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Heating Up The HolidaysE s going to change her mind he shows up at her shop and buys 2 gift envelopes money to charity one to a lingerie shop the other to a restaurant he sexily invites her take the lingerie one and asks her to dinner telling her he knows she isn t involved with anyone she says no too busy he says I know ou don t like firemen she says no he asks if he was an accountant a cowboy a clown she says maybe so he returns an hour later dressed as a nerdy accountant high water pants belted high white shirt pocket protector hair combed over she still says no he graciously leaves her friendworker pushes her to accept his date he returns this time dressed as a cowboy having spent 3 months on his uncle s ranch with cowboy wisdom she still says no her friend chides her again he returns a 3rd time as himself and she finally agrees to one dinner not a date Over the restaurant table he caresses her hand her wrist driving her crazy and she takes up by caressing his leg with her foot til he s crazy they get dinner to go and have one intense night of energizing passion She reluctantly goes on a few dates show up at his place in a raincoat and the thong she purchased with the the other gift card but then it is Christmas eve he invites her to his faily s for dessert she balks then her friend calls with a note for a big order that she forgot to enter in the book she takes it as a warning she s too involved with him and her business is going to suffer and she wants to avoid entanglements is miserable with family hears that two firefighters were injured panics that one was him realizes she loves him rushes to his side he was okayUp on the Housetop by Jamie SobratoDr Lorelei Gibson in high school she was the geek skipped two grades way too smart but not a smart dresser paired with Ryan on a science project at the local hot springs she clumsily gives him a kiss and invitation to sex in the hot springs he can t say no but is embarrassed and ignores her the next day and for the rest of the school Make You Mine year hurting her tremendously she goes on to become a doctor serves twoears in the peace corp and becomes best friends with an elderly native with 3 wives who never steers her wrong and when it is time to go home he tellsher to track down the man who broke her heart sleep with and take back her power she returns to her hometown firefighter Ryan uinn tired of one night two longer term relationships one too clingy the other wanting him to uit occasionally would wonder about Lorelei from High School bumped on head on duty and taken to ER where Lorelei treats him and he remembers her she of course remembers him he dances around his embarrassment of how he treated her in high schooland she walks away ignores his calls and then that night a storm her neglected cottage has a leaky roof she climbs up ladder to nail down tarp nails down her pant leg calls 911 and he is the one to rescue her both are attracted to the other he returns thenext day with a proper apology with flowers and a gift certificate to the hot springs and invites her on a date there fate and all they go he sings her the apology song he wrote she seduces him again in the hot springs with a lot sophistication and walks away ignoring his calls for the next few daysand she decides maybe and tracks him down and before she can knock on his door she hears him singing again a lonely sad song and knocks and #Into His Arms And Ahhh A Year #his arms and ahhh a ear back in Africa where her best friend insists she marry Ryan ahhh This anthology contains 3 short stories that take place around Christmas time but to be honest I didn t get much of a Christmas feeling out of them The stories aren t particularly connected to each other aside from the fact that the Hh in these stories live in the same city Santa "Rey CA Or In The "CA or in the and the heroine in the Rey CA or in the vicinity and the heroine in the story is the owner of the florist shop where the heroine in the 1st story and the hero in the 3rd story buy some flowers and a Christmas charity card somewhere down the road Confusing Not really as each story stands on its own and ou can read them separately All He Wants for Christmas by Jill Shalvis 3 starsThis story is the seuel to Flashpoint and Flashback but The Courage to Stand Alone Letters from Prison and Other Writings you don t have to read those book Heating Up The Holidays was a collection of 3 holiday stories by authors Jill Shalvis Jacuie D Alessandro and Jamie Sobrato I loved Shalvis s All He Wants for Christmas American Heroes The Firefighters 3 Shalvis delivers lovely characters with wonderful chemistry I especially loved the push and pull between them 5 starsD Alessandro s My Grown Up Christmas List was eually good I thought D Alessandro s writing style and storytelling fit perfectly with Shalvis s story Firefighter Brad falls for flower store owner Toni the first time he sees her but she won t give him the time of day After his buddy overhears why she might be giving Brad the cold shoulder Brad does a full court press to try and win Toni s heart I adored both of them I honestly don t know how Toni resisted Brad for as long as she did This guy is romantic and charming on top of being drop dead gorgeous Toni is definitely stubborn but I actually liked how independent she was 5 starsSobrato s Up On The Housetop was cute but not as good as the first two Lorelei had her heart broken as a teen and decides to return to her home town to face down her demon namely firefighter Ryan uinn Ryan knows he was a jerk when he wasounger and he wants forgiveness and a chance to make it up to her I don t love revenge plots in romance but as they go this one was decently done It helped that Lorelei s behaviour provided some laughs But the cheese was turned way up on this for me view spoilerI m sure I was supposed to find the song Ryan wrote for Lorelei romantic but it didn t feel that way to me just kind of juvenile for 2 people in their 30s hide spoiler WINTER S COMING SO WARM IT UP WITH5 LOGS ON THE FIRE forHEATING UP THE HOLIDAYSLisa Renee JonesMary Ann RiversSerena BellPLAY WITH MELisa Renee JonesOkay so I ll admit to it up frontI m a HUGE Lisa fan And I mean HUGE So imagine my delight in her sexy naughty addition to this fabulous anthology I will try not to be biased but I have to be honest even before the first word was read I was suealing with gleeKali Miller takes a chance at finding herself and some much deserved happiness and takes a job in the land of sinLas Vegas only when she arrives said job disappears like a coin in a slot machine She has left everything behind and needs a job needs to feel empowered and in charge of her life Wn Up Christmas List by Jacuie D'AlessandroToni Rizzo is done with obnoxious firefighters But flirtatious fireman Brad Griffin is managing to put himself at the top of her holiday list one steamy kiss at a time Up on the


Gain This drive pushes her into Damion Ward s world A world that she s been immersed in before so it leaves her leery at firstI m bruised not brokenHigh stakes overload of power and a man that asks no uestions only demands that everyone fall in line has Kali uestioning every moment they spend together As she tries to examine Damion s actions and the ever present ever undeniable lust that flows between them she also is trying her best to keep her head above water and do the job to the best of her ability the scent of him seems to chase me It s spicy and wintery stirring the oddest memory of a candle my mom used to burn during the holidaysThese two are combustible The heat and lust is a living breathing character within the story Lisa s incredible talent to make Halftime with Craig you feel every nuance and desire makes this a decadent holiday treat Kali is not a broken woman and she stands up to Damion at every turn forcing him to take down the walls he s built up in his life The only problem with that is that this spunky reporter is pulled in much deeper much faster than she could imagine She definitely bites off than she thinks she can chew Damion pushes and Kali pushes right back each what the other never knew they needed most in life I would have liked that but the staff gave me the impression they thought I was the newest chick chasing the millionaire CEOI loved this story Loved that Lisa gives us a woman who needs a man to support her and not make her I love that this wonderful sexy and intelligent man is a broken boy at heart What I did not love was the endingor lack of it Yes I m a greedy girl and I want I want to know what happens next I want to know that the secrets they share do not break them Mostly I want to see their Christmas Thank You Lisa and NetGalley once again it is FABULOUSSNOWFALLMary Ann RiversOMG Why have I never heard of this woman before Where has she been hiding and how can I make her my new BF I am speechlesscompletely and utterly speechless Yes that is how good this short story is I am a mom of an onlyand I felt the love flow with each word I read this over a week ago and am still surrounded by the love and fear that I felt within these pages We share the same philosophy which is that whatever it isou re doing The Year the Maps Changed you do for love Your work the friendshipsou extend the person Daughter of the Moon (Tales of Inthya, you fall for and hope is the one start with loveYes I knowand that little gem is only page 5 It is a beautifully written heart filled story of love and hope Jenny super smart undeniably beautiful even if she s clueless about itespecially since she s clueless and in the fight of her life Hundreds of miles from home from her anchor and alone in dealing with a life changing ordeal Or so she thinks having moved far from home to research at the lab of her dreams Jenny hasn t let anyone in Her fear takes control of her life and makes everything else even worseMy mom is connected like that she wants to understand why people do what they do and love what they loveShe shuts out the world as hers narrows even further and finds a connection of sorts on line It starts out innocently and builds into something steamy andet empty Still she shuts everyone out I hate spoilers and with this story especially I refuse to deny anyone the joy of reading this masterpiece So it s fair to say that a relationship that only exists within the blinking cursor of a cold laptop I no relationship at allFear not because even when ou shut the blinking cursor of a cold laptop I no relationship at allFear not because even when ou shut out there are still people waiting for Unstuck you to notice them and whenou do it makes life worth living again Evan does that he pushes and challenges Jenny to be what he sees in her He is loveable and awkward and just wonderful My God he loves her mind Like is totally hot for her brilliance I love him Evan s confidence and lack there of on occasion was sweet and real Don t get me wrong I love an Alpha but its also nice to have a guy who s just head over heels stupid with "LoveI Feel Like It Was Like This Aperture Like You "feel like it was like this aperture Like Adam in Ochre: Inside Aboriginal Australia you t at first handle too much lightou d be exposed Lincoln was a way to let in just enough and then maybe I hope maybe The Storytellers Muse you can take in light and be Jenny with me who was always Evan It was always me And my amazement is so connected to all of it to all these tiny moving parts that added upThis is an intelligent heart filled story about life About the things and people that anchorou when the world is dark Ms Rivers brings to point that its the people and moments that fill up and illuminate Breve diccionario artúrico your world So I m going to hang my lights tons of them way up high for all to see Because I m here and I m okay and I love my life Thankou Mary Ann for the best early holiday gift I ve ever hadAFTER MIDNIGHTSerena BellIt s New Year s Eve and ou d rather be "Anywhere But Here We Ve All Been There Running Away "but here We ve all been there running away problems only to be confronted with how much worse it could be Miles life is falling apart his job and reputation are in danger and his heart still aches from the stomping it was given Nora is trying to prove a point to herself to the worldwho cares all that matters is that he did not break her So together they are trying to hide their pain and melt into the crowd unscathed until midnight But what do ou do when the attraction is undeniable and inescapableThey probably put some crazy pheromones in that stuff grizzly bear sex gland extract or somethingThis is a hilarious read Between the serious hurt Miles and the impulsive beavis and butthead musings of Nora I laughed my way through a wonderful love story These two are the example of animal magnetism but never take it too seriously It so worked for them neither wants to be too heavy even if they both want nothing than to lay themselves bare for the other It was heartbreaking to move from his to her point of view It s possible midnight will never comeIt s possible we ll be stuck here like this foreverAll that s left unsaid and unexpressed I Saving the Omegas The Legion Omegas yelled and shook my e reader in frustration Always the sign of a good read in my opinion Nora is life in Technicolor and Miles needs that in his life badly I read on with frustration and desperation Why wouldn t he answer his phone Why didn t she just tell the truth Why the hell would anyone screw either of them But and I don t like spoilersI loved it Every frustratingly steamy funny word I m looking forward to some fun unavoidable love from a wonderful author Serena thankou so much for a New Year s Eve worth staying up for Stories of firefighters chasing women around christmas apparently with an affinity for the same florist. Ousetop by Jamie SobratoWhen Dr Lorelei Gibson gets stuck on her roof half naked she's mortified when she's rescued by hunky firefighter Ryan uinn her high school heartbreak Until she learns he'd like to get naked with her. These were three short holiday novellas They are great for when The Sheep Pig you are pressed for time and still want a steamy read Every now and thenou run into a multi author series with mixed results They run the gamut fromthey must have wrote these while on a holiday together through guess they shared a few notes via email to wellI think they re all set in the same communitymaybeI pondered if an editor pulled a handful of authors names out of a hat gave them the basic theme and didn t bother to put them in touch with each other Supposedly they re all centered around a florist shop located not too terribly far from a fire and rescue station I say supposedly because all three heroes purchase an envelope from said florist shop as a charitable donation One of the heroines was the owner of the shop You d think all these people would be tripping over each other Neither the owner nor her employee were mentioned by name in the other two stories and I thought initially there was a vague set up for the third one at the end of the second one but the timing was offEnough of that The novellas themselvesThe first one brings to mind the thought of not shitting in Cult Science Fiction Films From the Amazing Colossal Man to YogThe Monster from Space Citadel Film Series your sandbox The heroine apparently not only shit she did it in than one spot Even better if a H did what she did use someone else for sex then friendzone them afterwards like nothing happened at least until she needed that itch scratched again we d be roasting him over a hot flame The H got tired of it decided he didn t really want to be an EMT any longer it was a way of earning his keep while his brother was off in the military and uit She freaked out because she hadn t expected him to NOT be there whenever she was readySecond one H spots h and falls for her instantly She displayed polite indifference because he was a fire fighter He asks her out freuently for months before she finally gives in Then after she almost forgot about a big floral order she tells him she has no time in her life for him Later she gets word that a couple of firefighters were injured freaks out and hunts him downThird one seems to initially be about one of the injured firefighters but the timing was off that happened on Christmas Eve and this was at least a week prior The h was one of those girls stuck in a mental time warp over the H due to her jumping his bones and him being too chicken to acknowledge that he d boinked the weird girl Seriously how do authors expect me to take their heroines seriously when they pull this crap Revenge sex over something that happened whenou were 16 Get over it girl In any case she succeeds not that he put up a fight since he had the hots for her had them for her as a teen too but there s that peer pressure thing then figures out that revenge isn t as sweet as ou think it ll be This is only a review of the RITA finalist novella All He Wants for Christmas by Jill Shalvis It was a cute well written story with a bit of a twist the hero wants commitment and the heroine is reluctant EMT Dustin Mauer and firefighter Cristina Lewis have worked together for uite some time They shared a night of super duper passion and Dustin want a real relationship Cristina has a troubled past and a great fear of involvement She keeps everyone at arms length She likes the sex but is afraid of Dustin refused to settle for less Can they find their wayNicely done novella long enough for things to happen and feelings to grow I liked it a lot I read this mainly for the Jill Shalvis story All He Wants For Christmas as it contained characters from the Firefighters series I thought it was ok and would have liked to see a longer story tied into the other two This was almost like an after thought that I really felt could have been a lot betterThe Jamie Sobrato title Up On The Housetop I am sorry but I didn t really get this story at all It was almost like a little page filler that really was was almost like a little page filler that really was load of nonsense and I could uite happily forget that I ever read itThe best story of all three of them would definitely be the Jacuie D Allesandro story My Grown Up Christmas List I really liked this little story and wished it had been full length and published on its own as it had a lot of potential I really liked all three of the stories All He Wants for Christmas by Jill ShalvisEMT Dustin Mauer though excellent EMT always planned to go into construction with brother has worked alongside Cristina for ears admiring her they finally have one fantastic night of sex but she ducks out in the morning wanting to keep things light but he one fantastic night of sex but she ducks out in the morning wanting to keep things light but he Cristina Lewis tough firefighter tough childhood that taught her not to trust scared by feelings Dustin stimulates has gained respect and love of fellow fire fighters many who have found their lifemates though she keeps putting up barriers Dustin keeps being there when she needs him even though it means sex and his expectations for As she realizes she might be able to open up he decides he needs to cut things off it hurts too much when she steps back then his last night before resigning they are both at a liuor store crazy guy and gun he steps in front of her to take the bullet in the shoulder she panics accompanies him to hospital wants to tell him she loves him but he checks out before she returns thenext day she tracks him to his parent s house Christmas Day and she presents herself as the fulfillment of his Christmas list she loves him and wants to give them a chance ahhhMy Grown Up Christmas List by Jacuie D AlessandroToni Rizzo tried to be a fire fighter against her Italian familynursery business family s advice hired by a small town department who never had a female fighter and is subject to all sorts of harassment when she realizes it s a dead end that they don t have her back in dangerous situations she leaves moves away from her well intentioned but loving family to our small town and opens up a flower shop she wants nothing to do with firemen Brad Griffin firefighter good natured 2 Narrative Economics years ago Mr December in the charity calendar wearing and elf s hat hence nickname Elf 3 months ago went into the new flower shop and was flattened by his response to the Toni but she passively responds to his flirting by telling him she is involved with someone still weekly he comes in friendly like and buys a plant or flowers til his mother is worried she is dying and he doesn t want to tell her Until through the grapevine bartender privy to her talking with a friend who thenr tells one of the firemen Brad learns she is not dating anyone but that she wants nothing to do with a fireman All He Wants for Christmas by Jill ShalvisEMT Dustin Mauer has one Christmas wish to make tough firefighter Cristina Lewis realize she's in love with him And he's using his considerable bedside charm to convince her My Gro.