(E–pub) LifeLines by Leigh Bardugo

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Melissa Bernstein the creative genius and co founder of Melissa Doug Toy Company has bared her soul in her upcoming book LifeLines Available March 16th pre ORDER TODAY SHE HAS BEEN STRUGGLING today She has been struggling existential depression and anxiety her entire life She was denying her despair hiding it from the world and suppressing her overwhelmingly negative feelings and thoughts that were leading her to the brink of self destru Today I save lifeAlthough it was my very ownWhich won t serve a greater purposeTill I escue lives unknownMelissa Bernstein owner of 450 million dollar toy company Melissa and Doug has bravely wrote a book of her life journey through existential depression and anxiety What she hopes this beautiful book will do is to allow others to take a journey with her and find their own inspiration healing and lifelinesThe book is part symphony of prose part her journey This is not your everyday How to Get Through Depression book or How I Got Through Depression The book is her journey through her own art and deepest expression It s how she got through by coming through her own ealizations and insights then expressing them authentically and then finally the lifeline of wanting to give the gift to others of finding their own expression What s completely different about this book is that Melissa wants to take a journey with you There are two growing about this book is that Melissa wants to take a journey with you There are two growing ight now working to create their own authenticity sacred spaces and communities There are the igniters those committed to helping others see the beauty of this book and are committed. Join Melissa Bernstein Co Founder of the wildly successful toy company Melissa Doug on a journey to triumph over anxiety depression and despair―a story she hopes will help others find their path to meaning and inner peace Now than ever Melissa's message is needed by others and her promise to all who journey with her is that YOU ARE NOT ALONEWho would ever guess that Melissa Bernstein happily married mother of 6 creator of over 5000. To their own communal inner work together to access its gifts and share them I have been committed to being and Igniter and Have Joined Her Igniter Community joined her Igniter community there are the seekers Those who seek healing and are joining working groups with her to find their own lifelines This is what is saving her life and maybe lives than that It s her new passion To Ignite others to Seek and find their own lifelines The book itself is beautiful The cover is beautiful the photography is beautiful the prose is beautiful the words are beautiful The journey is Painful But Beautiful Its but beautiful Its infused with hope and creativity To Melissa lifelines are Twilight of the Idols reveling in nature s beauty savoring food and conversation art and creativity delighting in othersI have been thinking lately about choosing life choosing hope choosing happiness and sustaining those choices Melissa s book and journey makes a stand that its possible Not just possible but essential to freedom She begins with the idea of insightseflectivity and ealizations deepens that with connections of art and joy and ends with the uestion of how to sustain the feeling How to live when the storms come She uotes In order to move forward I needed to live in
heart experiencing life while eframing story in my head to one of possibility We each possess a giftBirthed deep inside us from the startThough unwrapping it Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter reuiresUtter presence in the heartFor the key to life is learningHow to sow our precious seedInto genuine expressionThat sustains the love we needWhen we are thankful for the blessingsPresent eve. Toys which have sold over a billion dollars begins many days the same way far too many others do wondering if she'll make it to tomorrow Melissa shows us that when darkness descends and it seems there's no escape there actually is a way out there actually is hope and there actually is a path that can lead to meaning and purposeMelissa takes us on her path through depressionevealing how her lifelines transformed despair into a beacon. Ry single dayAll that gratitude bestowedAttracts miracles our wayKeep on goingDon t look backAnd lift your head up highShare the TruthOf who you areAnd feel love s passion unifyDon t lamentWhat might have beenOr prior yearnings left behindBut stay presentIn this momentWith the joy now yours to findLove has been here waitingTo eceive with open armsWe just haven t paused to greet itChasing folly and its CharmsWe Must Cultivate Our GardensTo Grow Vibrantly AliveThen Disperse The must cultivate our gardensTo grow vibrantly aliveThen disperse the seeds we ve sownAnd to help the world to thriveDo the work you most believe inAnd believe in what you doThe est will ing in harmonyAt one with all that s true My favorite part of this book are the verses or LifeLines I find that at the end of a long day I can open up the book to the end of any section of the This book has provided me with a transformational experience that I am still going through I started it unsure of what to expect but as I turn each page and dive deeper into the material I find myself exploring areas within that I never knew I could go to or needed to go to I Blessed Are the Wicked recommend this book to everyone and anyone looking to explore their self and find a deeper purpose and meaning An incredibly passionate and authentic look into one s own self to find light and purpose in this beautiful and sometimes painful journey of life I love opening to aandom page and I always seem to land on the poem or lesson that I need most at that time Grateful that Melissa has highlighted and embraced starting conversations around mental health and creativity Thank you. Of hope Filled with prose gorgeous photography and many of Melissa's verses that express her struggles and breakthroughs LifeLines is committed to helping others who are stuck develop a plan for themselves to survive and thriveA book of struggle and salvation connection and community LifeLines is a framework for people seeking to understand their emotional lives and to develop their own path to self discovery and inner transformation. .