begins her own investigation assuming that he's a Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy What she uncovers is far terrifying and soon she and her book club are the only people standing between the monster they've invited into their homes and their unsuspecting communi. ,

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Or moving it was but I don t know which angle to go for because this book was all those things This book made me laugh and it made me anxious and I just loved it It s too bad that it ended in a perfect place because I would definitely sign up for a Southern Book Club seriesFacebook Instagram My vote for Goodreads choice awards for horror genre I truly deeply madly in love with this book More than five gazillion stars Somebody has to stop my fingers adding entire books of the author to my nearly collapsing Mount TBR But I cannot stop with only one book Can I They defined this book as mash up of Steel Magnolias Fried Green Tomatoes and Dracula No sir this is Stepford Wives and Southern Desperate Housewives meet True Blood This book is not easy entertaining reading It is so smart gruesome wild bloody blended with dark humor sarcasm criticizing of the role of wives and structures of marriage But I may tell Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) you this is epic and darkly heart wrenching women friendship book Their bonding reminded me of Thelma and Louise s last scene and filled my eyes in tears Five regular Southern housewives at least that s what their moron husbands think about them start a book club to read true crime stories and discuss them See There is nothing ordinary about them They know their dark sides and they also know how to retrain it Welcome to 90 s Charleston The story is narrated by Patricia Campbell one of the members of the book club She gave up her career as a nurse and married with extremely workaholic and arrogant husband but at least she hasoung teenage daughter who disrespects her and The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts younger son who is obsessed with Third Reich And her mother in law moved indefinitely to their house suffers from dementia and is adamant to turn her life into her But thankfully the other book club members also her true friends and confidantes right now intervened and find Mrs Greene to help her take care of her mother in law She is not really happy with her life and the books she read and growing friendship with the girls are the only things brighten her mood Maybe her life doesn t suck like she thinks but WAIT FOR IT Did HER ELDER NEIGHBOR ATTACK HER AND RIP HER EARLOBE Yes weird things can happen in South and stays in South as well Then her not so nice elderly neighbor dies at the hospital so she pays a visit to her house carrying a casserole because she s told her neighbor s nephew came to town to take care of her She meets with charming nephew James actually she finds him lie on the bed and she thinks he might be dead so she performs CPR Another interesting way to welcomeour new neighbor and after his friendly revisit to her house she gets attracted to him even though her mother in law screams a lot when she sees him at their house and confuses the guy with her father s killer Patricia invites James to her book club helps her to open a proper bank account drives him to help for daily errands but after her mother in law s suspicious dying those parts of the book were really disgusting and gruesome I advise to read those pages with empty stomach and local kid s missing she starts to get suspicious about her charming new neighborfriendcrush s involvement to local kid s suicides But of course when she shares her theory with her besties they are silenced by their know it all husbands who are invested with James inventive ideas and uite large amount of money Patricia isn t sure where they came from The wives kept their silence till their children s lives are also in danger Could they stop this dangerous man Is he a real man or is he a kind of supernatural creature Let s find out I have to admit I loved those girls Slick Kitty Grace Maryellen and let s not forget the last addition of their club dear Mrs Greene I loved their uirky antics their loyalty and their secret badass power they re forced to hide because of their husbands mental or physical abuse Even though this was harsh bumpy bloody reading I enjoyed every second of it and I wished it would never end Some of the producers should wake up and realize this book is secret gem and it is needed to be adapted into streaming series Especially the heart wrenching story about bitter peaches was remarkable and unforgettable part of this bookOverall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT This is one of the best books of the NV Level 3 Health and Social Care year Go on get it and read itbloginstagramfacebooktwitter Patricia Campbell has a full life but she doesn t necessarily consider it fulfilling With the majority of her time being dedicated to her family the one thing she has for herself are the evenings she spends with her friends the ladies of the Murderinos Book ClubThe Club consists of like minded Southern housewives who discuss True Crime and other less savory topicsCleverly different sections of the book are titled after real life True Crime books These are based upon what the Club is reading during the period of time we are following in the novel Thankou Grady Hendrix for adding to my already infinite TBR with some of Hendrix for adding to my already infinite TBR with some of True adding to my already infinite TBR with some of True titlesIt s the early 1990s and in their conservative neighborhood just outside of Charleston South Carolina it sounds better to say their Club is a Bible Study So that s exactly what they sayIt raises a lot less eyebrows that wayWhen a handsome stranger moves to town Patricia is intrigued and oddly enough he seems interested in joining the conversationPatricia in neighborly good spirits invites him along to her Book Club After all how much harm could his presence possibly causeThe closer Patricia gets to this man James Harris the she seems to notice something s not uite right about himPatricia s live in mother in law seems to take an instant dislike to the man possibly confusing him with someone from her past No doubt a symptom of her dementia but there are other things tooAs local children start disappearing rumors of a boogie man luring them into the woods begin to surfacePatricia spurred on by the woman who once offered care to her mother in law begins an investigation of her own She suspects James may be behind the horrific events but will anyone believe herLuckily Patricia does have some true friends within her Book Club and the ladies team up to get to the bottom of the mystery that is James Harri. Ays are long her kids are ungrateful her husband is distant and her to do list is never really done The one thing she has to look forward to is her book club a group of Charleston mothers united only by their love for true crime and suspenseful fiction In these meetings they're likely to discuss the FBI's recent siege of Waco as much as the ups and downs of marriage and motherhoodBut when an artistic and sensitive stranger moves into the neighborhood. I really think that Grady Hendrix has written his best book Writing in the Dust: After September 11 yet and he did it all while dressed as a penguin Not a lot of people know this but in the twoears it took him to write SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB he wore the exact same penguin costume every day while he wrote By the time this book was finished that costume was a rancid disgusting mess and he had to have it pulled from his body by hooks and burned because it was a biohazard Patricia Campbell remembers what life was like before she gave into motherhood she was an amazing nurse and strong willedBut marriage changed all that She s now a stay at home mom and with the way her husband treats herit is a sobering thought the life that s ahead of herBut at least she has book clubEvery meeting they go over the latest true crime or grisly detective book It is the one time that Patricia feels like herselfAnd thenHE moved in The new neighborAt first it was the little things he misplaced his ID and legal documents He has a severe sun allergy But then those little things snowballed children from the next town over are being takenAnd Patricia begins to wonderwhat if it was all true What if that nice neighbor is a monsterAnd what could she possibly do against that in a world full of smartphones and scienceOMG So I picked this one up because I saw it on the GRs Nominee listoh my gosh It was SOOOO good WORTH ITI LOVED the way this book was set up the girls in the book club the weirdness of the neighbor it all worked so well I was so thrown by the way the plot went too I never knew what was going to happen next and I was LIVING for thatAbout halfway through I had to put the book down because I was SO stressed by it Also that ending Perfection Sheer perfectionYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Facebook Snapchat mirandareads DNF 63%Go ahead call me a uitter I can take it In fact I own itTouted as Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias meet Dracula unfounded comparisons in my opinion this novel at times felt like too much Engine Performance Diagnostics yet somehow not enough Much like the bored housewives within these pages who find themselves bogged down with daily chores family obligations child rearing and their sexist and controlling husbands Iearned for The author loosely connects these women with a book club that takes on a few iterations as the story progresses but doesn t necessarily feed into the entirety of the story In my mind I envisioned tough broads with some semblance of sisterhood and instead was faced with wishy washy support at best This is a novel about women written by a man and from someone who freuents the women s fiction space it shows There are some gory which I didn t mind and cheeky moments that give life to the storyline but I found the impact was lessened by the various topics introduced The author hits pause on the vampire aspect of the storyline to touch on sexism misogyny suicide social ineuality racism child abuse domestic abuse and controlling behavior I so badly wanted the author to pick a lane Was he trying to relay the story of women slaying vampires or making some misguided attempt to give every issue page time At 63% no slaying had taken place Don t even get me started on the insectoid appendage It very well may be that this novel comes together for a spectacular conclusion but the wonky execution thus far leads me to believe not And honestly I don t care enough to stick it out Thank ou to uirk Books for providing a review copy in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts Then She Got In Her she got in her and hoped Grace was right and this was all just a product of the overactive imagination of a stupid little housewife with too much free time on her hands If it was she promised herself tomorrow she would vacuum her curtains I FREAKIN LOVED THIS I loved every single dark funny gory minute of this book I m in no way ualified to talk about best and worst books but I can say with absolute certainty that this is my favourite book so far this earFor the first few chapters of The Southern Book Club I thought I had it pegged as the easiest breeziest sweet tea pecan pie of a novel A kind of True Blood if Sookie Stackhouse was ten Erebus years older and ran a book club Which don t get me wrong sounds utterly fabulous but it actually ended up being way than I expected It goes to some really dark places so a uick warning to those sensitive to sexual assault and domestic abuse off pageI m not uite sure how best to describe this In some ways it s a heartwarming and funny story about aou guessed it Southern book club There s so much female friendship and a good few laughs but despite how the title and cover look it isn t campy like I feared In fact as well as being fun this book made me really frustrated and angry in parts I hate it and can t stop angry reading when women are patronized and gaslighted Reading about gaslighting really makes me anxious and the way the women in this book are talked down to because they are silly housewives made my blood boilBut that s the whole point In the author s note Hendrix states that he wanted to pit Dracula against my mom It s a nod to those women who carry out the majority of the childcare and household chores as well as shouldering the emotional burden And hell these housewives might vacuum their curtains and freeze 60 sandwiches at the beginning of the month for school lunches but they have some serious claws In every book we read no one ever thought anything bad was happening until it was too late This is where we live it where our children live it s where we live it s where our children live it s Don t RTA - CIP B702.6 - Renault Clio III, phase 1 de 09/05 a 03/08 you want to do absolutely everythingou can to keep it safe Patricia has read enough true crime novels to know a threat when she sees it So when a mysterious stranger comes to town and threatens their neighborhood and their children Patrica Kitty Maryellen Slick Grace and Mrs Greene are absolutely NOT about to take it lying down God I love these women They re not the stereotypical badass heroines which makes them so truly genuinely badass The book lightly pokes fun at them but in a warm good natured way How s our ear She swallowed part of it Patricia said I m so sorry Slick said Those really were nice earrings Normally I would summarize at the end of my review by saying how fun or intense. Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias meet Dracula in this Southern flavored supernatural thriller set in the '90s about a women's book club that must protect its suburban community from a mysterious and handsome stranger who turns out to be a blood sucking fiendPatricia Campbell had always planned for a big life but after giving up her career as a nurse to marry an ambitious doctor and become a mother Patricia's life has never felt smaller The .

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