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Full of surprises and werewolves are the least of them Kori s father is bi polar and his meds aren t working very well or at all When they do work her dad is not himself he s numbed When they re not working or when they become less effective he becomes the exciting father she knows and loves He s full of surprisesat least ntil the mania cycles out and the depression sinks in One or the other of her father s mental states often ends in a visit from the police and a trip to the psychiatric hospital Unfortunately his last visit to the hospital became permanent There he met Doctor Zita and his life changed forever Is this a good change or a bad one You ll have to read this to find outThere are several people in this cast of characters that intrigued me but most especially dr zita i m a most especially Dr Zita I m a and dark fiction fan so I ve read the gamut of tales about villains and secret medical experiments etc but rarely have I come across such an intriguing villain Even though I ended Earth Awakens (The First Formic War, up hating her guts I felt like I could almostnderstand how she got to where she was Aren t those the best types of villains THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS had a personal effect on me other than just the enjoyment of the novel A few family members including my mom are bipolar so I have some experience of it in few family members including my mom are bipolar so I have some experience of it in own life I saw first hand many of the situations in this book Medications that don t work meds that entirely change a person s personality so much so that they re not recognizable any I ve often wondered in those cases whether the meds were worse than the disease Reading this book all of the matters regarding mental illness rang very very true That s mostly likely because Mark Matthews has worked in the behavioral health industry and is a licensed counselor I know that I m focusing on the mental health aspect to this book rather than the werewolf aspect but make no mistake Thesecreatures are scary as hell but also objects of pity They re not exactly werewolves but they cycle with the moon just the same I m not sure if this is a werewolf tale with psychological aspects or a psychological horror tale with a werewolf aspect As I was reading I had Stephen Graham Jones book MONGRELS in the back of mind but I actually liked HOBGOBLIN better and I ADORE SGJ A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds Ralph Waldo EmersonOverall this novel is creative linking the cycling of disease with other types of cycling in a niue way We have a dark manipulative villain in Dr Zita we have some commentary and observations on behavioral health and how it s treated in this country and lastly we also have some scary ass abominations that are hungry You know you want to read it so TREAT YOURSELFRecommendedAvailable January 28th 2021 but you can pre order here Thank you to the author for the paperback ARC provided in exchange for my honest feedback This is not your average werewolf tale The light of the moon indeed triggers the frenzy of devastation in these books but this is a work about mental health and especially bipolar disorder The author Mark Matthews has had a career in behavioral health for over 20 years and is a licensed professional counselor This book was written with a lot of care and knowledge into what it means to live with a mental illness Although there were plenty of horrific events I really found myself thinking about mental health medications and what it means to take medications that alter your core self I haven t read a book centered around mental health for a long time This was extremely thought provoking chaotic as well as enlightening painful and beautiful which is what I imagine it may feel like to live with bipolar disorder or love someone who has itThe character of Dr Zita in this was really interesting to me Although she is the villain in this performing nspeakable acts on patients and of course her The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog unethical abuse and tactics of her research makes her a monster she too is motivated by her past experience with those she loved being consumed by their mental states Matthe Sometimes I ll read a book and feelnualified to write a review When the author is one whose work I respect and enjoy I often feel that anything I might have to say would simply be. Ing the mood swings of the mentally ill transforming patients into savage manic creatures who seek justice by the light of the full moon When the creatures hunt for prey only an escaped patient and her beloved child can help Kori survive But they better act fast because the creatures want blood Kori wants to save her dad and the whole hospital is about to be blown to pieces and bury Kori aliveA wickedly clever take on a well worn trope Th. .
To come This was an incredibly Dont Ask, Dont Tell uniue and thoughtful take on mental illness bipolar disorder in particular with a twist on the traditional werewolf lore Ironically I think the word werewolf was onlysed once And then shut down really ickly *which I thought was a nice additionThe descriptions of what it felt like to go through a *I thought was a nice additionThe descriptions of what it felt like to go through a episode were some of the most haunting and beautiful I ve ever read Bipolar disorder has some very negative connotations attached to it however there is beauty in the heightened awareness that both Peter and Maya observe and later Lilith She wanted to rip the walls down wanted to sing her song of rage and pain Atoms in her brain and all the fluids lubricating her spine started to ooze like hot lava The characters were engaging and very fleshed out I wanted Kori to find peace with her dad I wanted Maya to find Lilith and be reunited I wanted Hades the dog to be ok And I suitably hated Zita It seemed she justified her cruelty and her Frankenstein complex with her pastI was drawn to the book by the amazing cover but I kept reading because of the descriptive prose that Mark Matthews wrote I felt like I was living a manic episode5 stars and will be buying a physical copy when it comes out A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds This famous otation from philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson was speaking out against conformity and encouraging people to form their own ideas and opinions In Mark Matthews new novel The Hobgoblin of Little Minds the Starting Today uote issed often in the context of bipolar disorder and mental illness in a clever blending of the real life struggles of these conditions and the classic horror tropes of the werewolf mythKori hasn t seen her father in over a decade Following a number of incidents and suicide attempts he was admitted to the Northville Psychiatric hospital and was never heard from again Kori often visits the now abandoned hospital hoping to find a trace of her lost father and learn what became of himWhat she finds instead are vicious malformed creatures living deep Oxygen under the hospital grounds where secret experiments were performed turning people into savage bloodthirsty animals whose primal needs becomencontrollable when the moon is full Can Kori find and save her father or is he now beyond her helpLarger than life horror as a metaphor for real world issues is a fine balancing act Too subtle and the message gets lost too on the nose and it becomes a distraction to the story It is rare to find a novel that avoids these pitfalls ite so deftly as Mark Matthews does here The book bounces between chapters told from the point of view of a handful of main characters many of which bounces between chapters told from the point of view of a handful of main characters many of which from bipolar disorder These voices are nderstandably disjointed and the narration shifts wildly between franticly paced and sombrely downbeat are The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, understandably disjointed and the narration shifts wildly between franticly paced and sombrely downbeat we the reader are not always necessarily fully aware of what is going on as we often catchp with a character whilst they are in the midst of mood swings or mania It makes for a difficult but fascinating read to be told a story largely from the perspective of somebody suffering from a mental illnessWe are firmly in literary horror territory and the prose is suitably captivating The author who is a behavioural health professional writes with an assured grasp of his subject matter and the whole book feels very authentic and consistent He also doesn t shy away from the horror both physical and emotional It is a harrowing and downbeat read at times punctuated by moments of bloody violence but you can t look away The characters are so engaging and their situation so Sublime Planet unlike anything you find in a typical horror story that you can t help but find yourself invested in thenpredictable narrative that Our Martyred Lady unfolds The Hobgoblin of Little Minds is a challenging yetltimately immensely rewarding book As a new take on the werewolf story it is a fascinating read but as a deep dive into the realities of mental illness the book is an absolute triumphYou can read reviews of new and Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation upcoming horror releases at Seeing that cool looking werewolf on the cover with a heart in its hand makes you think you know what this book is about You don t THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS is. Kori Persephone Driscoe suffered through her dad's mental illness All she wanted was for him to get better but instead he disappeared Kori trespasses into the abandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital the last place her dad was treated seeking solace and traces of his memory What she finds instead is something no longer human living deep in thenderground tunnelsDuring the last days of the hospital a rogue psychiatrist had been manipulat. .
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Silly Such is the case with The Hobgoblin of Little Minds by the always excellent Mark Matthews What s So Good About ItFirst Of good about itFirst of this book was written by Mark Matthews I know that anytime
crack open something he s that it s going to be inventive and imaginative and Understanding the Mass usually go in a different direction than what I might expect THOLM is no exception yes it s a werewolf story but these are not your typical werewolves and the direction the story goes is not what you might expect Which brings me to my second point the best horror writing is typically either allegorical or functions on multiple levels and that perfectly describes THOLM While it can be enjoyed as a mostly straight forward story about werewolves this can also be read as a dissection of how the children of parents with mental illnesses respond to growingp in that environment The book centers around three relationships between mentally illwerewolfy parents and their children and the main meat of the book is really about how each of the children some of whom are now adults have dealt with their parents conditions Some want to save their parents some want to save humanity by any means possible and some want to simply watch the world burn The depiction of the mania and depression that is part of being a werewolf was compellingly written and extremely Their Reluctant Submissive (Knights in Black Leather, unnerving So why four stars Probably just personal issues I found the overall characterization to be somewhat flat The POV shifts every couple of chapters but most of the characters seem to speak with the same voice This was especially true of the female characters However the main issue that keeps this from being 5 stars for me is the extended monologuing chapters 21 24 indulged in by the villain If you need four chapters for the bad guy or woman in this case to painstakingly explain what she s beenp towell there probably was a better or concise way to give Ethics Playbook us that information But what do I know I am not an author Overall though this was a wild ride and a good time and I eagerly look forward to what Mr Matthews has planned fors next time I received a free ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is it The cover of THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS by Mark Matthews may look like some sort of creature feature but I m here to tell you it most certainly is not The creature on the cover was once human and the story itself is sad gruesome and meaningfulA foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines Ralph Waldo EmersonAs the story goes Kori Persephone Driscoe has endured her father s mental illness her entire life He has bipolar disorder and has been on and off various medications for years The many cycles of mania that accompany his illness is much like the cycle of the moon After several incidents he was admitted to the Northville Psychiatric Hospital and then just disappeared When Kori tries to locate her father she visits the seemingly abandoned hospital and finds out much lurking in the dark Secret medical experiments are being performed on these suffering patients causing them to transform into animalistic bloodthirsty creatures They turn with the cycle of the full moon and become savages in the nightMark Matthews always writes introspective horror His books of addiction horror are fantastic and his new foray into mental illness is just as effective Every character from the villain to the protagonist and to the were creatures themselves are poignantly written He is a licensed behavioral health counselor giving his stories that extra touch it needs for the readers to feel empathy for his characters He does a tremendous job showing how medication or treatment in general can alter the person s core personality I found myself thinking about this book long after I finishedTHE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS is a beautifully and brilliantly written story about the many perspectives of bipolar disorder It s much than a horror story with a Malevolent Creature It S creature it s How to become a Kingdom Millionaire uniue take on the woes of mental illness Well done Mr MatthewsThank you so much to the author for my free copy Reading for my January 2021 Horror Review column for Library Journal. E Hobgoblin of Little Minds explores lycanthropy through the lens of mental illness and shows Matthews at the height of his powers as a cartographer of the many shades of darkness that inhabit human minds This bleak Odyssean and impeccably well wrought fable proves what many ofs have known for ite some time Mark Matthews is the reigning king of modern psychological horrorKEALAN PATRICK BURKE Bram Stoker Award winning author of Sour Can. ,