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Change of TidesI was totally hooked on this series after reading the The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick preuel Muddy Bottom and was excited for I immediately fell in love with these characters And who doesn t just love this setting Palmetto Island Change of Tides gives the reader a deeper look at the lives of Birdie and her daughter Hannah the characters from Muddy Bottom who I already love I was there celebrating their joys and anguishing over the turmoil of their everyday lives This book was such a wonderful way to escape for me just for a little bit I always love Ashley s books and characters so so much I always feel like I becomeart of their circle of friends I m extremely excited for this series the next installment is coming out in May I love spending time in this world and I can t wait to go back and reconnect with them all Today I m excited to resent you with one of the best new to me authors I ve discovered ashleyfarleyauthor has already written several series that I hadn t read but I had the leasure of reading Muddy Bottom and Change of Tides last week Maybe it is the time in my life that I read them with my kids leaving and all I m now attached to these characters like "Family This Series Is "This series is in Palmetto Island and Charleston SC Those are some of my favorite Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns places on earth Both books are about the difficult choices we have to make what leads us there the friendships we cherish and theeople we lose Marriages end without warning our children become adults and make decisions we may not agree with but the thread through both of these stories was relationships and how eople can heal if you re honest and ut in the work I connected with Birdie Max and Hannah so much I laughed I cried and I wanted to run to the laughed I cried and I wanted to run to the ashleyfarleyauthor you absolutely are a new favorite author and I want to read all of your backlist Muddy Bottom the first book is a novella and is free to download on Kindle Change of Tides ublished February 8 2021 so go grab your copy so you re ready for the next book in the FANTASTIC series Thank you so much katerockbooktours and ashleyfarleyauthor for my gifted copy of the book to review ashleyfarley muddybottom changeoftides southcarolina almettoisland charleston Genocide of One palmettoislandseries womensfiction beachreads alwaysreading bookrecommendations readandreview igbooks readersofinstagram igreads bookeduponit bookstoread bookstabuddies bookishladiesclub Ashley Farley is one of my favorite authors Her books are about realeople with real issues Change of Tides continues the story of a mother and daughter who are moving on with their lives Birdie is a recovering alcoholic and moving on from being abandoned by her husband Cary Hannah Birdie s daughter is a single mother looking for love and a career Both women find themselves caught between Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online past loves and new ones There are bumps in the road for both women but they appear to be headed in the right direction The storyline is true to life and the characters are well developed I can hardly wait for the next installment of The Palmetto Island Series Thank you Ashley Farley for another five star book Ashley Farley does it again In Change of Tides we head to Palmetto Island in South Carolina where Hannah and her mother Birdie have been slowlyutting their lives back together over the last 3 years Hannah from a failed relationship that left her Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal pregnant and Birdie from when her husband Hannah s dad disappeared from their lives taking all the moneyOver those three years they ve lived together and have grown closer through the hardships One day out of the blue Cary returns and turns his wife and daughter s lives upside down with his appearance What ensues is a story about los. Second Chances and New RomancesBirdie Fuller doesn’t like change And a lot of change is happening at once Her daughter and three year old grandson are moving out of her apartment to a nearby city Will Birdie be able to survive the loneliness without Hannah and Gus She joins a dating website to find companionship and meets the seeminglyerfect man But is their relationship too good to be real When the ast comes ba. S trust heartache love and learning to trust your OWN INSTINCTS AGAINI READ THIS IN ONE SITTING TONIGHT instincts againI read this in one sitting tonight the family dramas small town setting and the beginning of new romance New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book possibilities for both Hannah and Birdie 45 5 Due to the cold snowy winter I ve been experiencing on the east coast a new Ashley Farley series was aerfect reading escape to the lowcountry for meThe relationship between mother and daughter Birdie and Hannah each taking big steps in moving their lives forward Hannah her child Gus have been living with Birdie in her apartment above her cafeBirdie is attempting to navigate the dating world again after much encouragement She turns her bakery into a cafe and has accomplished a lot including her sobrietyHannah a single mother to Gus is struggling with moving on from the comfort of living home having her Mom s help with Gus to moving out and away to a bigger city She s also managed to keep her son s biological Dad from knowing that he s a Dad he s never known that Hannah was Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat pregnantHow does Birdie and Hannah deal with theirast when it literally shows up for each of them Friendship and family help to encourage and drive both women to navigate the necessary steps towards their futuresThis is a wonderful new series I m looking forward to the next book in the series Anytime is a good time to read a Ashley Farley bookThank you Ashley Farley Kate Rock Book Tours for my ARC of Change of Tides and for having me be art of your wonderful book tourAs always my reviews are my honest opinions and spoiler free Ashley Farley is an auto read author for me Change of Tides is written in her unmistakable stylesouthern fiction with characters that feel like old friends and some family dysfunction Change of Tides may just be my favorite Ashley book This book is the first in the Palmetto series If you haven t read Ashley Farley I highly recommend They say a change will do you good but where do you find the courage This is the uestion at the core of Ashley Farley s newest novel Change of Tides The only thing in life that s constant is change Hannah Like the change of tides The water goes out and you re at your lowest but then it comes rushing back in and you re riding high again Birdie is a survivor Her daughter Hannah and young grandson Gus have given her the strength to carry on after her husband disappeared and she finally acknowledged she was an alcoholic Her life has changed so much her caf is flourishing but is she ready for the next steps namely trying to date again and having Hannah and Gus ossibly move awayHannah too is ready for the next step Her web design business is so successful but is staying on Palmetto "ISLAND LIMITING HER SHOULD SHE CONSIDER " limiting her Should she consider to Charleston and expanding her business Should she consider the offer to buy her business from a handsome suitor Will stepping out from under her mother s wing be the change she needs to go to the next level or will it expose the decisions she made relative to keeping Gus a secret from his fatherWhen a figure from their Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set past returns it sets off a chain of events thatush Birdie and Hannah outside their comfort zones forcing them to confront their fears and make decisions about their futures It will take strength courage and the help of friends and loved ones to weather these stormsFarley does it again with Change of Tides She has been one of the best discoveries I ve made on Bookstagram her novels are so enjoyable combining drama and romance with settings you absolutely want to be in Every one of her books hooks me right away and even if I suspect how things will turn out I want to go on these journeys with her charactersIf you. Ck to haunt Birdie she struggles to maintain the sobriety she’s worked so hard to achieveWhile the beauty and wildlife of Palmetto Island rovide inspiration for Hannah’s creativity she realizes that in order to grow her web design business she must move to a bigger city But is she ready to leave the security of her mother’s apartment For three years she’s been hiding out on the island avoiding contact with Re a fan of women s fiction or just good stories give her a tryMy thanks to Kate Rock Book Tours and Ashley Farley for including me on this latest tour and for giving me a complimentary advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Can t wait for the next one luckily she writes fastCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2020 at Check out my list of the best books of the last decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at Palmetto Island 1What a wonderful story of family friends forgiveness and love Ashley Farley as always has created a novel that has it all Upon opening the first age I was brought to the inlet at sunrise on Palmetto Island Nothing better I could have easily stayed here Palmetto Island nothing better i could have easily stayed here better I could have easily stayed here the main character Hannah is contemplating how she can expand her business and follow her dreams elsewhereHannah lives with her Mom Birdie and her three year old son Gus Hannah has no relationship with her son s father and hopes he never finds out about Gus Birdie takes care of Hannah but Hannah also watches over her mom since her dad disappeared three years ago Life is now comfortableHowever nothing stays the same Challenges come forth causing lots of dilemma s and decisions to be made for this amazing family and their friendsI wanted to hug them all as they try to resolve some heart wrenching situations Sometimes forgiveness does for the erson doing the forgiving than the Our Fake Relationship person asking for itI cannot wait for the next book in this series Since thereuel to this series Muddy Bottom three years has gone by Hannah along with her son Gus who now is nearly 3 years old are still living above the bakery which is now a cafe with Birdie Hannah has established a successful online business and is feeling it s time to move out on her own Birdie s life long friend Max is convincing her she should sign up on an online dating service Business at the cafe is booming However their The Blitzkrieg Legend predicable lives are disrupted by the sudden appearance of Birdie s soon to be ex husband who has been missing for three years Hannah is shocked to discover Ryan the birth father of Gus who never knew she wasregnant is in the cafe with his fiance Can life get any complicated Once again the characters of this book come alive on the The Crown pages thanks to Ashley Farley s talent to develop such life like characters As I read I found I was experiencing some anxious moments during some tense situations This book is a beautifully written story that is delightful and heartwarming Over the three years that went by I loved how the characters grew in confidence and love for one another As I turned the lastage my thoughts immediately turned to thinking about what will come next in the lives of these fictitious characters that now feel like friends A new series from Ashley Farley is always good news She writes Southern fiction with fantastic characters and well described settings Plus not all of her characters are young this book has several mature characters who are using a dating site to find new fellows This is the first book in the series but it was Über Nacht preceded by a novella called Muddy Bottom that gave her readers a glimpse of the characters in the seriesHannah her three year old son Gus and Birdie all live in an apartment above the bakery that Birdie owns They have lived there for three years but know that there are changes coming for both of them Hannah knows that if she wants to continue her business she s going to have move to a larger town Birdie is really worried about empty nest and goes on a dating site to find a male companion She s reluctant because she was devastated when. Er son’s biological father She never told Ryan about theregnancy He doesn’t know about Gus When Ryan shows up at Birdie’s cafe out of the blue Hannah’s world comes crashing down around her Will she give Ryan another chance Or will another man steal her heartEscape to the Lowcountry for the first installment in the Palmetto Island series Be sure to download Muddy Bottom the series’s novella reuel for free. .