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Singing the LawSinging the Law is about the legal lives and afterlives of oral cultures in East Africa they APPEAR WITHIN THE PAGES WRITTEN LITERATURES DURING THE the ages of written literatures during the and Pure Chance postcolonialeriods In examining these cultures this book begins with an analysis of the cultural narratives of time and modernity that formed the foundations of British colonial law Recognizing the contradictory nature of these narratives ie both romoting and retr. ,

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Eating from the Euro centric IDEAL OF TEMPORAL PROGRESS ENABLES US TO MAKE SENSE of temporal rogress enables us to make sense the many representations of and experiments with non linear open ended and otherwise experimental temporalities that we find in works of East African literature that take colonial law as a subject or oint of critiue Many of these works further consciously adapt orature as an expressive form with legal authority This affords them the capacity to challenge the
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Arrative foundations of colonial law and its ostcolonial residues and offer alternative models of temporality and modernity that give rise in turn to alternative forms of legality East oral jurisprudence ultimately has implications not only for our understanding of law and literature in colonial and contexts but broadly for our understanding of how the global south law and literature in colonial and ostcolonial contexts but broadly for our understanding of how the global south shaped modern law as we know and experience it today. ,

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