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Sometimes the plot in a omance novel is unbelievable or over the top but that s not always bad Some times the cray cray is so out there the book is fun and enjoyable despite itself See eg Pregnesia Other times even though the plot is out there the underlying emotional conflict and other aspects of the
make for a good A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan read Fiona Lowe s Runaway Bride Still other books the plot isidiculous and the The House by the Thames: And The People Who Lived There remainder of the book can t make up for it This book falls into the latter category The heroine Callie is the daughter of a single Very cute and a goodeminder to stop and slow down Dr Jack Mitchell married his wife eight years ago to save her from a frightening custody battle before leaving to pursue his career overseas Now he s back Professor Unrat ready to get a divorce and move on with his life Callie was just a shy schoolgirl when they married but now she s grown up so much that he doesn t evenecognize her literally He thinks that Callie will make this easy but she isn t letting him of the hook His family needs him and she isn t going to let him go until he spends some time with his parents As the days pass the between them grows and Callie finds it parents As the days pass the attraction between them grows and Callie finds t just his parents that want him to stick around this timeI liked this book because the premise is a little funny and kinda crazy However I didn t like a lot of the book tooWhat I did like were the moments when the book focused on the parent s elationship showing each side dealing with the grief they felt when their daughter died even. Typical It takes Dr Jack Mitchell eight years to pull himself away from his terribly important career abroad and come home for a divorce And then he doesn't even know who she is Sure Callie Summers excuse me Mit. .
Though it was so long ago There were times when the #focus seemed too much on the parents and not on our #seemed too much on the parents and not on our but they were still enjoyable to eadI also liked when Jack and Callie would argue It sounds strange as this is a Tell the Machine Goodnight romance novel but I felt like the two connected very well during those moments I also liked it because the way they fought at times was very subtle digs at the other instead of straight up yelling at each other What I found that I didn t like was the characters themselves Jack is a neurosurgeon working in London He takes his career very seriously My issue is that he is able to interact with his patients very well you see some of it in the book but when it comes to Callie or his parents it s like he forgot how to talk to normal people He was constantly thinking about medical issues that it might beather than emotional and Callie was calling him out on it I could see it the first time maybe even the second but after a while it felt like a unning joke throughout the book and I felt that it didn t seem realistic Callie was another issue She seems as though she has it all together but she Callie was another issue She seems as though she has it all together but she t sure
she wants to be a or flip houses She is able to seem strong when confronting Jack about his parents but then there are moments when she acts childish It was very off puttingThe parents are alright characters but the solution to their issue seems to be easily solved and something that a counselor would have suggested long before they go to this pointThe ending seemed. Chell was a gawky schoolgirl when Jack escued her from a nasty family situation But that's no excuse for the man not to ecognize his own wifeAnd now the gorgeous neurosurgeon thinks he's going to hightail it ,

To come out of left field too because we got a lot of Callie s feelings through the book but very little of Jack s There is very few scenes in which he wonders about the elationship he has With Callie And Him Confronting His Feelings Callie and him confronting his feelings itOverall I liked this book I would ead it again in the future but it is just for a casual ead ather than something spectacular A fun uick ead with appealing characters strong writing and deft plotting Gaines backstory for the marriage is a bit iffy but it gets things on track for a satisfying process of eunion The S Selfishness Related hero s elated myopia got annoying but that was addressed and ultimately The Extras resolved The heroine maybe lacks depth in terms of vulnerability the hero kind of tells us and her where her shortcomings are in one painful conversation but for most of theest of the time she s the standard sort of sassy independent minded heroine The snappy dialogue and skillful handling of emotional development made this an enjoyable and compelling Özgüven Öğrenilebilir read my only complaints are that the ending comes too fast and easy and the heroine s moment ofealization of being in love feels artificially placed but those choices make the novel work and I m willing to forgive them So cute and funny I love the scene where they have to choose a eason to get divorced I seriously LMAO I love the this type of plot where the couple are married and then fall in love Don t worry there is a HEAWriting 4 starsCharacters 4 starsHot scenes nothing explicit but hinte. Ut of Tennessee with his final decree in hand Uh uh Callie isn't letting him off uite so easily Not when she to her utter dismay is finding him so irresistibleIrresistible enough to get him to tie the knot again. .

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